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At the crater of the central volcano on Cerise Island, Yellow looks around and wonders where Lance has disappeared to. She wonders if the young man has fallen into the volcano, and thinks that no one can survive in the hot lava. Her Caterpie, Freesk, lets down a thread to help her climb back onto the rim of the crater, and she decides to return to where she left Blaine. Shrouded in the smoke caused by the lava splash earlier, Lance puts on a grin as he watches the young trainer trot away with her pokemons.

A bubble suddenly appears before Yellow, and she wonders where it came from. More bubbles take form around her, and Yellow turns around in shock to see Lance materialize behind her in a giant bubble with his dragons. Lance snaps his fingers and a burst of bubbles start to charge towards the young trainer. Yellow gasps in surprise as the bubbles all of a sudden turn invisible and slam hard on her back. She falls to the ground, and feels that her right arm has broken. Freesk quickly spins a bandage around it, but another barrage of invisible bubbles strike out of nowhere to knock down Dodosk, Omask and Pika. Yellow wonders why Lance's assaults cannot be seen, and tries to watch how the dragon pokemons unleash their attacks. Gyarados and the two Dragonairs start releasing bubblebeams again, and Yellow sees that each dragon creates a different coloured bubble. The three colours happen to be red, green and blue, which are the primitive colours of light, and Yellow realizes with a start that the illumination fo the morning sunlight causes the different coloured bubblebeams to turn white and invisible once they overlap with each other.

Running back towards the crater, Yellow orders Freesk to create a net with its silk threads, and quickly tells her strategy to Ratty, Pika and Omask. Lance orders another round of bubblebeams, and Yellow prays that her plan will work. An invisible bubble hits on one of the threads, and it pulls on the whiskers of Ratty. Omask quickly soaks the thread with water, and Pika immediately sends its thundershock across to burst the bubble. Lance gets taken aback by Yellow's defence mechanism for a moment, and suddenly realizes that the girl is luring him towards the electrified net. Golosk hurls Dodosk forward, and the two-headed bird uses drill peck on the bubble surrounding Lance. Unfortunately, the attack has no effect, and Lance grins that Yellow may have the strategy, but she lacks the power.

Lance charges forward with his dragons, and a man with his Rhyhorn appear out of nowhere to push Yellow away from the attack. Yellow wonders who the man is, and he states that he is there to help. Yellow shakes her head, and says only a Viridian trainer can take down Lance, but the man puts on a grin, and says he is also from Viridian...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

087: VS. Rhyhorn!

Volume 07

Yellow keeps trying to defeat Lance
An unknown trainer from Viridian arrives