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Lance all of a sudden bursts out in laughter and Yellow wonders what is going on. Giovanni gasps in surprise as the Green Badge in his pocket starts to glow and push itself out of his jacket. A beam of light shoots out from the badge, and a blast of energy courses up from the crater of the volcano into the sky. Dragonite appears out of nowhere to free Lance from his constraints, and Lance grins that his scheme is finally working. Giovanni wonders what he is talking about, and the young man grins that as a gymleader, Giovanni should know about the enormous powers held in gym badges. Lance explains that he has placed the other seven badges on separate stone pillars around the island in the form of a circle, and says the crater is where the Green Badge is planned to be positioned.

Giovanni realizes with a start that the whole island is a giant Gym Badge Energy Amplifier, and Lance remarks that he has deliberately lured the man to the place since he alone possesses the final key to his scheme. Yellow watches in bewilderment as a giant flying creature hovers above them to suck up the energy of the badges. Lance smirks that the goal of unleashing the energy of the eight badges is to attract the mysterious legendary pokemon, and that he is one step away from completing his dreams.

Inside the caves, Sabrina suddenly has a vision. She sees that the other teams have defeated their corresponding Elite 4 members, and says their goals of teaming up have been fully fulfilled. She tells Blue it is time to go their separate ways, and vanishes with her Alakazam and Venomoth in a swirl of psychic waves. Blue remarks that the young woman certainly makes up her mind quick, and turns to her own pokemons. She says it's a pity that Jiggly and Horsy didn't really get to exercise their skills in the battle against Lorelei, and puffs that she didn't even have the chance to use her Snubbull which she brought as a backup pokemon. A shriek suddenly echoes through the place, and Blue looks up through the cracked ceiling of the cave to see the giant flying pokemon. She wonders if it is the big bird she has been searching for, and quickly dashes out of the caves.

Back at the crater, Giovanni is staring up at the giant pokemon above. He hesitates for a moment thinking about his unfinished plan to resurrect TR, and suddenly dashes off. Yellow wonders where he is going, and Lance recalls all his attempts to find the man. Visiting Vermillion in person, sending out armies to scout for the badge, he grins with content that his efforts are finally rewarded. Lance orders his Aerodactyl to take him to the giant flying pokemon, and Yellow wonders what the young man plans to do. Lance laughs that once he gains control over the legendary pokemon, he will have the ultimate power to wipe out humans and create the ideal homeland for pokemons. Yellow hollers that she wouldn't let him succeed, and Lance tells Dragonite to take care of the young trainer when he deals with the giant creature.

Yellow tells Dragonite to let her stop Lance, and the dragon pokemon suddenly trembles with pain. Yellow quickly places her hand over it, and realizes that it is still suffering from the wounds caused by the hot lava earlier. Dragonite begins to pant hard, and Yellow sees that it is trying to hide its exhaustion from Lance. A look of frustration then appears on the dragon pokemon's face, and it turns around to lift off without warning. Yellow quickly clings onto its tail, and wonders if Lance's pokemons are fighting out of loyalty alone, or that they truly hate mankind as well. She decides to read Dragonite's mind, and starts seeing scenes of deserted lands where starved and homeless pokemons wander around aimlessly. Realizing how much pain and destruction humans have brought to nature and the pokemons, Yellow begins to sob, but she tells Dragonite that she still believes that humans and pokemons can co-exist in harmony, and that she wishes she has the power to prove it to everyone.

Dragonite catches up with Aerodactyl, and Lance yells angrily at Yellow for following him again. He orders a hyperbeam from Aerodactyl, but Yellow calls out her Freesk, and it instantly evolves into a Metapod to block the attack. Yellow closes her eyes as her pokeballs begin to glow. Without Red's Pokedex, she can no longer cancel evolutions, and she decides that she isn't going to cancel their evolutions anymore, because she needs her best companions' powers to help her stop Lance. Omask, Dodosk and Golosk slowly evolve into Omastar, Dodrio and Golem, and Freesk also starts evolving into a Butterfree. Lance gasps in surprise at the pokemon's rapid and continuous evolution into its final state, and Yellow begins to charge forward with her full team...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

089: VS. Metapod!

Volume 07

Sabrina departs from Blue
Blue runs outside to see if the Bird is the one that took her
Freesk evolves into Metapod
Omask evolves into Omastar
Dodosk evolves into Dodrio
Golosk evolves into Golem
Freesk evolves into Butterfree
Yellow tries to stop Lance