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Suicune Suikun
Classification Type 1 Type 2 Height Weight
Aurora Pokémon Water N/A 6'07" (2.0m) 413lbs (187kg)
Pokédex Description
Gold: Said to be the reincarnation of north winds, it can instantly purify filthy, murky water.
Silver: This Pokémon races across the land. It is said that north winds will somehow blow whenever it appears.
Crystal: This divine Pokémon blows around the world, always in search of a pure reservoir
Evolutionary Chain

Captured By?
Gold Only 1 After Releasing it from the Burnt Tower, Randomly in the Grasses of Johto
Silver Only 1 After Releasing it from the Burnt Tower, Randomly in the Grasses of Johto
Crystal Only 1 After getting the Clear Bell from the Radio Director in Goldenrod. Go to the Tin Tower. It should be ther

GSC Attacks Learnt
Attack Name
-- Bite Dark
-- Leer Normal
- Water Gun (Not In Crystal) Water
- Roar (Not In Crystal) Normal
Lv. 11 Crystal Bubblebeam (Crystal) Water
Lv. 21 Rain Dance (Crystal) Water
Lv. 31 Gust Flying
Lv. 41 (GS) Bubblebeam Water
Lv. 51 Mist Ice
Lv. 61 Mirror Coat Psychic
Lv. 71 Hydro Pump Water
GSC TM/HM Compatibily
TM01 TM02 TM03 TM04 TM05 TM06 TM07 TM08 TM09 TM10
TM11 TM12 TM13 TM14 TM15 TM16 TM17 TM18 TM19 TM20
TM21 TM22 TM23 TM24 TM25 TM26 TM27 TM28 TM29 TM30
TM31 TM32 TM33 TM34 TM35 TM36 TM37 TM38 TM39 TM40
TM41 TM42 TM43 TM44 TM45 TM46 TM47 TM48 TM49 TM50
HM01 HM02 HM03 HM04 HM05 HM06 HM07 MT01 MT02 MT03

Egg Moves (Learnable Through Breeding)

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