Slowking, The Royal Pokémon. Whenever it yawns, the Shellder on it's head bites harder and injects more poison into Slowking's brain making it smarter. If the Shellder falls off, the Slowking will forget everything it knows and starts off as a Slowpoke again. It has an incredible Intellect and is always calm. Every day it researches in an effort to solve the Mysteries of the world.

Battle Moveset

The best Moveset for Slowking would have to be this:


Calm Mind
Ice Beam

Items Attached:

Quick Claw

Preferred Nature:


Strategy Using Slowking

Slowking, the evolved form of Slowpoke when traded with the king's rock is a formidable pokemon in its own right. The stats are okay and the move Calm Mind can power up Psychic by upping its stats. Surf is for Slowking's water type and Ice Beam can serve to take care of the dragons people have.
Slowking may be underused but it still can pack a punch when used in this way. Calm Mind in Ruby and Sapphire could probably help Slowking more than Amnesia did in the earlier games.

Strategy Against Slowking

Unfortunately Slowking has high Special Defense so your best bet is to either attack it with physical attacks or get it with its weaknesses, Grass, Electric, Dark etc.

Contest Moveset

The best Moveset for Slowking would have to be this for the Beauty Contest best with Modest, Mild, Rash or Quiet Nature:


Water Pulse
Rain Dance

Items Attached:

Blue Scarf

Strategy Using Slowking

This set is riddled with combos which are very good at getting Appeal Points so just use the attacks and you should be able to win

Locations in Games


Trade From FR/LG


Trade From FR/LG

Fire Red/Leaf Green

Evolve Slowpoke

Animé Appearences

Slowking has had a few Animé Appearence. A Movie, A Special, 2 Episodes. In the Movie, it helped Ash in finding the orbs to help stop the world from being destroyed. In the Special, we saw what it does in an average day. In the first episode, there is a Slowpoke ritual where a Slowpoke has to cross the Shellder filled lake to get hte King's Rock in order to find a place for the Slowpoke/Slowbro to live in. However all Slowpoke that try to do it have their tails bitten and become Slowbro, until one manages to get across, wears the king's rock and has its head bitten by a Shellder thus causing Slowking. In the second, it was featured as a memory from Larvitar

Movie 2: The Power of One!
Special 1: Slowking's Day
Episode 262: A Crowning Achievement!
Episode 265: Address Unown!

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