Unown, The Symbol Pokémon. It has a currently documented 28 different forms spanning the entire Alphabet, !s and ?s. They're shaped like hierogylphs on ancient tablets, It's said they are related. It's flat, thin body is always stuck on walls. It's shape appears to have some meaning. Because there are many different forms of it, it is said that they must have a variety of abilities. It's a mystery to what came first, Ancient Writing or Unown.

Battle Moveset

A Good Moveset for Unown would have to be this:


Hidden Power Psychic

Items Attached:

Twisted Spoon

Preferred Nature:


Strategy Using Unown

Unown is a primairily Weak Pokémon so this set is to get as much, so what I did, as opposed to getting advantages, is to make the most powerful Hidden Power possible. Making it a Psychic Type gets an extra boost with STAB, attaching Twisted Spoon gives it ANOTHER boost and if you Max EVs in Special Attack it should get it as powerful as humanly possible. Should be able to topple most Pokémon in one or two hits

EV Corner:

Max out the EVs in Special Attack for Unown with any remaining in HP & Speed

Strategy Against Unown

Unown's Defenses are slightly below average meaning a good powerful hit should severely damage, if not KO this Pokémon

Contest Moveset

The best Moveset for Unown would have to be this for the Smart Contest best with Calm, Gentle, Careful, Sassy Nature:


Hidden Power

Items Attached:

Green Scarf

Strategy Using Unown

Unfortunately, Unown can only have one attack so it isn't really that useful in contests as it'll be using the same move over and over. What you need to do is pray

Locations in Games


Trade From FR/LG


Trade From FR/LG

Fire Red/Leaf Green

The Unown Ruins on Island 7

Animé Appearences

Unown has had a couple Animé Appearences. First, it sent Spencer Hale into their dimension and started transforming his house to his daughter's wishes, brining Pokémon to her and so forth. After that, a sick Unown flew into Misty, Ash & Co nursed it back to health to send it back home, however in fear after an attack by Team Rocket, it sends Ash & Co. into Larvitar's Mind

Movie 3: Spell of the Unown!
Episode 265: Address Unown!!

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