Tyranitar, one of the most fearsome and feared Pokémon known to exist. With its giant size and outstanding can be a brilliantly used Pokémon...or an opponent thats hard to beat.


The best Moveset for Tyranitar would have to be this:


Rock Slide

Items Attached:


Strategy Using Tyranitar

Tyraniter is a powerful pokemon that can use a variety of movesets. Rock Slide and Eq take care of two of his weaknesses. Flamethrower is just an added move along with crunch. Tyranitar has a lot of staying power. Other possible moves it could have included: dragon claw and blizzard. It really depends on the trainer's personal preference because tyranitars are tough to beat..

Strategy Against Tyranitar

Tyranitar is a powerful opponent, it's Rock type makes it practically immune to attacks from types such as Normal so you will need to focus on its major weaknesses such as Water and Grass...these are special attacks and can easily overcome Tyranitar if powerful enough. Tyranitar is also not the fastest Pokémon, so try to utilise that with a fast Pokémon and you can beat it

Locations in Games

Tyranitar is only totally obtainable in one game, Colosseum. He is located in Realgam Tower at Lv. 55 under the Control of Evice, the head of Cipher. You also need to use the Time Flute to purify him.

However, in Fire Red/Leaf Green, it's pre evolved from is catchable meaning you can get a Tyranitar by evolution in it.

Obviously to get it in R/S you have to either trade it from Colosseum or its pre-evos or it from Fire Red/Leaf Green

Animé Appearences
Tyranitar has only appeared in a couple episodes, one dream sequence, and also has appeared in a Movie. In the movie, it got captured in a Dark Ball (Sound familiar?) and turned evil and forced to destroy others by the Iron Masked Marauder. It's next appearence was in a Dream Sequence where Ash & Co. were in Larvitar's mind and they learned about what happened to Larvitar. The appearence after that was when Ash & Co. returned Larvitar to it's mother, Tyranitar. Its appearence after that was when it was owned by a Pokémon Poacher who was trying to steal a load of Koffing and Weezing. It had recently evolved from Pupitar:

Movie 4: Celebi: Voice of the Forest
Episode 265: Address Unown
Episode 266: Mother Of All Battles
Episode 282: A Poached Ego!

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