Chimecho, The Wind Chime Pokémon. It makes its cries echo inside its hollow body. When it becomes enraged, its cries result in ultrasonic waves that have the power to knock foes flying. In high winds, it cries as it hangs from a tree branch or the eaves of a building using a suction cup on its head. It plucks berries with its long tail and eats them. It travels by riding on winds. It cleverly uses its long tail to pluck nuts and berries, which it loves to eat..

Battle Moveset

A Good Moveset for Chimecho would have to be this:


Reflect/Light Screen/Safeguard
Reflect/Light Screen/Safeguard


Heal Bell
Reflect/Light Screen

Items Attached:


Preferred Nature:


Strategy Using Chimecho

Chimecho is one of many Pokémon on got the short end of the stick. Weak move pool and very poor stats, short of its Special Attack (which is above average) which is wasted due to having only one effective Special Attack and little speed to be able to put it to any use. All this Pokémon can do is be a utility, and a poor one at that (when compared to other Pokémon).

The first set is a pseudo-passer. Psychic to help fend off Fighting types, Yawn to buy a free turn for you to set up Reflect, Light Screen or Safeguard. It'd be preferable to switch into an EQing Choice Bander, since that'll at least buy you a single free turn.

The second set I don't advise using, but since it's one of the few available clerics it deserves a mention. The trouble Chimecho has as a cleric is the fact that it can't switch into attacks freely and it has no way of heeling itself short of Rest. That means that to stay alive it requires a fellow Pokémon to use Wish. That, unfortunately, means it'll become predictable for your opponent and easily picked on. Unless you are a mastermind at battling it'll be hard to outsmart your opponent while maintaining a decent usage of Chimecho. Either way, this set presents a similar strategy to the above set. Switch in, buy a free turn then Bell or use Reflect/Light Screen.

Get in, get out, simple.

Other potential moves include:

Shadow Ball
Psych up

- Shadow Ball could KO the occasional Alakazam and Gengar in one or two hits, though it won't do much else.

- It doesn't quite have the speed to pull off Taunt successfully, but it remains an option if you're willing to pump in enough Speed EVs for it to outrun the common tanks, although it encounters the issue of not having the staying power to take the Taunted hit.

- Snatch is an option which in the right hands could help change the course of the battle. Stealing Blissey's Heal Bells has it's obvious advantages and the ability to take stat ups can temporarily hinder an opposing Pokémon.

- Torment is more of a self-sacrifice move, since it'll have difficulty using it, but it remains an option as always since it can mess with a lot of Pokémon.

- Psych up. Give it enough speed to outrun Suicune and then mock it as you mimic its Calm Minds. Shame it can't really use the opponents Stat-ups much to its advantage. I suppose it has some potential in a Double Battle.

The main issue with all these moves is that a majority of Pokémon can use them to much better effect. Chimecho has nothing special going for it. There are much better Under-Used Clerics, better Under-Used psuedo-passers and much better Under-Used Pokémon. Everything it can do plenty of other Pokémon can do better.

EV Corner:


{Calm [+Special Defence, -Attack}: 196 HP / 62 Def / 252 SDef

On both sets you want to have maximum Leftover recovery. It's more likely to take a hit in it's Special Defence so I suggest much of your focus should go there. Either way, it won't be taking many hits.


252 HP / 252 SDef / 6 Def

Bold or Calm nature is preferable here. EVs focus on the only area Chimecho will last in, Special Defence.

Contest Moveset

A good Contest Moveset for Chimecho would have to be this for the Smart Contest best with Calm, Gentle, Careful, Sassy Nature:


Calm mind
Shadow ball

Items Attached:

Green Scarf

Strategy Using Chimecho

If you do the attacks in this following order you should have very few problems; 1st - Toxic, 2nd - Calm mind, 3rd - Psychic, 4th - Calm mind, 5th - Psychic

Locations in Games


Summit of Mt. Pyre


Trade from R/S/E

Fire Red/Leaf Green

Trade from R/S/E

Animé Appearences

Chimecho has had a few Animé Appearences. James has always wanted one and in Fortree City, he managed to find and get one. After that Jessie used it in the Lilycove Pokémon Contest. The Rest are Cameos

Episode 360: Fortree City's Feather Carnival!
Episode 366: Arrival In Lilycove City!
Episode 367: Pokémon Contest! Lilycove Tournament!
Episode 369: Spoink & Clamperl! Seek The Pearl!
Episode 391: Rollout! Loving Donphan!

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