Absol, the disaster Pokémon. It is a strong powerful foe who is always there to stop a disaster.


The best Moveset for Absol would have to be this:


Shadow Ball
Sword's Dance
Aerial Ace

Items Attached:

Spell Tag

Strategy Using Absol

Absol's ability Pressure, which uses up the opponents' PP, makes absol a formidable opponent. Its speed makes good use of the move aerial ace and takes out the fightning types it is weak to. Absol's other moves allow it to strike hard and fast giving new meaning to the phrase "The Disaster Pokemon".

Strategy Against Absol

Absol is a powerful opponent, it's Dark type makes it have a mere 3 weaknesses...but the easiest to Exploit is fighting. Use fighting Pokemon such as Hariyama and their fighting moves to make short work of the Absol

Locations in Games


In R/S, Absol is found Rarely on Route 120 in the grass. It is quite rare, you have a 8% chance of seeing it so be watchful


In Colosseum Absol is found in Realgam Tower under the control of Rider Delan. It is at Lv. 48 meaning it should be best to prepare

Fire Red/Leaf Green

It is not found in Fire Red/Leaf Green so you'll have to trade from the other games

Animé Appearences
Absol has only appeared in the 6 movie, it acted as Jirachi's Protector and had to help Ash & Co get Jirachi to the place where it must leave on time, however Butler stopped it and after being released, it got consumed by the fake Groudon:

Movie 6: Jirachi - Wish Maker

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