From Game: Earthbound (SNES)
Obtainable: From Start

Set on the roadside of a road. You can fight on the buildings and on the street. Watch out for the traffic. The KO points are the side and the top. Here are the obstacles:
Collapsing Canopies: The canopies on the drug store will fold down like trap doors when you jump around on them, sending you plummeting to the street. The sign above the canopies will also fall. How can you tell when the canopies will collapse? It takes exactly seven jumps onto the top one to make it fold. Before it folds, the sign will get knocked off the wall and hang there at an angle. This is your indicator that the platforms will fold. The canopies will reset themselves after a few seconds.

Traffic: The main appeal of the Onett level is the passing cars that can hit fighters that are duking it out on the street. You'll get a brief visual and aural warning, but anyone on the street level who doesn't jump out of the way will fall victim to the hard steel bumpers on the fronts of the cars. The strategy for Onett is to listen for the cars and pound your opponents down to the street level at the appropriate time. A car hit will cause 30% damage.


From Game: Earthbound (SNES)
Obtainable: Play 100 Vs Matches

Set on top of a few Skyscrapers. There are KO Zones in all directions, just be careful not to mis judge jumps. Here are the obstacles:
Invaders: While you're fighting, a UFO will appear either on the right or left side of the stage and act as a platform. However, the shiny disk is very slippery which makes it tough to run on its surface. The UFO disappears after awhile, but it will warn you by blinking before it does so.

Construction Work: The construction platform suspended from the cran on the left side of the stage is Fourside's second moving platform element. The crane will swing to the sides and move the platform around. You can jump through the platform, but you cannot hang from the edges

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