Mute City

From Game: F-Zero (SNES/N64/GBA)
Obtainable: From Start

Set on the track of one of the racing levels of F-Zero. The KO Zones are in all directions but you need to be ultra careful as the Cars come zooming past. You will be moved along the course and platforms will rise up for you to fight on. To move you need to jump on the platforms , however if you fall off of them when they are in motion, it will cause damage. Here are the obstacles:
F-Zero Racers: Although there is a warning sound and "Go!" indicator whenever the platforms appear, the cluster of cars will come screaming down the track without warning. Keep an eye on the track in the background to make sure you're not caught off guard. You can avoid the cars by jumping or dodging -- since your opponents are likely to pay more attention to them than to you, it's also a good time to launch an attack and knock your enemies into harm's way.

Tunnel: The platforms usually stop in an open area of the track, but there is one notable exception: the exit of a tunnel. You can actually fight on parts of the roof of this tunnel, but more importantly, you can knock an opponent on top of it and potentially prevent him/her from getting back down in time before the platforms are set in motion again.

Big Blue

From Game: F-Zero (SNES/N64/GBA)
Obtainable: Play 150 Vs Matches

Like Mute City you are on the track. However, this time you are fighting on top of the cars. This is a scrolling level like Rainbow Cruise. The cars are known to drive into the KO zones and there is little space for KO-Zones so you need to be ultra careful. Here are the obstacles (as if the cars werent treacherous enough:
The Track: The track at the bottom of the stage is the only major interactive feature. Players that get thrown down don't automatically get KO-ed -- but it's very tough to get back. You have the chance to jump back up before you're gone. Again, remember that if you want to play it safe, fight on the right side of the stage.

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