Fountain of Dreams

From Game: Kirby's Dreamland (NES/SNES/GB)
Obtainable: From Start

A Really Basic Level. All there is is the main base and 3 platforms of which the two side ones move up and down, sometimes even into the ground

Green Greens

From Game: Kirby 64 (N64)
Obtainable: From Start

A kinda big looking level. There are three main platforms which are joined by blocks dropping. The Tree Also can blow you away. Here are the obstacles:

Star Stacker: Puzzle blocks based on the Kirby puzzle game fall from the sky and accumulate in the gaps to the left and right of the main stage. You've got to be really stupid to get trapped in the middle of these blocks as you can easily destroy them, but the star blocks can screw up someone's rescue jump when a block lands right on top of someone trying to get back up. But the real danger comes in form of bomb blocks that explode when you or someone else hits them. This opens up all sorts of strategies for players who are good at throwing items or characters with projectile abilities, like Fox or Samus. Try to detonate bombs that are close to an opponent as each one will cause 22% damage. If you blow up two bombs at the same time, you actually cause 44% damage at once, so practicing this is well worth it.

Whispy Woods: The other stage hazard is similar to the original N64 stage. This tree still does his old blowing trick. Watch his face or the grass next to the tree. When he breathes in, he will soon blow wind to one side, which can cause you to fall off or get pushed closer to an attacker. Whispy Woods's second attack is to shake its crown and drop apples on you. Getting hit by an apple "fresh off the tree" only causes minor damage, but pick them up and throw them at your opponents to cause between 9 and 12% damage. Note also that the tree's leaves will shake slightly before and after he attacks, so use that as an indicator as well.

Past Dream Land

From Game: Kirby's Dreamland (SNES), SSB (N64)
Obtainable: Hit 1,323 feet or more in the Homerun Contest with Yoshi

This level was taken directly from the first Smash Bros. Its your basic level. There are 3 platforms to protect from aerial attacks. Its a good idea to get people right on the edge. Here's the Obstacle:

Whispy Woods: The only stage hazard on Dream Land is the tree in the middle. Watch his face. Whenever his cheeks bulge out and he takes a deep breath he will make your life difficult by blowing air into the direction he's facing. You can use this to your advantage by dashing in with a powerful attack or throwing a projectile. Just watch out that you don't get blown off the stage yourself

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