From Game: Metroid (NES/SNES/GC)
Obtainable: From Start

Like on the N64 Smash Bros. There are multiple levels you can jump on and over. The acid comes up and can do some damage. Here are the Obstacles:
Break Points: There is a set of jelly-like "logs" that keep two pieces of the Brinstar floor connected together. Although you won't usually have the time to do this in the heat of battle, doing a few smash attacks will actually cut the two pieces of floor free! Even better, performing two smash attacks on the tendons holding the left and right platforms will cut them loose and tilt the platforms. This forces players to stay alert to the ever-changing arena.

Rising Acid: This stage obstacle keeps on rising and can easily catch you by surprise if you don't keep your eyes on it. Contact with the acid causes 14% damage, but it can easily spell your doom if you're far away from a safe platform.

Brinstar Depths

From Game: Metroid (NES/SNES/GC)
Obtainable: Play 50 Vs Matches

This is one of the most graphically impressive levels. There are 2 Platforms and one slope. The Main platform is occassionally twisted round by a Kraid. But he doesn't hurt you. What you have to do is get the other players to maximum then boot them onto the closest KO Zone. Here are the obstacles:
Small Platforms: The smaller platforms are actually the safest spots as you can simply move along with the turning stage, so learn to defend them if you want to win here.

Bubble Doors: Another important element are the bubble doors. You can take out opponents by trapping them on the other side when the stage starts to turn. When they try to jump to your side, smash them back. Bubble doors can also be used as wall elements to shield yourself from back attacks or to corner someone with combo attacks

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