Peach's Castle

From Game: Super Mario 64
Obtainable: From Start

Set on the roof of Princess Peach's Castle from the Mario Games. Its a slightly modified design and it has a lot of slopes on it. Unfortunately, you cannot hold onto ledges here due to major slopes on the roof.. There are a few Platforms that you can walk on from time to time. There are 2 Obstacles in this level:

Switches: In addition to the standard two platforms, players can get new stage elements by stepping on switches. The blue switch makes sloping platforms appear on the left and the right as well as a square block above the tower. The red switch makes platform extensions at the sides of the roof appear as well as blocks next to the lower tower portion and the green one creates two platforms next to the tip of the middle tower section and blocks on the sides.

Bullet Bill: Run for cover when Bullet Bill appears on the level. This giant bullet from the Mario games will slowly move towards a portion of the castle's roof and explode on impact. Touching Bullet Bill isn't too bad you only recieve 8% damage, but if you stand in the middle of the explosion, you take almost 60% damage. Its rare to Survive the explosion

Rainbow Cruise

From Game: Super Mario 64
Obtainable: From Start

Set at first on a Winged Boat. This is a self scrolling level meaning it can be frustrating due to the fact that you dont know where you are going to be. There are multiple platforms after the boat . It doesnt take alot to kill someone, basically if you throw them off the boat its close to impossible for them to return. There are a few obstacles you need to be aware of however:

Swings: There are two moving platforms on this course. The first is a rotating board that only moves when stepped on. The other is a large swing that rocks back and forth. You can drop through the bottom of both swing elements.

Flying Carpets: The flying carpets are hard platforms, so you can't drop through them. The carpets won't move unless you step on them. If you jump off a carpet, it will stop, then flicker for a few seconds and finally disappear. If you stay on the carpet, it will take you past the swing to the next set of platforms. Once it arrives at its destination, it will flicker and disappear no matter what you do.

Mushroom Kingdom

From Game: Super Mario Bros. (NES/GBC)
Obtainable: From Start

Looks like a level taken out of the first NES game. It is easy to be thrown to the sides and there are two holes so its possible to fall down to your doom there. The Brown Blocks can be broken if you do an airborne attack from under them. However the ? blocks tend to give out items. There is 1 basic obstacle:

Elevators: The 'elevators' above the Holes move down when there is weight or pressure on them. Once they go down, they are down for around 10 seconds. This is an easy trap as they make you drop down into the hole.

Mushroom Kingdom II (Subcon)

From Game: Super Mario Bros 2. (NES/GBA)
Obtainable: Get either the Birdo or Pidgit Trophy

Like the other Mushroom Kingdom. This is rather retro. It looks just like Super Mario Bros 2. The knock out points are relatively the same. Left, right and the three holes in the center. There are no blocks to be broken here though. But the occassional Pidgit comes down and can act as an extra platform. Heres a list of the Obstacles:

Logs: There are three log platforms on this stage. The middle one is static and won't move. You can't fall through it, either, so tap down as much as you like. However, there are also two moving log platforms that appear in the trenches. You can actually stand on them, but they will quickly fall and disappear. Your best bet is to ignore them completely as they won't trap you or cause you any problems, even if you've fallen into a pit and you're trying to get out.

The Odd Couple: Pidgit and Birdo appear from time to time to spice up the battle. Birdo will walk onto the stage and spit eggs that fly horizontally across the screen. Although they only cause minimal damage, they can get you KO'd if they hit you on your rescue jump or during an attack. You can attack Birdo if you want. This will prevent her from shooting eggs but doesn't really do anything else. If you end up behind Birdo, watch out as she can push you off screen. Jump, dash or dodge to get past her. Pidgit is a different story entirely. He basically acts as an additional floating platform. Just don't get carried of screen. Smash tap down to drop from his flying carpet.

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