Pokémon Stadium

From Game: Pokémon Stadium
Obtainable: From Start

Set in a stadium where nomally a Pokémon Battle Takes Place (Heck, it can). Its a basic level, you can fall off the stage to your doom. The thing about this stage is there are multiple transformations it can go in. I'll get pics of them later:

Arena Transformations: These modes, Fire, Rock, Water, and Grass are of course based on the different elemental types in the Pokemon games. The stage transformations are fairly straightforward. Fire Mode is a burnt forest scenario with a small hut. You can fight on top of the tree stumps to the left or on top of the roof. Water Mode is the most unique as it features a turning windmill and two floating platforms. Rock Mode encourages fast-paced fighting with its confined valley set-up. Try to corner an opponent underneath the platforms and you can hit him over and over again. Grass mode features two wooden walkways, a tree stump and a movable tree platform.


From Game: Pokémon
Obtainable: Play 150 VS Matches

A rather cool and odd level. Here there are giant moving Pokémon. They float through the screen causing you to need to be able to jump from Pokémon To Pokémon. There are Pokémon That Are Useless as Platforms. Heres a List Of The Pokémon:

Squirtle: Squirtle acts as a basic three-part platform. It will soon sink, forcing you to switch to the Onix Poke Float. Onix: This rock snake acts as a flat platform. You have plenty of time to duke it out here, but it will eventually disappear to the right.
Psyduck: Jump on its head and wait for the next float to take you down.
Chikorita: This small Pokemon will float across the screen from the top to the right. It'll stay around for a while, though, so you can ride it until you get to Weezing.
Weezing: This smelly Pokemon will rise from the bottom and slow shrink. Its bumps won't slow you down. Weezing will eventually disappear towards the top of the screen. You can actually stay on top of its head without getting KO-ed. Once it disappears, you will drop down.
Slowpoke: The tail straightens out, so make the most out of it while it's still up. You can corner opponents as long as the tail is up. Once the tail is straight, move along to the left or try to smash opponents off to the right.
Porygon: A group of Porygon will fly by. They move too quickly to be valuable as platforms. Stay out of their way.
Wooper: This blue Pokemon oves in from the left. He will stick around for a long time, so don't worry about him disappearing from the screen yet. Stand on his head and smash anyone who comes near. Note that his antennas can be jumped through.
Sudowoodo: Rises from the left bottom all the way to the top like an elevator. Don't get stuck on his branch. Smash down to get through his arm and move down to the leg.
Snorlax: Fight on top of this sleeping giant until Venusaur arrives. If you're competing in a standard two-minute melee, this is as far as you'll get. However, players who fight custom battles get to see even more of this stage.
Venusaur: Will move in from the right and disappear off the left side of the screen. Don't get trapped underneath it and watch out that you don't get stuck in the crown.
Seel: This Pokemon also travels from the right side of the screen to the left. Once Wobuffet arrives, Wooper finally disappears.
Wobbuffet: Don't trust this guy. He'll stick his head in and withdraw it again. The second time he does this, you can safely use him as a platform.
Unown: The first of many appears and moves across the screen.
Goldeen: Pops up and sinks again however, it stays on the screen, then will go up and down twice before she disappears for good.
Lickitung: Once Lickitung's pink body appears, Wobuffet will disappear. Lickitung will withdraw its tongue to allow Chansey to appear, so be careful.
Unown: A large group of Unown will pass by. Use them as platforms.
Chansey: Chansey will pop up, but she will disappear again after a few seconds. Jump up to the Unown or you might not make it. Chansey will reappear on the right side of the stage and disappear downwards before once again reappearing on the left and then the right side. Your best bet is to stay on top of the Unown as much as you can and only use Chansey's head if you get knocked off.
Geodude: Appears from the left, then hovers in the middle for some time while Unown pass overhead. As soon as Geodude moves off to the right, it's time to switch to the Unown again.
After Geodude disappears, you're back to where you started: on top of Squirtle's head.

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