From Game: Starfox (SNES), Starfox 64 (N64)
Obtainable: From Start

Like on the N64 Smash Bros. You fight on top of the Great Fox. But this time it isnt so big so Zooming isnt a problem like it was. The Main difference is that you can stand on the lase cannons on the bottom left of the ship. KO Zones in all directions. Here are the Obstacles:
Arwings and Wolfen: Players fighting on top of the Great Fox are prone to attacks by smaller fighters. Ships that approach slowly from the back or front will fire their lasers horizontally, so they can be avoided by staying low and/or ducking down. You can also stand on top of the smaller ships, but watch out that they don't carry you off the screen or you'll lose a life.

Laser Cannon: The Great Fox features a set of lasers on its front. It will charge up and shortly after unleash a devastating attack. If players fall off the tip of the ship while this happens, they'll never make it back.


From Game: Starfox 64 (N64)
Obtainable: From Start

This is also set ontop of the Great Fox. However this time it is flying towards the camera so you have to fight ontop its fins. Here's the Obstacles:
The Fin: The Great Fox's tail fin separates the left and right upper fighting areas. However, it is possible to hit your opponents on the other side by punching/stabbing through the fin.

Arwings: Like on the first Star Fox stage, Arwings will fly by the Great Fox once in awhile. Some will attack you by firing a laser shot (20% damage), others will fly alongside the ship and act as a floating platform. Just don't let an Arwing carry you off screen by accident, or it's over for you.

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