Yoshi's Island

From Game: Super Mario World (SNES/GBA)
Obtainable: From Start

A Rather Basic Level. There are alot of slopes so always lure your opponent up there. The Spin Blocks are a good way to attack your enemy if they are on them. Knock them out from under. Here's the obstacles:

Spin Blocks: Spin blocks are very tricky in that they sometimes spin even though your attack didn't connect directly with them. This becomes very apparent when you're fighting on the spin block zone in the middle of the stage. Standing on these blocks is extremely dangerous. A single item hit or even an uppercut can send you into the pit below. If you have an opponent who likes to fight in the middle, be sure to use projectiles to get the blocks spinning

Yoshi's Story

From Game: Yoshi's Story (N64)
Obtainable: From Start

Another Basic Level. Here there are drops and 3 platforms. KO Areas in All directions. Here's the obstacles:

Shy Guys: Flocks of Shy Guys fly across from time to time. They act as a minor nuisance as they can be in the way of your kicks and punches, but they can actually help out as well. Look for Shy Guys that carry food items and knock into them to make them drop their goodies

Past Yoshi's Island

From Game: Yoshi's Story (N64), SSB (N64)
Obtainable: Complete Target Test successfully with all 25 characters

This level was taken directly from the first Smash Bros. Its your basic level. There are 3 platforms and on both sides there are clouds that dissapear after you have been standing on them for 3 seconds.

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