Bowser, The Villain in most Mario games. Although he has always been beaten by Mario, lets see if he is strong enough to beat him now:

B: Fire Breath. Bowser's Fire Breath move can be performed by simply pressing B. His Fire Breath is aimed at a downward angle. If you continue to hold B, then Bowser will continue spewing out flames. However, the breath will get weaker over time and will eventually become dead

B & Up: Whirling Fortress. Acts as the 3rd Jump for Bowser. Can hit opponents multiple times

B & Forward: Koopa Klaw. If the enemy is close enough to you, Bowser will grab and bite the opponent rather than claw him. Boy has he got some sharp teeth too!

B & Down: Bowser Bomb. Like Yoshi's Body Slam. This is a powerful move (moreso due to his size). Kinda basic.

Bowser's Trophies:

Ending Pictures. Spoiler Alert. Look at these at your own risk:

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