Ganondorf, The Main Villain in most Zelda Games. This is his form before evolving in OoT making him Pig like in all other games. He is a powerful enemy in Zelda, and a very powerful one in this. Click the Pictures for Bigger Version:

B: Warlock Punch. An excellent attack that is very slow and hard to execute, but is powerful and effective..

B & Up: Dark Dive. Acts as the 3rd Jump for Ganondorf and also is good for juggling other Players

B & Forward: Gerudo Dragon. Causes Ganondorf to lunge forward hoping to connect with a burning fist.

B& Down: Wizard's Foot. Ganondorf's foot lights on fire with purple magic and he skids along the ground.

Powerful A attacks:
Grab Attack
R: Magic Throw. A Basic Throw which Ganondorf uses Magic to complete

Ganondorf's Trophies:

Ending Pictures. Spoiler Alert. Look at these at your own risk:

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