Luigi, The sidekick in the Mario Games, he was in practically every Mario game until the N64 when he was rarely seen. But at the gamecube's Launch we were finally given a game which was just Luigi's: Luigi's Mansion. However does he stay up to standard with Mario?:

B: Fireball. A Projectile. This lasts for 2 seconds and keeps bouncing either until time runs out or until it hits someone. This one is slower than Mario's

B & Up: Super Jump Punch. Acts as the 3rd Jump for Luigi and also is good for juggling other Players whilst they are in the air

B & Forward: Green Missile. A third Jump aswell. If you hold it for about 1.5 to 2 seconds exactly and let the B go, he will explode into a flaming rocket and he will go very far. It can cause alot of damage

B& Down: Luigi Cyclone. Luigi grabs a person in range and spins them causing damage.

Luigi is slower than Luigi but could be used for his slightly higher power

Luigi's Trophies:

Ending Pictures. Spoiler Alert. Look at these at your own risk:

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