Mewtwo, The Ultimate Pokémon. This pokémon can beat just about any pokémon but how will it fare in Melee:

B: Shadow Ball. Much like Samus' Charge Shot attack, what you do here is hold B to charge it, after its charged you are free to move round with it charged and then you can release it's devastating effects onto the Players

B & Up: Teleport. Mewtwo's 3rd Jump. It takes you from one place to the place in which the control stick is aimed at

B & Forward: Confusion. Deflects Moves of other players and repels them. Like Fox's Barrier

B & Down: Disable. This stuns the opponent allowing you to be able to grab and throw them. You need to be facing them at a 180° (Flat)

Mewtwo's A Moves:
A: Dark Flash: An Attack that does slight damage

A + Smash Down: Shadow Bomb: Can be charged by holding A. Causes major Damage

A + Smash Up: Galaxy Force: Can be charged by holding A. Causes Major Damage to Airbone foes

A + Smash Forward: Shadow Blast: Can be charged by holding A. Causes Major Damage whilst moving

A + Backward: Tail Whip: Mewtwo swings its tail round causing damage to whoever it hits

A + Down: Tail Whirl: Mewtwo bashes its tail into whoever is unlucky enough to be under it

A in Air: Spark Field: Mewtwo creates a field protecting it from harm and can cause damage if anyone hits him

A + Forward in Air: Shadow Slash: Mewtwo slashes any poor soul that happens to be in mid-air with him

A + Up in Air: Somersault Kick: Mewtwo somersaults causing minor damage to anyone near him

A + Back in Air: Tail Hit: Mewtwo hits the opponent with his tail

Mewtwo's Trophies:

Ending Pictures. Spoiler Alert. Look at these at your own risk:

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