Peach, The Princess needed rescuing in practically every Mario game to date. However as seen in Mario Bros 2, she does have some fight in her. Lets see how well she stands in SSB:M:

B: Toad. Peach gets our good friend Toad out and uses him as a shield against projectiles like Missiles and Fireballs

B & Up: Peach Parasol. Peach get a Parasol out to allow how to glide slowly to safety. Can count as a third jump. Can caus juggling and minimal damage

B & Forward: Peach Bomber. Peach With this move, Peach attacks an enemy quickly thus causing an explosion that damages the enemy greatly

B & Down: Vegetable. From Super Mario Bros. 2 Peach an pull out a Vegetable then throw it causing moderate damage depending on the type of turnip pulled out. Here's the rundown:

  • Standard Turnip - 58% chance of appearance, 8% damage
  • Sick Turnip - 12% chance, 8% damage
  • Confused Turnip - 9% chance, 8% damage
  • Sleepy Turnip - 6% chance, 8% damage
  • Happy Turnip - 6% chance, 8% damage
  • Winking Turnip - 4% chance, 12% damage
  • Content Turnip - 3% chance, 18-20% damage
  • Old Turnip - 1% chance, 34-38% damage
  • Bob-omb - 1% chance, 35% damage
  • Mr. Saturn - 1% chance, 7-11% damage .

    Peach's Top A Move:

    A & Forward: Club/Racket/Pan hit. Peach gets out either a Pan, a Tennis Racker or a Golf Club and hits the opponent with it causing moderate damage

    Peach's Stages:
    Peach's Castle: The castle in which Super Mario 64 and Paper Mario is set. Here you fight on the roof with multiple barriers usable

    Peach's Trophies:

    Ending Pictures. Spoiler Alert. Look at these at your own risk:

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