Some of you who have played The Orcarina of Time may recognise this sneaky character. It is really Zelda in disguise from Ganondorf. So lets see what she has in store:

B: Needle Storm. This will cause Sheik to throw a weak needle at the opponent.The longer you hold B, the more needles will be releases, with the maximum being six. To charge more than one needle, but be able to move without releasing the needles, hit the L, R or Z buttons. The next time you hit B, you'll release as many needles as you charged. .

B & Up: Vanish. Releasing a smoke bomb, Sheik instant vanishes to another Vanish location. If an opponent is caught by the first plume of smoke, they will take damage. .

B & Forward: Chain. Sheik launches a medium range chain out in front of her. She then pulls it back hitting a short distance behind herself. If you hold the B button, Sheik will leave the chain out and you can control its movements with the Control Stick

B & Down: Transfom. Causes Sheik to transform into Zelda. If an opponent hits her before she transforms, it cancels the action. Click here for a Bio on Zelda

Sheik's Level:

Hyrule Temple. Some fans may recognise something Like this from the second NES game. It is a rather big level and many dropping points, Its best to use good jumpers on this level

Sheik's Trophies:

Ending Pictures. Spoiler Alert. Look at these at your own risk:

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