Yoshi, The sidekick in recent Mario games. He has branched off and had his own set of games. Can he stand up to his former friend in SSB:M? He is one of the characters who's look has changed the most since the original Smash Bros:

B: Egg Lay. Yoshi's Trademark move. Yoshi's tounge comes out and grabs the opponent only to release them from his back as Eggs

B & Up: Egg Throw. Yoshi gets one of his eggs and it explodes after a while, its distance and power depend on the control stick movement

B & Forward: Egg Roll. Yoshi turns into an egg and you can make him roll into an enemy . Its chargable so it can increase in power!

B & Down: Yoshi Bomb. Like Bowser's Bomb. This is a powerful move. Kinda basic but quite powerful.

Yoshi's Stages:
Yoshi's Island: Styled like Super Mario World (Mario Advance 2), this level has small space so it can be easy to KO someone in it. Especially up the hill.

Yoshi's Story: The same level as the N64 version. Its the usual 3 platform tyle level however there are clouds to either side but they dissapear after 3 seconds of standing on them

Yoshi's Trophies:

Ending Pictures. Spoiler Alert. Look at these at your own risk:

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