A Night in the Nacrene City Museum!!


Ash and his friends finally arrive in Nacrene City, as they see a lot of warehouses and artwork on them. Cilan says that the city is called the city of art. Iris says that it really does look like it's a city of art. Cilan says that because it is so fancy, the city is also known as the city of admiration. Ash says that he doesn't care about that, and that he is only focused on his next Gym battle. Cilan tells Ash that the Gym is inside of the museum. Ash is surprised that it's in a museum, and mentions that it must be rare for a Gym to be in a museum. They head off to the museum for his next Gym battle. They arrive at the museum, and see a sign that says that the museum is closed. Ash yells through the doors that he has come for a Gym battle and asks if anyone is in there. He knocks on the door, and tries to open the locked doors. Cilan sees a poster that talks about a treasure exhibit and notices that it was supposed to open today, but strangely the museum is closed. Ash knocks on the door, as they hear a scream from inside of the museum.

Hawes frantically runs through the museum to the exit, as a Dome Fossil chases him. He runs into the door, sees the fossil, has trouble getting the doors open, and finally gets them open before falling to the ground. While frightened, Hawes points to the inside of the museum as to why he was screaming and running away, as they don't see anything inside of the museum. Hawes tells them that he was being chased by a Dome Fossil, as they say that there is nothing in the hallway. They decide to go inside and investigate the museum. Ash and his friends see a Dome Fossil on display, as Hawes asks how that is possible since it was chasing him just now. Cilan asks him to tell them exactly what happened. They go outside and over a table, so that Hawes can tell them what happened to him.

He says that the preparation for the opening of the treasure exhibit has been delayed. He says that last night he and his workers had brought in the treasures to be exhibited, and he was preparing with his staff. They were able to finish that same night, and Hawes was able to stay behind alone and do a final check on the exhibit. The lights went out so he turned on his flashlight. He went over to the light switch, he heard footsteps following behind him. He was thinking that it was bad, when he started to hear crying and he asks if anyone is there. A ball of fire appears, as Hawes runs away and falls to the ground outside. He says that he was frightened, so he went home and returned to the museum with his staff the next day to investigate. When they returned the next day, they could not figure out the cause of what happened the night before. They thought about everyone's safety and decided to postpone the opening of the treasure exhibit. When the staff went home, he went back in by himself again. Once he went back inside, the Dome Fossil began chasing him, and that's when he ran into Ash and his friends.

Ash says that there really are strange occurrences in this world. Iris says that it must be a curse, which surprises everyone. She says that a wild soul is trying to bring disaster to the museum. As she was saying that, an eerie purple aura was shown around the museum. Axew is terrified and hides in her hair, as she says that Axew feels it as well. Iris says that if they leave it alone, something terrible is going to happen. Cilan says that she is exaggerating, and that these kinds of supernatural events are usually a wrong impression or a misunderstanding. He says that if they study the problem scientifically, then they should be able to find out the real reason. Iris says that he should be the only one to study it scientifically. He says that he wishes he could do that, and that it would be thrilling. Iris says that she is going to find out what the wild soul is angry about and wants to bring disaster upon. Cilan says that he is going to find out what caused these supernatural events in a scientific manner.

Ash becomes frustrated and asks about his Gym battle while hitting the table, as Iris says that it isn't the time for that. Hawes says that Ash can't have a Gym battle anyway since "Mama" is on a business trip. Hawes introduces himself as the museum vice curator, and "Mama" is his wife Lenora. He says that Lenora is the Gym Leader of the Nacrene City Gym. Ash and his friends introduce themselves to Hawes. Cilan asks him to let them investigate inside of the museum. Hawes says that he's going to give them a tour of the museum's interior. They look at the Dome Fossil, as Hawes explains that Kabuto is the shellfish Pokémon, and that it has lived on beaches since 300 million years ago. They see a Dragonite Fossil skeleton next as Iris recognizes it, and Hawes is surprised that she knew what it was and that it is only a model skeleton of a Dragonite.

Next he shows them a display case that has a meteorite inside of it. Cilan says that it feel from outer space. Hawes says that it should be hiding some form of outer space energy. They arrive at the special feature, the treasure exhibit. They see suits of armor, as it is explained that the armor was used in the Unova Region and Cilan says that it is intense. They go towards items on a duplicate ruins, as Hawes says they were exhibiting items that were excavated from ruins. He said that in ruins like what they are looking at, Cofigrigus appears. Cilan says that it's the name of the Pokémon they are looking at, as he asks Hawes if the coffin is real. Hawes says that it is a replica, as Cilan says that it's very well-made.

Iris says that it may have something to do with reason for the curse, since her sixth sense is telling her that. Cilan points out that she doesn't have any concrete reason for her theory. Ash goes over to the glass display case, as Hawes explains it's a mask that belongs to Yamask for it to hold, and that Yamask often appears in the ruins. Underneath the mask, there was a sign that explains all about the mask and Yamask, as Ash finds it to be a mysterious Pokémon. Hawes says that the mask is also a replica. Iris says that she can feel an odd vibe coming from the mask.

They enter a library archive, as Hawes says that it is where information about the exhibit is laid out and that everyone that enters can read as much as they want. Hawes asks them if they figured out anything, since it is the end of the tour. Cilan says that nothing stood out as being particularly strange, while Iris says that she felt something bad, but could not figure out the reason for it. Ash says that he just feels very hungry, as Iris yells at him for saying that. Cilan asks Hawes if they could stay overnight at the museum, and that they can observe the supernatural events some more. Iris says that wild souls often appear at night, and that it might be a good way to find the reason for the curse. Hawes says that they are all children, yet they are courageous which makes them admirable. Iris says that Ash is the only one who is a child.

That night, they set up sleeping bags as Ash wonders what kind of Pokémon is going to hatch out of the egg that he is holding. Ash puts the egg in his backpack, as Hawes asks if sleeping there is really a good idea. Ash says that they are used to sleeping like this, as Hawes asks if there are strange noises again, or things move on their own then what will they do about it. Iris says that they will be able to step in if that happens. Cilan says that they will solve the mystery with a taut and vivid feeling of a cool drink. In a dark alleyway, Team Rocket waits for Pierce to show up. They wonder when the messenger from the main branch is going to contact too. Pierce shows up, as he brings orders from the main branch. He asks them if they have investigated the city's museum, as Jessie says that it was done a long time ago. Pierce tells them that the main branch's orders are to swap the meteorite that is on exhibit from the museum. He says that the swap will be with the dummy they got a few days ago. He says that the aim is the meteorite, but not the meteorite. James tells him that he is going to have to tell them his real aim.

Iris wakes up Ash and tells him that she felt a strange wind, as if something was approaching. Cilan is annoyed that she is saying such unscientific things again, as a dark fog passes them by. Hawes jumps to his feet in fear, and wonders what the strange fog is doing there. As the fog gets thicker, Iris says that the wild souls are starting something. Cilan says that he thinks that the air conditioner must be broken or something. They hear footsteps approaching, as they wonder what that sound is. They see a knight in shining armor approaching them as they become terrified. Iris asks Cilan to explain what's happening scientifically, as Cilan says that when things are said to move because of poltergeists, it can be due to the vibration of low frequency waves. The knight glows pink and purple and pulls out a sword, as Iris asks Cilan if that's from low frequency waves as well. Cilan says that maybe someone could be moving it using strings.

The knight in shining armor attacks, as Pikachu uses Quick Attack to break the knight apart. The knight pieces itself back together, as Iris says that it's a curse just like she said. Pikachu uses Volt Tackle to break the knight apart again, as a ball of fire comes out of the knight. Cilan says that balls of fire are a misunderstanding of the luminescence from electrical discharge. The ball of fire circles Ash as he says that it's really hot. The ball of fire chases Hawes around, as Ash brings out Oshawott. Oshawott uses Water Gun to hit the ball of fire, as the knight helmet rises up and Iris has Cilan explain it. Cilan says that the change in the magnetic field is interacting with the iron in the helmet to make it float. The helmet continues to chase Hawes around, as Pikachu uses Iron Tail to knock the helmet down to the ground.

Iris says that the wild souls seem to be after Hawes. Hawes says that he doesn't think he's done anything that people would curse him for. It begins to rain where they are at, as Cilan says that the sprinklers are broken. Iris gives an annoyed face when he says that. The rain stops, as they hear crying coming from down the hallway and Hawes says that it's the same sound he hear yesterday. Iris wonders what the wild souls are saddened by. Cilan says that the low frequency waves of things rubbing against each other just sounds like crying. Ash says that they need to go to the voice, as he returns Oshawott to his Poké Ball.

They look around and notice that it's the mask that is crying. Iris wonders why the mask is crying. Cilan says that they are not tears, but the humidity in the air turning into drops. The mask gets up and starts ramming the glass. Iris says that the cause of the curse is the mask. Cilan says that like the N and S poles of a magnet, it's getting attracted to something. The mask continues to ram the glass, as the Dragonite model skeleton walks in. Iris asks if it is the form of the wild soul, as Cilan says that it's because of low frequency waves or the magnetic field, although he says that it is getting impossible. The skeleton attacks them, and then goes over to the glass to attack it. Cilan brings out Pansage to attack. Pansage uses Bullet Seed on the Skeleton, as the shadow of a Yamask is shown and hits the ground, along with the skeleton. Ash asks if they heard a voice just now. Iris says that it must be the voice of the wild soul. Cilan asks Hawes if the mask is safe. Hawes opens the glass case by swiping his card, as the mask floats onto Cilan's face.

Ash and Iris grab onto the mask and try to get it off but it's stuck, as Cilan pushes them away. Iris tells Cilan to get a hold of himself, as Cilan with the mask says they shall be punished. Cilan throws two balls of fire at them, as Ash asks what happened to him. Iris says that Cilan has been taken over by the wild soul. Ash asks why, as Iris says that it may be because he didn't try to understand the wild soul. Iris asks the wild soul why it's so angry. Cilan says that they caged the mask, and that it is a precious thing. Lenora walks in and says that it must mean that the mask is real. Hawes says that Lenora came back at a great time.

Lenora asks him where he got the mask. He said that while they were carrying the remaining things to be placed on exhibit last night, he found that the mask had fallen. He says that he had only asked for a replica Cofigrigus, but he thought maybe as a service, they made the mask also. Lenora says that there is no way that would've been possible. As the skeleton puts itself back together, Lenora says that it has punished enough. Cilan commands the skeleton to attack, as Lenora brings out Watchog to use its Illuminate Ability on the skeleton, as Ash scans it with his Pokédex. Lenora tells Yamask that it should show itself now. The mask releases from Cilan, as he is confused about what just happened. The mask floats high into the air and reveals itself to be a Yamask, as Ash scans it with his Pokédex.

Lenora says that Yamask must have been among the the exhibition items, and that an accident of some sort caused it to drop its mask. She says that Hawes picked up the mask and displayed it, while he thought it was a replica. Yamask thought that on top of the mask being stolen, that it was caged in the glass case. A flashback was shown of Yamask being frantic, and trying to get the mask out of the glass case. Ash says that it must be why Yamask was so mad and did what it did. Cilan explains that it used Psychic to move the skeleton model and fossils, and the fog was Haze. Ash says that the rain was Rain Dance and the ball of fire was Will-O-Wisp. Iris says that her thinking it was a wild soul wasn't wrong. Cilan says that it's a subtle point, as Iris tells him that it was better than his theory.

Hawes says that even though he didn't realize what it, what he did was horrible to it, as he apologizes to Yamask. Lenora also apologizes to Yamask. Iris says that it's only a feeling, but she thinks that Yamask has forgiven them. Hawes thanks Yamask for forgiving him, as Ash says that Yamask is a very cute Pokémon. Cilan says that Yamask has a very mysterious taste. As the sun rises, Hawes tells Yamask that it can come back to visit at any time. Yamask floats away, as everyone says goodbye to it. Cilan says that the morning has a refreshing taste, as Ash says that it's a perfect day for his Gym battle. Ash introduces himself to Lenora and asks to have a Gym match with her. She accepts his challenge and says that she wants to see how he fights.

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Iris's Axew

Cilan's Pansage

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