Scraggy-Hatched to Be Wild


After Ash wins his second Gym Badge in Nacrene City, they are taking a break on their journey to Castelia City. Ash looks at his badge case and notices that he only has six more badges to earn, as he says that they needs to do their best. Axew walks over to their backpacks on a tree stump to look at the Pokémon egg. The egg begins to shake and glow, as Axew tumbles backwards and then tries to get everyone's attention about it. Ash holds the container with the egg, as Cilan says that by glowing it means that it will hatch soon. Ash wonders what will hatch from the egg, as they are all excited about it.

Iris says that it will be the first time Axew sees a Pokémon hatch from an egg. Cilan says that everyone is looking forward to it, as Iris tells Axew that he is going to be a big brother to the Pokémon that hatches. Axew jumps around with excitement but he falls, and hits the egg which sends it rolling down the hill. They chase after the egg, as it bounces off of a rock and goes flying into the air. The egg bounces off of a leaf and goes high into the air, while heading towards a large rock. Pikachu uses Quick Attack to grab the egg before it crashes into the rock. Pikachu tumbles on the ground, as they check the egg and see that it is okay now. Iris apologizes for what happened, as Ash says that the important thing is that the egg is safe.

Pikachu puts the egg on the ground, as Ash thanks him for saving the egg. Cilan is glad that nothing serious happened to the egg, as the egg begins to glow. Everyone looks on, as a pink ray of light flashes and the egg hatches into a Scraggy. Scraggy picks up its rubber pants, and they drop down after it lets them go. Cilan says that it is a Scraggy, as Ash scans it with his Pokédex. Ash and Pikachu introduce themselves to Scraggy, as Scraggy uses Leer on Pikachu. Scraggy tries to use Headbutt on Pikachu, while Pikachu dodges and Scraggy hits the ground and slides across it. Ash asks Scraggy why it's using Headbutt on everyone, and whether it wants to battle. Scraggy glares at Pikachu, as Ash tells Pikachu that they should battle as a way of greeting Scraggy, while Pikachu becomes nervous.

Ash checks Scraggy's moves on the Pokédex, and notices that Scraggy only knows Leer and Headbutt. Iris is surprised, as Ash reminds her that Axew knows Dragon Rage and Scratch which means that he also only knows two moves. Cilan reminds them that Scraggy only just hatched from the egg. Scraggy runs up to Pikachu and uses Leer, as Cilan notices that it doesn't have any effect on Pikachu. Scraggy uses Headbutt on Pikachu, as Ash notices that it had very little effect since Pikachu only just rubbed it off. Ash has Pikachu use a 10-Volt Thunderbolt on Scraggy instead of his full-powered 100,000 volt attack. Pikachu zaps Scraggy with a weakened Thunderbolt, as it affects him. Scraggy gets up and is still ready to battle, as Cilan says that Scraggy is very motivated. Ash says that even when Scraggy is sent flying, if feels strong so Scraggy was born for battles. Iris tells Axew that he has a troublesome baby brother.

Ash brings out Pidove, Snivy, Oshawott, and Tepig to meet their new friend Scraggy. Pidove walks up to Scraggy, as it Headbutts her and she flies away in fear. Ash notices that it was a Headbutt without warning. Oshawott walks up to Scraggy next, as Scraggy glares at him and then Headbutts him. Oshawott becomes angry, as Pikachu and Tepig have to push and pull him away from Scraggy. Oshawott goes to Scraggy again, as Scraggy headbutts him to send his scalchop flying. Scraggy steps on Oshawott's scalchop, as Oshawott pulls it away from Scraggy and hits it over the head to knock Scraggy down. Scraggy gets back up while hitting Ash at the same time, and confronts Oshawott. Scraggy hits Oshawott again and Oshawott jumps back and uses Water Gun, as Scraggy pulls up its rubber pants to block the attack. Ash says that it is how Scraggy defends itself.

Scraggy looks back and sees Tepig, as he turns around and hits him with Headbutt. Ash notices that Scraggy likes to take on everyone, as Cilan says that it goes after everyone that it can get its hands on. Iris says that it does feel strong, as Cilan says that it doesn't have much effect. Tepig rubs his head, as Scraggy looks dizzy from all of the Headbutts. They notice that Scraggy has become dizzy from all of the Headbutt attacks, as Iris laughs about that. Scraggy snaps out of it and tries to Headbutt Snivy who is on a rock. Snivy dodges the attack, while Scraggy hits its head on the rock instead. Scraggy is dizzy again and tries to go after Snivy again, as she uses Vine Whip to hold Scraggy back. Scraggy trips and falls, as Snivy gives a disgusted look to it. Ash says to Scraggy that it should be enough already, as Scraggy gets up while Headbutting Ash and sending him to the ground. Scraggy glances back at Axew who is in Iris' hair, as Iris becomes nervous and Axew hides in her hair.

Meanwhile in a building, Pierce asks Team Rocket if they have the meteorite. Pierce tells them about the MT37-HS816 meeting point and says that they cannot be late, as a graph and his face are shown on the computer screen. As he signs off, James says that it is time for stage two. They locate the rendezvous point on the computer screen and say that they have a limited time to get there. As the sun sets, everyone and their Pokémon are eating dinner together. Axew looks over and sees that Scraggy isn't eating with them. Ash walks up to Scraggy and suggests that it eat with the other Pokémon, as Scraggy refuses to do so. Iris wonders what Scraggy is thinking, as Cilan suggests that maybe Scraggy is in shock of losing to Ash's other Pokémon.

At their rendezvous point, Team Rocket heads inside to meet up with Pierce. Scraggy comes out of hiding to eat the Pokémon food, as Ash is relieved that Scraggy is eating. Iris says that Scraggy should become more docile and enjoy eating with everyone, as she sets up her sleeping bag. Ash tries to return Scraggy to its Poké Ball, as Scraggy jumps away from it and hides behind a rock. Ash asks Scraggy if it doesn't want to go in, as Scraggy shakes its head to say it doesn't want to go into its Poké Ball. They think that since it just hatched, that maybe Scraggy wants to stay in the outside world a big longer. With the moon overhead, and everyone sleeping, Axew looks over and sees Scraggy still sitting on the large rock. Scraggy looks over to Axew, as Axew hides in the sleeping bag. Axew looks up again, sees that Scraggy is gone, and tells Iris about it. Iris wakes up Ash and Cilan, and tells them that Scraggy is gone.

Everyone calls out Scraggy's name, as Axew sees a trail of Scraggy's footprints and tells the others. They see a large tree where the trail leads to and heads over there, as Scraggy meanwhile is Headbutting the tree over and over. As they arrive at the tree, Ash asks Scraggy what he is doing at the tree. Scraggy turns around to answer, Galvantula appears, and Axew hides in Iris' hair as they see that it is a Galvantula that has appeared. Ash looks up Galvantula in his Pokédex. Cilan says that this is bad, as Iris says that Scraggy will be in trouble if it's stung by Galvantula's hairy stingers. Ash and Pikachu run up to save Scraggy, as Scraggy is completely terrified. Scraggy tries to Headbutt the Galvantula, as Galvantula hits it with Electro Ball and then hits it with Electroweb. Galvantula knocks Scraggy out with Poison Sting, as Ash goes to Scraggy's aid. Galvantula prepares to use Electro Ball, but Pikachu hits it with Thunderbolt. Galvantula retreats under the tree.

Ash asks Scraggy if it is okay, as Cilan says that it was hit directly by Galvantula's attacks. Scraggy tries to get up, but it is feeling the affects of paralysis. Ash asks Cilan if there is a Pokémon Center nearby, as Cilan says that there isn't any nearby. Iris says to leave it to her, and that she is going to find some medicinal plants that cure paralysis. Iris and Axew head off to find the plants. Axew finds one of the plants that they need, as Iris says that they now need to find medicinal plants that recover health. Back at where they were camping out, Ash is taking care of Scraggy, Cilan is by the fire, and Iris is mixing up the plants to make medicine for Scraggy. Scraggy continues to show pain from the paralysis. Iris walks over to Scraggy and first gives it the medicine to cure its paralysis. She spoon feeds Scraggy both medicines, as Scraggy doesn't like the bitter taste of them. Ash gives Scraggy water to wash them down, as Iris says that Scraggy just needs to rest for one night. Ash tells Scraggy to take a long rest, as Scraggy falls asleep.

Meanwhile on top of a building, Team Rocket is waiting for a helicopter to land as James uses red glowing sticks to guide the helicopter to where it is supposed to land. The helicopter lands, as Team Rocket goes inside and the helicopter takes off. Pierce tells them that they are in the Team Rocket mobile laboratory. He introduces them to Dr. Zager, as they salute him. Dr. Zager says that he doesn't want to see that, and wants the meteorite that they stole. James opens the container to show him the real Meteorite. He uses a scanner to check the validity of the Meteorite, as the results show on a graph on the computer screen. He says that there isn't any doubt that it's real, since the substance doesn't exist on this planet. Pierce nods his head to them, and they nod back. Another laser goes over the meteorite, as it glows a purple color. Dr. Zager says that it is the reaction he was hoping for, as the scanner turns off and the meteorite stops glowing. He says that he needs to analyze it further, as Pierce tells Team Rocket to her to the next location of their operation, as they say yes. Team Rocket boards the helicopter, and heads to their next destination.

The next morning, Scraggy wakes up as Ash asks Scraggy if it is feeling better and Scraggy says yes. Everyone is glad that Scraggy has recovered. Cilan asks Scraggy if it remembers what happened yesterday, as Scraggy remembers the bad things that happened with Galvantula and becomes very upset about it. Ash tells Scraggy that Iris found medicinal plants for it, and Iris says that Axew helped out as well. Ash says that they need to be grateful to everyone, as Scraggy jumps up, and runs off. Ash tells him that they are going to eat breakfast soon. Axew follows Scraggy, as Scraggy Headbutts the same tree as before. Several Galvantula come out this time, as Axew becomes nervous and goes to tells the others. Ash brings out Pidove, Snivy, Oshawott, and Tepig, and tells them that they must save Scraggy.

Back at the tree, Scraggy motions Headbutts at the Galvantula and they prepare to attack, as Pikachu hits one of them with Thunderbolt. Everyone is shown on screen at once with determination to help out. Scraggy is surprised, as the Galvantula look at the others with an angry glare. Ash tells everyone to protect Scraggy, as they help it out. One Galvantula uses Electroweb, as Pidove uses Air Cutter to destroy the attack. Another Galvantula uses Electro Ball, as Tepig uses Ember to block the attack. Oshawott uses Razor Shell to break another Electroweb, as Snivy uses Vine Whip to pull Oshawott away from a Galvantula who was about to attack. Snivy uses Leaf Storm on a Galvantula. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt on all of the Galvantula, sending them back under the tree.

Ash checks to see if Scraggy is okay, and then thanks everyone for their help. He tells Scraggy to not go under that tree again, as Cilan thinks that it tried to take revenge. Iris says that she is glad that Scraggy is safe. Ash says to Scraggy that they should all eat breakfast together now. Scraggy looks at the other Pokémon and sees them smiling, as it tears up a bit. As they are eating, Axew tries to eat next to Scraggy, but Scraggy turns away. Axew keeps trying to eat with Scraggy, and Scraggy keeps turning away. Axew gets upset, as they butt heads in anger. Iris an Ash tell them not to fight, as Cilan suggests that Scraggy would be the perfect opponents for Axew's battle practice. Ash and Iris think it's a good idea, and make sure that it's okay with Axew and Scraggy. Axew is excited about it, as they butt heads with angry faces at each other before the battle. Iris says that they both seem to be fired up, and Ash says that they should now start. Iris tells Axew to do his best, and Ash tells Scraggy not to lose.

Scraggy uses Leer, as it affects Axew and scares him. Scraggy uses Headbutt to hit Scraggy, and is also effective while making Axew lose his balance. Axew uses Scratch to land a hit on Scraggy, as he jumps up and down with excitement. Axew uses Scratch repeatedly, as all of the attacks hit Scraggy. Scraggy uses Headbutt to hit Axew, and send it hard to the ground. Axew uses Dragon Rage and Scraggy hits his mouth with Headbutt, as both attacks collide and create an explosion that knocks them both out. Ash and Iris are very surprised as Iris says nervously that Dragon Rage failed again. Cilan says that they should call it a draw for today.

Ash says that it is finally resembling a battle. Ash says to Scraggy that they should become stronger together, as Iris says to Axew that they should become stronger together by battling a lot. Cilan says that it now means that both Pokémon are worth raising, and that he is looking forward to their maturing. Ash tells Scraggy to take a long rest, while Scraggy is confused. Ash remember that he has to catch Scraggy first, as he says to bare with him from now on. Ash tosses the Poké Ball, as Scraggy jumps and lets itself inside of the Poké Ball for capture. Ash and Pikachu celebrate Scraggy's capture, as Axew is very excited about it as well.

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