Sewaddle and Burgh in Pinwheel Forest


On their way to Castelia City, Ash and his friends arrive in the Pinwheel Forest. They see the forest from a high cliff and are surprised by how deep the forest is. Cilan says that it is called the Pinwheel Forest, and that if they travel through the forest in a straight path, then they will easily be able to get through the forest. He says that if they stray away from the path, then it will become a natural maze. Ash says that they will have to be careful. Iris says that there will be no way that they get lost, and that they should leave the forest to her. Ash says that Iris is very confident in herself, as Cilan wonders if the forest will be a one-way path for them, or a maze. Ash says that they won't know until they start traveling through the forest.

As they travel through the forest, Iris remarks that it is very calming. Cilan says that the air is fresh, and that the surroundings are very calming, and that he thinks that good Pokémon grow in the forest. Ash says that it would be nice to meet new Pokémon, as a Sewaddle swings down with its String Shot to knock Pikachu over. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, while Sewaddle dodges the attack and Ash is hit with it instead. Sewaddle uses Razor Leaf, while Pikachu dodges the attack. Sewaddle uses String Shot on Pikachu's head so that it can land on top of him. Sewaddle uses Bug Bite, while Pikachu screams out in pain. Pikachu throws Sewaddle down, as Ash scans it with his Pokédex.

Cilan says that due to Sewaddle having leaf clothes, it is a highly popular mascot for many fashion designers, as Iris says that's why it's very cute. Ash says that since it it a strong battler that he should catch it, as Sewaddle wraps his body into a large ball with String Shot before he can throw the Poké Ball. Ash says that he is liking Sewaddle even more now, as the others wonder why it attacked them. Sewaddle gestures for them to battle it, as they think that it likes to battle. Pikachu uses Iron Tail to free Ash from the large ball of threads. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to send Sewaddle into a tree, as Sewaddle uses String Shot to run away from them. Sewaddle uses String Shot to move from tree to tree, as Ash gives chase.

Cilan says that they will get away from the path if they keep chasing the Sewaddle. Cilan and Iris chase after Ash and Sewaddle as well. Sewaddle continues to use String Shot to get away, as Ash continues to run after the Sewaddle. Ash trips over himself, and lands face first on the ground. Cilan and Iris catch up to Ash, as they realize that they lost sight of the Sewaddle, as Ash says that he wants to search for it. Cilan reminds him that the forest is a natural maze, and that they shouldn't follow Sewaddle too far. They decide to continue down the main pathway, but don't know where they are going. Iris has them continue to walk down the pathway that they are going, as she says that her sixth sense is what tells her that it is the correct way. Cilan is annoyed by her talk of a sixth sense, as Ash says that his sixth sense is quite reliable as well.

Iris says that she can hear the voice of the forest, but it ends up only being Ash's stomach growling. Cilan says that the only thing she heard was the bug inside of Ash's stomach. She says that she clearly heard the voice of the forest instead. She leads them further down the pathway, which only leads to a large cliff with large and tall pillars in the middle of it. They wonder how that is the voice of the forest, as Iris says that she must have been lead there to look at the scenery. Cilan says that even though they only got a bit away from the pathway, they still got lost. Iris says that they can check where they are, by looking from higher ground. Iris points them to a very large tree that they can see everything from.

They arrive at the large tree, and are shocked by how big it is. Iris climbs the tree, while Ash tries to climb the tree as well. The first time he climbs the tree, he slides back down. Ash and Iris decide to climb higher, as they look up and see what looks like a green cocoon. They tell Cilan that there is something in the tree. Burgh unwraps himself, and jumps down to where Ash and Iris are. Burgh tells them that they shouldn't be loud, since it will startle the Pokémon of the forest. They ask Burgh what he was doing in a place like this, as he says that he is living in nature like a forest Pokémon. Burgh is not sure if they will understand what he means when he talks about his pure heart. He says that he paints pictures and design clothes, and that he is an ingenious artist. He says that he has run out of ideas and inspiration, and that if he lives like a forest Pokémon then he'll be able to gain some inspiration. He says that is what he means by pure heart, and that it is needed for art.

Burgh asks them why they are in the Pinwheel Forest, as Cilan says that they got lost in the forest. Burgh says that he can lead them out of the forest, as he suggests that they enjoy life in the forest as well before they leave. Ash says that he wants to go to Castelia City to have a Gym battle, as Burgh says that they won't have one if they leave now. Burgh introduces himself as the Castelia City Gym Leader, as everyone is surprised by that. Burgh says that he isn't just an ordinary Bug Type user, but an artistic user. Ash and his friends introduce themselves to Burgh. Burgh says that the never-returning heated days of young boys and girls are wonderful, and that it is what a pure heart is all about.

Burgh grabs his notebook and pen, and tries to draw a picture, but just doesn't have enough inspiration to do it. Iris asks him why he gets the inspiration when he lives like a forest Pokémon. Pictures of the trees, Deerling by a waterfall, and a sleeping Sewaddle. He says that living like a forest Pokémon re-awakens long-forgotten feelings and makes him aware of the wonders of Mother Nature again. It allows him to become one with the forest. The same Sewaddle from before uses String Shot to swoop down and kick Ash to the ground. They realize that it's the same Sewaddle from earlier, as Ash tells Burgh that they got lost while he tried to catch it. Sewaddle jumps off onto Ash's head and then lands on Burgh's shoulder to eat some leaves from a tree. Burgh says that the Sewaddle is very head strong, but is also very cute. Burgh says that the Sewaddle is wild, and that it is the reason that he can make different discoveries when he spends time with it.

Ash says that life of the forest Pokémon sounds very interesting, as Burgh says that they have to get to know a Pokémon well before capturing it. They decide to camp out in the forest, as they are going to get to know Sewaddle a lot better. As Cilan prepares their meal, Burgh says that they should first greet the Sewaddle before getting to know it. Burgh says that the two bumps on Sewaddle's head are sensory organs and that they detect things when they come into contact with something. He says that it is why making contact with them is a way of greeting between friends. Burgh touches his forehead with Sewaddle's head first as the touch shines and they make an instant connection. Pikachu, Axew, and Iris all touch foreheads with Sewaddle and make a connection with it as well with a shine as they touch it.

Ash tries to do the same, but Sewaddle butts heads with him instead. Iris says that it is because he tried to catch Sewaddle earlier. Burgh says that butting heads is considered a greeting as well, so Ash shouldn't worry about it. Ash says that it's nice to meet Sewaddle to it, but Sewaddle turns away and moves away from them. They follow Sewaddle into the field and Sewaddle goes up to a bush, as Burgh says that it may seem like it's not doing anything, but it is doing something. Iris thinks that Sewaddle may be listening to the voice of the forest, but it eats leaves as Burgh says that it was torn about what leaves to eat. Iris is disappointed, as Sewaddle begins moving again and they wonder where it is going next.

Everyone follows Sewaddle through the middle of a field, as it wraps itself and falls asleep. Burgh says that once Sewaddle has eaten, it sleeps. Ash and Iris wonder if that means they should take an afternoon nap as well, as Burgh says that it is exactly what it means. Ash says that it feels good, Iris says that she hasn't done that in a long time. Burgh asks them what they feel when they look at the blue sky. They see a blue sky, white clouds, and nice weather. Burgh asks if they realize how big the sky really is. They see it, as Burgh says that further beyond the sky, an endless universe is expanding. Sewaddle wakes up and heads over to a bush with leaves and berries. They say that all it does is eat and sleep and eat, as Burgh says that those are the basics of living. He mentions that babies do the exact same thing.

A Woobat appears in front of them, as they realize that it was in the middle of eating as well. Iris says that Woobat is threatening Sewaddle and telling it not to come here. Ash says that they will start fighting over the berries. Woobat uses Double Team, while Sewaddle uses String Shot to get rid of the fakes. Another Woobat shows up, as they both use Air Slash and Ash jumps in to take the attacks instead of Sewaddle. Sewaddle and Pikachu jump up and prepare to attack them. Sewaddle uses Razor Leaf and Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to hit the Woobat, as they fly away afterwards. Sewaddle hands Ash an apple, but looks away afterwards as Ash thanks it for the apple.

As the sun sets, they eat their dinner, and find that it is very delicious. Cilan hands them a salad made of berries, as Burgh is surprised that Cilan knows what he likes. Iris wonders about Sewaddle, as they see that it is eating fruit in the tree. That night under a crescent moon, they sleep in the tree and look up at the stars. Ash says that he hasn't slept in a tree before, and that it has a nice taste. Burgh asks everyone what discoveries they have made so far on their journey. Burgh says that during his childhood, Bug Pokémon robbed him of his pure heart, and even though he has drawn many pictures and has had many battles since then, there are still new discoveries. He says that the Pokémon world is full of mysteries. They see a shooting star, and say that sleeping after looking at the stars is really great. Ash asks Sewaddle if it wants to sleep with them, but Sewaddle looks away as it dangles from the tree. As they are sleeping, Sewaddle jumps down and crawls into Ash's sleeping bag. Burgh comments that it is very unusual for Sewaddle to do that.

The next day everyone wakes up, as Ash realizes that Sewaddle is gone. Ash looks through the trees and sees a Patrat carrying the sleeping Sewaddle away, as Ash tells the others about it. Ash jumps down to chase after them, as Sewaddle finally wakes up and uses String Shot on a tree branch to get off of Patrat. Patrat is shocked by it, as it runs into a cave with Ash and his friends following it. Meanwhile, a wind blows Sewaddle onto a Spring Deerling, which frightens it and it runs off. As they get inside of the cave, the Patrat looks at them with a mad face and stands in front of a sick Patrat. They notice that the Patrat isn't well, as Burgh says that Patrat eat the leaves of Sewaddle to cure upset stomachs. Iris says that it means that Patrat carried Sewaddle so that it could help its sick friend. Burgh gives Patrat some medicine and it doesn't like the taste, as Burgh says that it's bitter, but it'll be better in no time. The Patrat feels better, as they thank everyone for their help.

As they exit the cave, they wonder where Sewaddle went, as they see a frantic Spring Deerling coming towards them with Sewaddle attached to it. They chase after the Deerling, as the Deerling heads towards the cliff. Ash tells Sewaddle to use String Shot on his arm, as Sewaddle uses String Shot on his arm to safely get off of the Deerling. The wind breaks the threads, as Sewaddle drops towards the water. Ash jumps after Sewaddle, as they both fall into the water. Burgh and the others chase after them, as Ash and Sewaddle continue downstream. Ash grabs Sewaddle, as they both go off the top of the waterfall. Burgh brings out Leavanny to use String Shot to save them. Leavanny uses String Shot to grab them and bring them back to the top of the cliff. Ash notices that Sewaddle's leaf clothes are a complete mess now. Burgh says that he can leave it up to them to fix it, as Ash scans Leavanny with his Pokédex.

Back in the forest, Burgh finds a large leaf for Leavanny to make leaf clothes out of. Leavanny cuts and sews the leaf with its threads and arms, and gives the leaf clothing to Sewaddle. Sewaddle is very happy about its new leaf clothes. Burgh tells Ash that the way his pure heart rescued Sewaddle despite being aware of the danger penetrated his heart. Ash says that he's exaggerating, as Cilan says that Sewaddle must feel the same way. Sewaddle rubs onto Ash's leg with affection, as Ash asks it if it wants to come with him. Ash throws his Poké Ball to capture Sewaddle and celebrates that he has a new Pokémon.

The Poké Ball shrinks and the middle button turns red, as Cilan asks if it his seventh Pokémon. Ash says yes, as Cilan tells him that is why the Poké Ball won't work. Cilan tells Ash that he has to transfer one of his Pokémon on hand, as Cilan says that there is a Pokémon Center near the exit of the forest. Ash comes out of the Pokémon Center and says that he transferred one of his Pokémon to Professor Juniper. As the sunsets, Ash brings out his Sewaddle and they finally touch each other's heads together for greeting and affection with a sparkle in the middle. Burgh says that thanks to Ash and Sewaddle, he has inspiration for his new work, as he says goodbye and heads to Castelia City. Ash stops him, as Burgh says that he'll be waiting for his challenge at the Castelia Gym.

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Ash's Pikachu Ash's Sewaddle

Iris's Axew

Burgh's Leavanny

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