A Connoisseur's Revenge!


On their way to Castelia City, Ash and his friends arrive at what looks like a newly opened Poké Mart. The Poké Mart sparkles, has decorations, signs, flowers, and a lot of people on the outside of it. Iris notices that they are having a grand opening sale, as Ash suggests that they go in to have a look. They go inside and notice that the Poké Mart is huge. Ash says that there are many type-specific Pokémon food and medicine. Cilan says that they can get most things at a regular Poké Mart, even though the place is huge. Iris arrives at a jewelry and accessories counter, as the lady at the counter offers Iris a Dragon Gem. She says that using the Dragon Gem will increase the power of Dragon Type moves only once. Iris says that she'll pass on the offer, as the woman says that she should take her time to look at the other things.

Ash continues to look around, as he sees a line to go into a booth. Cilan tells him that it's a Connoisseur shop where Pokémon Connoisseurs make compatibility diagnoses for people. He explains that they look at the compatibility between Trainer and Pokémon, and then give the Trainer advice. Ash is surprised that there are many Connoisseurs just like Cilan. Cilan tells Ash that there are ranks for Pokémon Connoisseurs. He says that if they pass the examinations of the Pokémon Connoisseur Association, they will be certified as a C-Class Pokémon Connoisseur first. He says that the other ranks are the B-Class, A-Class, and S-Class Connoisseurs. He says that to make compatibility diagnoses, they must have at least the certified A-Class rank as a Pokémon Connoisseur. He tells Ash that he is a certified A-Class Connoisseur.

Inside of the booth, a boy and his Minccino are getting evaluated. The Connaisseuse says to him that their compatibility is wonderful and that only ripened Trainers and their Pokémon give off that mellow scent, as she blushes. She tells him that Minccino is well-raised, as he thanks her and walks away. Ash is surprised that it was a woman, as Cilan says that female Connoisseurs are called Connaisseuses. Cilan suggests to Ash that he receive an evaluation as well, and that hearing a different Connoisseur's opinion would be a good reference every now and then. Ash thinks that he should get the compatibility checked between him and his newly caught Sewaddle. Cilan says that he is going to refill his Pokémon food supply. Ash stands at the back of the line, as he notices how long it is. Another Connoisseur waves for Ash from behind another curtain, as they say that they are another good Connoisseur and that he won't have to stay in line. Ash asks if they can take him right away. As Ash goes inside of the curtain, the Connaisseuse grabs him and sits him into a chair.

Ash introduces himself to her, as she introduces herself as Burgundy. Burgundy says that she may not look like it, but she is an excellent Connaisseuse that is certified by the Pokémon Connoisseur Association. She says that besides compatibilities, he can ask her about customizing Pokémon food, battle strategies, and selecting accessories. Ash says that he is on a journey to become a Pokémon Master, which is why he'd like her to check the compatibility between him and his Pokémon. Burgundy notices Pikachu and says that he is a rare Pokémon in the Unova Region, and that his scent is unusual as well. Ash tells her that she doesn't need to check the compatibility with his Pikachu, since he already knows that it's perfect.

Ash brings out Sewaddle to have Burgundy evaluate it. She says that she'll evaluate immediately, as she does her Tasting Time ritual. She takes many pictures of Sewaddle, as she says that the compatibility between them is terrible. She explains that this Sewaddle's ability is Swarm, but Ash would be more compatible with a Sewaddle that has the ability Chlorophyll. She yells at Ash for doubting the words of a Pokémon Connaisseuse certified by the Pokémon Connoisseur Association. She says that Bug Type Pokémon are lying in masses everywhere, and that he should do as she says and go get a new one. Ash says no way, as his angry Sewaddle hits Burgundy with String Shot and wraps it around her head. Ash is shocked, as he returns Sewaddle to its Poké Ball. Burgundy rips off the threads, breathes in and out heavily, and says that bugs will always be bugs.

She says that by the looks of things, Ash doesn't have any good Pokémon. She says that she wants to see Ash's other Pokémon as well. Ash says that it's fine, as he tries to walk away. Burgundy stops Ash, and asks him if he really wants to become a Pokémon Master. She says that he'll never be one if he doesn't have the proper compatibility with his Pokémon checked properly. Ash decides to give in, as he brings out his Snivy. Burgundy says that Snivy smells spicy like black pepper and is too strong. She says that her glare is too sharp which is a negative as well, which upsets Snivy. Burgundy tries to use her tongue to lick and taste Snivy, as Snivy uses Vine Whip to slap her tongue. Burgundy says that Snivy's texture is also a negative and that she is no good, as Ash says that it isn't true.

Ash brings out Tepig to be evaluated next, as Burgundy has an annoyed look on her face. Tepig smiles at the annoyed Burgundy, as they keep doing that back and forth. Tepig turns his head to smile, as Burgundy says that he is hopeless. Burgundy says that Tepig smiles too much, and that it is too naive and not suitable for battles. She says that she can tell without having to taste him, as Tepig uses Ember to burn her face. Oshawott comes out of his Poké Ball on his own, rubs on Burgundy's leg, and looks up to her with one eye open. Burgundy says that Oshawott has a bad attitude, being cozy to get a good evaluation. She says that he smells of aging men and that he isn't worth discussing, as Oshawott hits her in the head with Water Gun.

Scraggy is the next Pokémon brought out, as she says that he smells like tanned leather. Scraggy pulls up his rubber pants, as Burgundy has a disgusted look on her face and says that he is being rude. Scraggy hits Burgundy in the head with Headbutt, as she says that his Headbutt is so sharp that it paralyzes her tongue. Ash doesn't really understand what Burgundy is saying, as he reminds her that she said that Pikachu is rare and that it has an unusual scent. Burgundy says that rare doesn't mean good, as she says that Pikachu doesn't look as cute as it does on the photographs. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt on her, as she says that his Pokémon are all horrible and that he must replace all of his Pokémon with new ones. Ash says that he refuses to accept that, as Burgundy asks if he is really okay with it. She says that collecting all of the badges, entering the Unova League and becoming a Pokémon Master will be impossible. Burgundy was throwing a temper tantrum as she was yelling at Ash. Ash nervously asks why, as Burgundy say that being a Pokémon Connaisseuse means that she isn't wrong about what she is saying.

Cilan and Iris enter the booth, as Cilan says he was wondering where he was since he wasn't there when he returned. Burgundy turns around and angrily points at Cilan, as Ash asks if Cilan knows her. Cilan says yes, and that she came to the Striaton Gym for a Gym match, but she lost the battle against him. Burgundy says that she has waited a long time to take revenge on Cilan, and that she will definitely take revenge on him today. She explains that losing alone was bad enough, but he criticized her Pokémon by using some righteous words together. Cilan says that it's what he does as a Pokémon Connoisseur. In her version of a flashback of what he said after their battle, he angrily tells her that her Pokémon must have been kept in an extremely terrible environment, they are simply poor, and that they should wash their faces and try again, as Burgundy holds a knocked out Oshawott and is very scared. Cilan says that he never told her that, as Burgundy says that he said something similar to it.

She says that she was so frustrated, that she decided to become a better Pokémon Connoisseur than him, and defeat him badly at a tasting. She says that in order to get the qualifications, she had to take the exams first, and became an excellent Connaisseuse certified by the Pokémon Connoisseur Association. As she was saying that, flashbacks of her in a classroom studying, taking the exam, and holding up her certification were being shown. When she went back to the Striaton Gym for her revenge, but Chili and Cress told her that Cilan had started traveling and was not at the Gym. Burgundy was crushed and furious, as her eyes turned red and flames pictured around her when she said Cilan had heard that she was coming back for revenge and ran away.

Cilan says that he didn't run away. He says that even though she had followed him all of the way to where they are now, since it isn't the Gym, they cannot battle for a badge. Burgundy shows them her Trio Badge and says that she won it from Chili. She says that her dream is to defeat Cilan to become a top rank Connaisseuse, and then to become famous and open up her own Connaisseuse shop. Her eyes shined and sparkled as she was saying that. Ash asks if the booth is her Connaisseuse shop, as she sweats nervously. Cilan asks her what class that she belongs to, as she embarrassingly admits that she is only a C-Class Connaisseuse. Cilan says that C-Class is just a novice class, and that they are only allowed to work as assistants for Connaisseuses who are A-Class or S-Class.

Ash angrily says that everything Burgundy said about his Pokémon and that he was incompetent, was all nonsense. Burgundy says that no matter who looks at Ash, they will say the exact same thing about him and his Pokémon. She says that he must replace all of his Pokémon right away. Cilan says that there is no need for it, since he believes that Ash has a close relationship with his Pokémon. He says that there is something wrong with her tasting, which angers her. Cilan says that the compatibility between a Trainer and their Pokémon is a profound matter, and that she can't make accurate tastings by following a manual with her decisions. Burgundy says that she will prove to him that her skills are superior to his in battle, as Cilan accepts her challenge.

They decide to have a two-on-two Pokémon battle. Ash is excited about seeing a Connoisseur showdown for the first time. Iris is disgusted, as she says that she has a feeling that the battle is going to be a pain. Burgundy brings out her Dewott, as Cilan comments that it has evolved since their Gym battle. Iris and Ash think that Cilan will definitely choose Pansage to battle Dwebble since it has a type advantage over Dewott. Cilan brings out his Dwebble for the battle, as Burgundy does her it's Tasting Time ritual. She notices that he sent out the Bug/Rock Type Dwebble to go up against the Water Type Dewott, and asks if his skills have worsened. Cilan does his it's Tasting Time ritual next. He says that she shouldn't say that, and he will first do a host testing of her Pokémon.

Burgundy says that by defeating him, she will prove that her tasting of Ash was correct, as Cilan says that he will not let that happen. Burgundy has Cilan promise that if she wins, then he will let her replace all of Ash's Pokémon. Ash asks her why, since he is not involved with the battle. Burgundy says that Cilan said that Ash and his Pokémon have a close relationship, but her tasting revealed that the compatibility between Ash and his Pokémon is the worst of the worst. Ash says that it is absurd, and tells Cilan to say something about it.

Cilan accepts her challenge, as he says that as an A-Class Connoisseur, that if he loses then he will be responsible for making sure that Ash replaces all of his Pokémon. Ash yells at Cilan to not make promises without asking him first. Cilan says to not worry, since there is no such thing as a wrong diagnosis on an A-Class Connoisseur's list, as lightning strikes behind him. Ash and Iris look very nervous, as Iris says that Cilan's personality changes during Tasting Time. Ash is worried about what will happen if Cilan loses, as Iris says that she is sure Cilan has a plan. Burgundy says that the flavor of her Pokémon isn't light, and that she'll show him the power of ripened Pokémon.

Dewott uses Water Gun, as Dwebble withdraws into its shell and uses Protect to block the attack. Dewott uses Fury Cutter repeatedly and Dwebble uses Protect to block the attacks, as Iris says that all they are doing is using Protect. Ash thinks that maybe a Bug/Rock type like Dwebble doesn't stand a chance against a Water Type like Dewott. Iris wonders what Cilan is thinking, as Dewott stops attacking with Fury Cutter and Dwebble comes out of its shell. Burgundy says that Cilan is just protecting, and that as an A-Class Connoisseur, his tactic is too simple. She knew that for Dwebble, Dewott would be a terrible match for it and that they should finish it with the next attack.

Dewott hits Dwebble with Water Pulse, as it hits the ground but is still able to get back up, which surprises Burgundy. Cilan explains that Dwebble's ability is Sturdy and can't be KO'd by one hit, as Ash and Iris notice that Dewott is worn out from attacking repeatedly. Cilan says that now it's time for Dwebble to really shine. Dwebble uses Shell Smash and then X-Scissor, as Dewott uses Razor Shell. Both Pokémon land on the ground, as Dwebble is perfectly fine, but Dewott is dizzy and faints to the ground. Cilan wins the first round of the match. Iris says that Dwebble may have gotten rid of its protection, but its Attack power increased.

Cilan says that he predicted that with Dwebble's Sturdy Ability, it would be able to endure Water Type attacks which is why it was sent out to face Dewott. He says that Pokémon are very profound, which is why the manual can't be used for tastings. Burgundy says that he went with a disadvantage just to teach her that, as Cilan says that she doesn't seem to understand the essence of tastings yet. Cilan says that Connoisseurs don't just reject, but they find out each Pokémon's personality and then make use of it. She shakes angrily and says that the battle isn't over yet, as she brings out a Spring Sawsbuck. Ash scans Sawsbuck with his Pokédex. Burgundy says that Sawsbuck is her vintage, and asks what Cilan will taste with next. Cilan returns Dwebble to its Poké Ball, and sends out his vintage Pansage. He says that he can sense the scent of simple earth and powerful potential in her battling, but after examining it, it will still take a long time to ripen. Burgundy says that Cilan's tasting is very annoying.

Sawsbuck uses Horn Leech, while Pansage uses Dig to avoid the attack and force Sawsbuck to stop in its tracks. Burgundy says that the secret scent hidden deep within a rich taste, and wonders what Cilan is thinking. Cilan tells her that today he is going to make her taste the profoundness of Pokémon battles more thoroughly. Pansage jumps out of the ground behind Sawsbuck and Sawsbuck uses Jump Kick, as Pansage dodges the attack to go underground. Pansage comes out of the ground and uses Bullet Seed repeatedly to hit Sawsbuck. With a smirk on his face, Cilan says that whether in front or behind, dazzling the opponent with a complex scent is another flavor of Pokémon battles. As Pansage is coming out of the ground, Sawsbuck charges in with Megahorn. Cilan says that the next thing they do, is to deal the finishing blow with a powerful flavor. As Sawsbuck continues to charge in with Megahorn, Pansage uses Solarbeam to knock it out. Cilan says that he won, just before Sawsbuck collapsed on the ground. Cilan wins the match.

Burgundy runs up to her Sawsbuck to make sure it is okay, before she returns it to its Poké Ball. Ash is relieved, as he says that Cilan is very strong, as Iris says that it is nice that Ash doesn't have to replace all of his Pokémon. As the sun sets and Burgundy is walking away, Cilan says that she has a lot of hidden potential, and that her talent hasn't fully revealed itself yet. He says that if she spends more time letting it ripen, as Burgundy says that his Tasting Time is making her mad. She says that she will definitely become an S-Class Connoisseur and defeat him in a battle, as Cilan says that he is looking forward to it.

Burgundy throws a temper tantrum as she says that she will have her revenge on him no matter what and runs away from everybody down the road. Ash says that she seemed to be very frustrated, as Cilan says that even the examinations for the C-Class Connoisseurs are very difficult to pass. He says that maybe her motivation is admirable, as Ash tells Pikachu that they should do their best at Gym matches, with the same motivation as Burgundy. Ash and his friends continue their journey to Castelia City

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