The Lost World of Gothitelle!


Ash and his friends continue their journey to Castelia City, as Cilan checks a map and sees that they are coming to a bridge that will lead them to Castelia City. Cilan explains that it is the Skyarrow Bridge, and is the largest bridge in the Unova Region. Iris is excited, as she says that the view from it must be amazing. Cilan says that after crossing it, they will be in Castelia City. Ash is excited, as he says that they should cross it right away. As they walk up to the bridge, they notice how large it is and that they can see Castelia City on the other side. Ash says that he is going to call Professor Juniper before they cross the bridge. He runs over to the Poké Mart, as he sees a woman named Sally in front of the Poké Mart. Ash tells her to go in before him. Ash is embarrassed, as Iris calls him a child.

Inside of the Poké Mart, Ash tells Professor Juniper that he has caught a Sewaddle. She asks Ash if he wants to transfer the Sewaddle since she finished the analysis on the Pidove that he sent earlier. Ash sends over Sewaddle to Professor Juniper, and she sends Pidove back to him. They look over to another part of the Poké Mart, and see the woman that Ash ran into earlier. They walk over to her, as they see pictures of a boat crossing the river when the bridge wasn't finished yet. Sally tells them that the boat is called a water taxi, and it used to run across the river. Iris asks her if she lives around the neighborhood, as Sally says no and leaves the Poké Mart. Ash says that they need to get going as well, as they leave the Poké Mart and head towards the bridge.

As they head outside, a fog surrounds the area, as Officer Jenny shows up on a motorcycle. They see Officer Jenny, as she notices that the fog has come through again. She tells them that the bridge used to be well-known for its fog. She brings out Swanna, as Ash scans it with his Pokédex. Swanna uses Defog to try and get rid of the fog, but it won't clear. A car drives by, as she yells that they can't cross the bridge until the fog clears. Officer Jenny and Swanna chase after the car, as Ash and his friends laugh about it. They wonder what to do, as Ash says that with Castelia City on the other side of the bridge, they just can't stand around and wait.

They begin to cross the bridge, as Iris notices that the fog has expanded and grown heavier. Ash says that he can't see anything up ahead of them. Iris tells Axew not to get separated from her, as a Psybeam hits in front of them from nowhere. They look up and see a Gothitelle above them, as Ash scans Gothitelle with his Pokédex. Gothitelle gestures that they cannot go any further, as Ash tells it that they are just trying to get across the bridge. Gothitelle shakes its head no, and almost hits them with a Psybeam attack. Ash says that he's going to do whatever it takes to let them cross the bridge. Ash brings out Snivy to battle Gothitelle.

Snivy uses Leaf Blade, as Gothitelle blocks the attack with Protect. Gothitelle uses Psybeam and Snivy uses Leaf Storm, as both attacks collide and create a bright white light. As the light shines bright, the ground disappears and they fall down. Ash returns Snivy to her Poké Ball, as they wonder what just happened to them. Iris says that she only remembers being in a place surrounded by light. They look up at the bridge and see that it is still being built. Ash wonders where the are, as a young girl asks them if they are passengers that will be riding the water taxi. She says that it is the only way to get across the bridge. They are confused, as Cilan says that they should board the water taxi, since it may lead them to clues as to why they are there.

They are given a pass by the girl, as she thanks them and waves to Gothitelle. She tells Gothitelle that they are passengers too, and to guide them. The Gothitelle turns around and looks very happy, as Iris wonders if it's the same Gothitelle from before. Cilan notices that Gothitelle's appearance is very different, as Ash says that they have no choice but to go onto the boat. Gothitelle uses Psychic to dislodge the rope from the holder so that the boat can move away from shore. The girl tells the captain that everything is ready for them to leave, as the captain tells everyone that they are now departing.

The girl walks by Ash and his friends, and offers drinks and Sweets to them. Everyone enjoys the food that she offered them. Iris asks her if she made them, as the girl says yes. One of the ladies asks if the boat will be closed down soon, as another woman says that it is sad that it has to happen. The Captain says that it is inevitable that it will happen. Cilan says that he has no more doubts that the bridge they are passing is the Sky Arrow Bridge. Iris mentions that the bridge is still under construction, as Cilan says that they've been wandering in a world that was before the bridge was built. Iris asks if they went through a time-slip to make their way to the past. Cilan says that he is very confused about everything. The girl and Gothitelle begin to eat the snacks as well. They make their way onto land, as the girl thanks them for riding the water taxi.

Ash and his friends look around, and realize that they are back where they started. Cilan wonders if they are in a sealed world, as he explains that no matter how many times they make their way across in the water taxi, they will always end up back where they started. They sit down on a hill, and wonder what they are going to do. While Gothitelle is sweeping, the girl tells her that they need to restock the juices for the next trip. Gothitelle uses Psychic to open the doors and let three boxes of juices out onto the cart. The girl and Gothitelle run around with the cart, as they bring it to the water taxi. Cilan suggests that they find out what they can about Gothitelle.

Ash and his friends go up to Gothitelle and the girl, as she remembers them from before. They introduce themselves to her, as she introduces herself as Sally and her introduces her Gothitelle as well. Cilan says that it is great that Sally is helping out with the water taxi. Sally says that the captain is her father, so she enjoys helping out. Cilan says that they heard that the Water Taxi is closing down, so they decided that they want to ride it again. Sally says that they are doing it because of what a previous passenger said. Ash asks her if the Gothitelle is her Pokémon, as Sally says no and that Gothitelle is a wild Pokémon that lives in the neighborhood. She says that Gothitelle like to come out and help her out sometimes. She says that they make a great combination, as they hug each other. She says that they have work to do, as they head off. Ash and friends noticed that Gothitelle looks like a strange woman. Gothitelle and Sally are cleaning up the water taxi, as Iris says that Gothitelle looks like it would be fun to play with.

Cilan wonders if the world they are in was created by Gothitelle. Cilan says that Gothitelle has the power to distort space, and it seems that they have entered that world. Cilan remembers that Swanna was unable to use Defog when they were at the bridge, which could mean that Gothitelle has been doing that from the very beginning. Ash says that soon the water taxi will be out of business, and that Gothitelle and Sally will soon be separated. Cilan says that he is convinced that they are in a world of memory that has been created by Gothitelle. He explains that in this world, Gothitelle and Sally are together is when they were having the most fun. He says that like humans, Pokémon make memories that they spend with their Trainers, ones that they cherish and love. As they see Sally and Gothitelle talking to the captain, they wonder if where they are at is one of Gothitelle's memories and believe it must be a big deal to it. Cilan says that they still have many things to still find out first. Gothitelle waves goodbye to Sally and her father, and sets off.

Ash and his friends chase after Gothitelle into the fog. They follow Gothitelle to the same point on the bridge that they were before, and Cilan asks it if they are in a world created by its memories. They say that they have wandered into its memories. Ash says they want to return to their world. Iris says that it's a good world, but asks that Gothitelle tell them how to get out of it. Ash says that they don't belong in this world. Gothitelle uses Psybeam, as it almost hits them. Gothitelle uses Psybeam again, and almost hits Ash and Pikachu. Cilan tells Ash that if he battles Gothitelle, it might give them a clue of how to get out of here.

Ash brings out Snivy to battle. Gothitelle keeps using Psybeam, as Snivy dodges the attacks. Snivy uses Vine Whip, while Gothitelle uses Protect to block the attack. Snivy uses Leaf Blade, while Gothitelle uses Double Team to dodge the attack. Snivy is confused as to who the real Gothitelle is, as Gothitelle uses Psybeam to hit Snivy in the from behind. Cilan says that it's trying to protect its world of memories. Snivy uses Leaf Storm, while Gothitelle uses Protect to block the attack. Snivy uses Leaf Blade and Gothitelle uses Psybeam, as both attacks collide. Gothitelle uses Psychic to lift several items on the bridge, and is ready to attack everyone when Sally shows up. Sally asks Gothitelle if it remembers her. Gothitelle turns around and is surprised to see Sally, as Ash and his friends recognize her as the girl from the water taxi.

Flashbacks of young Sally waving, Gothitelle and young Sally hugging, Gothitelle and young Sally sweeping the deck, and young Sally's smiling face are shown. Sally says that she has somehow entered the world of Gothitelle's memories as well. She says while she was walking through the fog on Skyarrow Bridge, she wandered inside of Gothitelle's memories. Flashbacks of The opening ceremony of the bridge with the ribbon cutting, the water taxi crossing at night, the captain saying that it will be their last trip, arriving on the other side with Sally giving the captain a bouquet of flowers, Gothitelle crying about it being the end, and them leaving the bridge together were all shown. Sally says that after they left, they went to move in with her uncle who owns a factory. Sally says that she dreamed of becoming a doctor, so she transferred to a boarding school. She says that she found out later that Gothitelle had wandered off, which is why she came back to the bridge. She says to Gothitelle that she has what it takes to become a doctor. She says that she has to start her medical training, where she will be able to make her way around hospitals. She says that she is hoping to find one near the bridge, and that her childhood memories are very important to her.

More flashback are shown of their trips with the water taxi, giving tickets to passengers, and giving food and drinks to them as well. She says that it meant nothing to other people, but they are precious and wonderful memories to her. Sally says that she had thought about Gothitelle, and the life they had before the bridge was finished. She tells her that they can't return to the past, Gothitelle wipes away Sally's tears, as they both smile at each other. The fog gets thicker and surrounds them, as they return to the present time.

When the fog clears, they realize that the bridge is complete and that they returned to their own world. Sally sees Gothitelle on top of the bridge, and asks it that if she comes, will she see Gothitelle again. Gothitelle says yes, as the fog surrounds it and Gothitelle disappears. Cilan asks if Gothitelle said goodbye to the memory world. Cilan says that seeing Sally all grown up had an impact on Gothitelle. He says that Gothitelle understands how important it is for both of them to hold onto those memories. Iris says that Gothitelle seemed very happy.

Officer Jenny shows up, and notices that the fog has cleared up. Officer Jenny asks them if anything happened, and they didn't really want to tell her. Officer Jenny says that the bridge is now open to cars again. She drives away, as Ash says that they should cross the bridge now. Sally says that below is where the water taxi used to sail through. Sally thanks them for their help, as Iris says that they were glad that they went back in time to when the bridge wasn't finished yet. Sally says that she had fun seeing all of those wonderful memories, and that the memories seem to be hidden in the deep illusion fog. Cilan wishes Sally luck with her career, as they say goodbye to her and she heads off. Iris says to Axew that they should share a lot of fun memories together. Ash says the same thing to Pikachu. Ash and his friends continue their journey on the Skyarrow Bridge and to Castelia City.

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