Emolga the Irresistible!


As the episode begins, three Patrat are on a branch in an apple tree. They jump up and down on the branch to make apples fall from the tree. They get down from the tree and are happy with having apples now. An Emolga watches from a nearby tree, and with a sneaky grin plans to go after those apples. Emolga pretends to fall from the tree, and that it's hurt from falling. A Patrat checks on Emolga, as it uses Attract to make the Patrat infatuated. The infatuated Patrat gives Emolga the apple. The other two Patrat are stunned by that, as Emolga uses Attract on them as well. The two Patrat give Emolga the apples, as Emolga holds and keeps them in its mouth. Emolga runs off, as the three Patrat break out of Attract and are shocked to find that their apples are gone. The Patrat are very upset about losing their apples, as Emolga sits nearby eating them and grins.

After earning the Insect Badge at the Castelia Gym, Ash and his friends meet with Bianca again and are having lunch in a grassy area. After eating lunch, everyone compliments Cilan on the meal that he made. Iris says that if Cilan's cooking is the best, then her desserts are first rate. Iris offers everyone apples for dessert, as Bianca says that they are only just picked. Bianca says that desserts should have fluffy whipped cream, a decoration of elegance and grace, and a topping of a sweet chocolate coating. Iris says that she thought that apples were good desserts to begin with. As Ash and Pikachu are stretching, Oshawott comes out of his Poké Ball to eat an apple.

Iris tosses Axew an apple, but it rolls away with Axew chasing after it. The Emolga from before flies down and picks it up, as Ash, Iris, and Axew catch up to it. Ash looks up Emolga in his Pokédex. Emolga sees the apples that Iris is holding in her hands on a plate, and thinks that if it gave Axew the apple back, then iris would give the apples to it. Emolga grins and acts cute in front of the other Pokémon as they are blushing about its cuteness, and gives Axew the apple back. Emolga pats Axew on the head, as they are both happy about meeting each other. Iris offers Emolga some apples while Emolga is very happy.

Bianca runs up to Emolga and gives it a big hug. Bianca says that she will make Emolga her Pokémon. Ash tells Bianca that Emolga doesn't seem to like her very much. Iris says to Bianca that she should battle first if she wants to catch Emolga. Bianca brings out Minccino to battle Emolga. Minccino uses DoubleSlap, while Emolga dodges the attack and Bianca says that she won't let Emolga get away. Minccino hits Emolga with Hyper Voice. Minccino tries to go after Emolga with Tickle, but it uses Discharge to hit everyone. Oshawott is very happy to get hit by Emolga's Discharge. Minccino wipes the dust off its body after being hit by the attack. Bianca says that they have to restrict Emolga's movements. Minccino uses Attract, but Emolga also uses Attract as both attacks collide with each other. Everyone is shocked that Emolga can also use Attract. Emolga's Attract breaks through to surround Minccino, but Oshawott pushes him away and takes the attack instead to become infatuated. Oshawott moves closer to Emolga, as Ash returns him to his Poké Ball.

Emolga flies into a tree, as Bianca tries to follow her. Bianca returns Minccino to his Poké Ball, and Axew grabs a few apples, as they go after Emolga. Iris, Ash, and Cilan also go after them. Bianca and Axew lose sight of her, as Axew says to Iris that he wants to give Emolga some apples. Ash remembers that Emolga was unable to eat any apples, since Bianca went after her. Bianca says that it was because she was so full and hyped that she wanted to catch Emolga. Everyone continues their pursuit of Emolga, as Iris jumps through the trees to find her, and Bianca is upset about that. Emolga lands on a branch of a tree, and sees some apples hanging from it. She remembers how nice Iris was, offering apples to eat. She envisions Bianca and Minccino being very mean and going after her, as she angrily grabs and eats the apples.

Iris continues to search for Emolga, as she swings on a vine. Cilan and Ash see Bianca and the ground and out of breath, as they ask if she's okay. Ash tells her that she should just give up, as she says that she'll catch her no matter what and that she won't give up that easily. She continues to run and go after Emolga. Cilan says that she is showing a hot-headed and exciting taste. Iris continues to search for Emolga, as she says that Emolga are said to live in the woods. She sees an apple peel on the ground, and then sees Emolga in a tree. Axew tosses an apple to Emolga, as Iris says that they want her to eat it and that Axew really likes her. Emolga envisions them playing together, and Iris giving her more apples to eat. Emolga was about to eat the apple that was given as a gift, when Bianca runs up to them and brings out her Minccino.

Minccino uses DoubleSlap, as it hits Emolga. Emolga uses Volt Switch to knock out Minccino. Emolga jumps on top of Bianca's head, and flies passed the tall grass. Axew and Iris follow Emolga, as Bianca is frustrated that they lost again. Ash and Cilan have finally caught up with Bianca again. As Emolga is flying away, Axew grabs onto her and they head down a mountain. Iris catches them and they land on a smooth rock, but it breaks and they keep sliding down the mountain and run right into a tree. They end up in the middle of the woods. They get up and wonder where they are, as several white eyes peer through the woods. They are frightened by the peering white eyes. The Pokémon reveal themselves as Swoobat, as Iris realizes that they are in their nest area. The Swoobat use Round on them, as Iris apologizes to them and asks them to stop. Emolga uses Discharge on the Swoobat, as Iris, Emolga, and Axew get away from them.

Meanwhile Cilan notices that they've gone down to the bottom of the mountain and deep into the forest. They realize that it is reckless and dangerous if they go down there. Bianca says that they are not going to wait for them at the top of the mountain, and that she'll catch Emolga no matter what. Bianca jumps onto a large leaf, and slides down the mountain. Iris says that it's true that Emolga saved them, but she didn't want to end up in the situation that they are in now. They find a lake, and decide to take a break. Emolga drinks some of the water, as Axew splashes her with the water without realizing it. Emolga almost yells at Axew for doing that, but controls herself. Emolga uses Hidden Power to create a small wave at the surface of the water. Axew claps for Emolga afterwards, which surprises Emolga. Emolga uses Hidden Power again, and sends three orbs into the water to create small waves on the surface. Axew is very happy to see her do that. Emolga uses a full-powered Hidden Power, causing a big wave on the surface on the lake and splashing up water. Iris says that it was too much.

Several white glowing eyes appear through the bushes, as Iris wonders if they are the same Pokémon from before. The Swoobat fly up and come to attack them. Emolga uses Discharge to shock them all, which allows them to run away. The Swoobat chase after Iris, Axew, and Emolga. Meanwhile in the woods, Ash and his friends see a bush shaking as Bianca thinks it is Emolga. Cilan says that it is a large Pokémon, but Bianca is sure that it's her. Bianca brings out Pignite to attack. Pignite uses Flamethrower on the bush, as a Scolipede is revealed and cries in pain from the attack. Scolipede breaks through the flames, and with fiery anger chases everyone.

Iris, Axew, and Emolga are chased all of the way to a mountainous area. They are hiding behind a large rock, shocked that they were chased all of the way there. Iris suggests that they wait until the Swoobat pass them by. Axew and Emolga both gesture an "oh well", as they laugh that they did that at the same time. Pikachu hides behind a bush, and Ash and his friends hide behind trees, as the Scolipede passes them by. Ash comments that they barely were able to escape. Further into the forest, the see a tree shaking and Bianca is sure that it's an Emolga this time. Cilan and Ash have their doubts, and think that it is shaking too much for it to be Emolga. Bianca tells them to watch, as she brings out Minccino to attack. Minccino uses Hyper Voice with everyone covering their ears. A Galvantula is revealed, as it uses it fiery anger to shock them with Thunderbolt. After shocking them, Galvantula walks away.

Meanwhile back at the mountainous area, the Swoobat are planning to draw out Iris and the other Pokémon, as Iris notices that they are still there. The Swoobat form lines with a leader in front, and use Round which hurts their ears. They come out from the hiding space, as the Swoobat are ready to attack. The Swoobat use Charge Beam, as Iris and the others dodge the attacks. Iris says that they have no choice but to battle them. Emolga sends three orbs of Hidden Power to create shock waves in front of the Swoobat. Iris brings out her Excadrill, but it is still in its drill mode, as she says that it is hopeless. The Swoobat look at them with angry faces, as Emolga swoops down to use Attract on them to make them infatuated, but only some of the Swoobat are affected. Iris remembers that it doesn't work on the females. Excadrill breaks out of its drill mode position and is also infatuated after the attack. Iris wonders why Emolga used Attract on Excadrill as well, as she returns Excadrill to his Poké Ball.

Bianca angrily keeps searching for Emolga with Ash and Cilan, as Ash suggests that she should apologize for disturbing the Scolipede and Galvantula. Ash and his friends see a Discharge attack in the distance, as Bianca thinks that it is Galvantula using it. Bianca says they should ignore it, but Ash and Cilan realize that it's Emolga's Discharge instead. Emolga's Discharge hits everyone, as the Swoobat who were infatuated no longer are. The Swoobat use Round again and Pikachu hits them with Thunderbolt, as Ash and his friends finally arrive to help Iris and the others. Bianca tries to grab Emolga, but she jumps onto a different rock to get away from her. Ash scans the Swoobat with his Pokédex. Ash says to leave the rest to them and wants to use Pikachu, as Oshawott pops out of his Poké Ball. Oshawott displays his scalchop and winks at Emolga, as a Swoobat shocks him with Charge Beam. Ash returns Oshawott to his Poké Ball. The Swoobat use Round, as Cilan explains that since they are a full flock, the power of Round dramatically increases. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to shock them, and Emolga uses Hidden Power to send them backwards as they fly away.

Everyone is relieved that they are safe, as Emolga shocks them with Discharge in celebration. Ash says that he has had enough of the Discharge attack. As the sun sets and they walk back to wear they were eating and battling before, Bianca is disappointed that she didn't get to catch Emolga. Ash asks her if she is glad, since should would have be afflicted with the Discharge that she uses. Bianca says that Ash is right, and decides to give up on catching her. Cilan has a plate of apples to give to them, as Emolga notices the apples. They can hardly wait to eat more of Cilan's cooking. Emolga flies into Iris' arms, as Ash comments that Emolga must like Iris and Axew. Emolga is placed on the table, as Iris catches her with the Poké Ball without any difficulty. Bianca is biting a napkin and is upset to see Iris catching Emolga, as she is surprised that Iris isn't battling her. Iris and Axew celebrate that they have an Emolga now.

Special Thanks to Gaylen50 for writing these for us





Ash's Pikachu Ash's Oshawott

Iris's Excadrill Iris's Emolga Iris's Axew

Bianca's Pignite Bianca's Minccino

Wild's Patrat Wild's Swoobat Wild's Scolipede Wild's Emolga Wild's Galvantula