Oshawott's Lost Scalchop!


On their way to Nimbasa City, Ash and his friends meet a Pokémon Trainer named Stephan, who Ash decides to have a Pokémon battle with. Stephan introduces himself, as he says that he only recently started traveling but is fully motivated. He challenges Ash to a Pokémon battle, as Ash accepts the challenge. Ash pronounces Stephan's name wrong, as Stephan tells him that but lets it go. Stephan brings out Blitzle to battle, as Ash scans it with his Pokédex. Iris says that since it is an Electric Type, a Grass Type like Snivy, or an Electric Type like Pikachu is the way Ash should go. Cilan says that Blitzle can learn many different moves, so Ash has to be careful.

Ash decides to go with Pikachu, but Oshawott comes out of his Poké Ball, pushes Pikachu out of the way, and says that he wants to battle instead. Ash notices that Oshawott thinks that he'll be okay because of his scalchop. Ash decides to choose Oshawott as the Pokémon he wants to battle with. Stephan notices that Ash sent out a Water Type, even though he knows that it is at a disadvantage to his Electric Type. Stephan thinks that Ash is underestimating him, as he says that he will defeat Ash with all his might.

Blitzle uses Shock Wave, while Oshawott uses his scalchop to deflect the attack. Blitzle and Stephan are shocked that he was able to deflect Shock Wave. Iris comments that Oshawott defends itself against Electric attacks perfectly with his scalchop, as Cilan says that he is a ripened user of the scalchop. Stephan says that Shock Wave may not work, but Blitzle does have other moves. Blitzle uses Flame Charge, while Oshawott tries to use Aqua Jet. Oshawott's Aqua Jet misses, as he keeps moving in different directions. Ash keeps asking where he is going, and telling him to aim at Blitzle properly. Eventually Oshawott runs into a large rock which makes him dizzy, as Ash says that it was another failure. Iris says that Aqua Jet has power, but no control as Cilan says that it has a strange taste.

Oshawott uses Razor Shell and Blitzle uses Double Kick, as the Double Kick sends the scalchop flying away from them. Oshawott frantically goes after his scalchop, as Stephan asks Ash if it is a forfeit. Ash tells Stephan to wait for them, and that he will go get the scalchop and Oshawott and come back to finish the battle. Ash runs after Oshawott, as Stephan is frustrated that both of them left in the middle of the battle. Cilan mentions that it's an unusual case, since the schalchop is a part of Oshawott's body, and that it can't be called a match forfeit just because he went to search for it.. Stephan throws a little fit about it, as Iris says that they should be back eventually. She hears Ash searching, and nervously says that she doesn't know when they'll be back. Stephan says that he has other things to do, as Cilan suggests that they start the battle over from scratch tomorrow. Stephan agrees to start the battle over for the next morning, and says that he'll be camping nearby.

Oshawott continues searching in the grass, as he notices a shiny object on the ground and thinks that its his scalchop. He picks it up only to find that it is a bottle cap, as he throws it on the ground and looks very sad. Ash shows up and asks Oshawott if he has found it yet, as Oshawott sadly tells him no. Ash tells Oshawott that they should search for it together, as Oshawott is very happy about that. Ash sees a shiny object in the grass, and thinks that it may be Oshawott's scalchop. Oshawott picks up the object and puts it on his chest, but it is a Joltik he put on himself. Joltik shocks Oshawott with Thunder Wave. Oshawott runs around as he is being shocked by Joltik, while Ash tells Pikachu to use Iron Tail to get Joltik off of him. Pikachu uses Iron Tail to free Oshawott from the Joltik's grip, as Ash scans Joltik with his Pokédex.

Oshawott looks sad that they haven't found his scalchop yet, as Ash tells him to cheer up and that they should continue looking for the scalchop together. Oshawott is very happy about that, as Iris and Cilan finally catch up to them. Cilan asks Ash if they have found the scalchop yet, as Ash says no and asks where Stephan is. Iris says that he went back to his camp, and that they will have a rematch tomorrow morning. Cilan wonders how they will be able to battle with Oshawott not having his scalchop. Oshawott is worried about that as well. Iris has an idea, as she runs over to a tree that has Iapapa Berries in it. She hands him the berry, and says that he should use it for now. Cilan says that it looks a lot like a scalchop. Oshawott isn't sure about it, as Ash asks him if he wants to try and use to block Pikachu's Thunderbolt.

Pikachu uses Thunderbolt and Oshawott holds up the Berry to block it, as it doesn't work and Oshawott is shocked by the attack. Oshawott falls down after being electrocuted. Cilan says that it looks like the Iapapa Berry wasn't strong enough to take the attack. They take a bite of the roasted berry, as Iris says that it tastes very good. Cilan says that the berry may be sour when it is raw, but when it's cooked it has a round taste and is very delicious. With an annoyed look on his face, Ash says to them to stop eating and be serious. Cilan lends Oshawott his cloche to use next. He says that it is of good quality and is polished with all of his heart. Oshawott is very worried about using it though.

Pikachu uses Thunderbolt again and Oshawott holds up the cloche to block it, but he is immediately electrocuted by the attack. Iris tells Ash that metal conducts electricity. Oshawott falls over after being electrocuted, as Cilan is very upset that his cloche has been burnt to a black color after he polished it with a lot of care. Iris tells Cilan to just polish it again and stop being upset over it. Ash yells at them to keep thinking seriously. Cilan brings out Dwebble, and asks him to make a shield for Oshawott out of a rock. Dwebble carves a large rock into a very big shell shield for Oshawott to use. Oshawott is very happy to see Dwebble making a shell out of the rock for him. Oshawott notices that the shield is as big as himself. Cilan says that both the Berry and the cloche were to weak to electricity, but the shield Dwebble made should be fine.

Pikachu uses Thunderbolt again, as Oshawott tries very hard to lift the shell to block it even though his face is turning bright red. The shield blocks the attack, but Oshawott falls over from the strain of the weight of the shield. Ash and his friends go under the shade of a tree to let Oshawott rest. Ash says that maybe Oshawott's scalchop is the only thing that would work. Iris suggests that maybe it doesn't work, because he relies on the shell too much. As Oshawott finally wakes up, Ash tells Iris not to say those words since Oshawott's scalchop is his most prized possession aside from his life. Oshawott is very upset with what Iris was saying. Cilan suggests to Ash that they raise Oshawott's offense instead of his defense, as he says that the best defense is a good offense. Iris suggests to Ash that they should raise Oshawott's speed. Ash is worried that they won't make it in time by tomorrow. Ash says that they have no choice but to use the large shield as a substitute for the scalchop tomorrow. Ash tells Oshawott that it is time for them to do some special training, and that he'll manage to use the shield as well as his scalchop. Oshawott is very worried about it, as Iris wonders if he is in good enough condition for it.

Oshawott holds the large shell on his back and Ash holds a large rock on his back as they walk around with them. Oshawott and Ash do sit-ups with the shell next with Pikachu guiding them. After that Pikachu guides them, as Ash does regular push-ups and Oshawott does push-ups while the large Shell is on his back. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, as Oshawott tries to block it with the shield but is sent tumbling backwards. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt again, and Oshawott tries to block it with his shield again but is sent tumbling backwards. Cilan and Iris comment that they are working very hard to get it to work. They see that another Thunderbolt has sent Oshawott flying into the air and back onto the ground. After all of those practices, Oshawott is lying on the ground with Pikachu fanning him, as he is completely exhausted after all of that special training. Iris says that she thinks Oshawott has slowly reached his limit. Ash tells Oshawott to do his best, and that they need to do a little more. Oshawott gets back up and looks completely winded, as Ash says that he can definitely do it.

Under the full moon, Oshawott sits at a lake and envisions a battle between him and Blitzle. In the vision, Blitzle uses Shock Wave, as Oshawott tries to block the attack with his scalchop but still gets shocked by the attack. Oshawott wakes up from the vision and is completely frightened and then relieved. Oshawott looks at his reflection and sees the moon looking like his scalchop, but it turns back into the moon which disappoints him. Oshawott looks depressed, as he remembers what Ash told him and decides to do some more special training on his own.

Ash and Pikachu call out for Oshawott, as Ash wonders where he could have went without eating his meal. Pikachu's ears perk up as it hears something, as they head towards an open area in the forest where Oshawott is training on his own. Ash says to Pikachu that they should keep Oshawott company. As Oshawott is doing push-ups, Ash calls to him and he falls with the shell landing on top of him. Ash picks up Oshawott and says that they should continue the special training together. Ash and Oshawott continue the same training as before, walking around with Oshawott's shell and a large rock on their backs, sit-ups with Pikachu guiding, and push-ups with Pikachu guiding. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, as Oshawott picks up the shell and is finally able to block the attacks.

The next morning, they wait for Stephan and Blitzle to show up for their battle. Oshawott loses his balance for a bit, as Iris wonders if he will be okay. Ash says that they did everything that they could. Cilan comments that Stephan is very late, even though he said that he was camping nearby. Ash says that they can't wait any longer and they should just go to him. They walk down the pathway, as they see a tent, Blitzle, and Stephan bicycling on some sort of a machine with electric rods on top of it. As Stephan continues to pedal, the electricity goes straight into Blitzle's main and sparkles. Stephan gets off of the bike, and wonders if it is time already.

Ash asks what he was doing while pronouncing it wrong, and Stephan saying that it is wrong. Stephan explains that it is his own power-generating machine he made to inject power into Blitzle. It is explained that by Blitzle using its mane to absorb the electricity generated from the machine, it powers up. Blitzle looks fully prepared for the rematch, as Stephan says that his power is now perfect. Stephan said that he was planning to go after he finished the injection, but they saved him the trouble of having to go to them. He says that they should just continue the battle where they are at, as Ash says that they will settle it this time. Oshawott is a bit intimidated by Blitzle, as Ash tells him that he can do it. Ash says that they should make good use of their special training and do their best.

Blitzle uses Shock Wave, while Oshawott lifts up the large shell to successfully block the attack. Cilan says that Oshawott has mastered using the shell as a shield, as Iris says that it is the result of their special training. Stephan is surprised that they powered up as well, as he says that they are different from yesterday as well. Blitzle uses Shock Wave at full power, as Cilan comments that it is much more powerful than the last one. Ash tells Oshawott to not give up. The Shock Wave attack made a large crack in the large shell, as Blitzle charges in for another attack. Blitzle uses Double Kick to full destroy the large shell, as Cilan is shocked that it broke. Iris says that it is bad, especially if Oshawott is then hit by an Electric Type move. Blitzle uses Shock Wave, while Oshawott holds up a piece of the shell and tries to block it but still gets shocked by the attack. Stephan laughs as he says that the rock was too small to hold off the powered-up attack. Ash recalls that Cilan said that the best defense is a good offense.

Blitzle uses uses Shock Wave again and Oshawott dodges the attack to land a hit, as Iris asks where that speed came from. Oshawott is shocked about that, as Cilan says that Oshawott not only gained power through the special training, but speed as well. Oshawott uses Tackle twice, and hits Blitzle twice in a row with them. Ash says that if they could, they would use Razor Shell to finish off Blitzle but they can't. He says that they can't do Razor Shell without the shell, and Aqua Jet still doesn't work very well. Blitzle uses Double Kick, but Oshawott dodges both of the kicks. Blitzle uses Flame Charge repeatedly to speed up, as Cilan says that it is bad that its speed keeps increasing. Iris says that at the rate it's going, Blitzle will catch up to Oshawott eventually. Blitzle corners Oshawott in front of a tree, as Stephan says that Oshawott can't escape anymore.

Blitzle uses Flame Charge, as Ash says it's do or die while commanding Oshawott to use Aqua Jet. Iris says that Aqua Jet has also sped up. Oshawott uses Aqua Jet as it goes towards Blitzle, but the attack misses the target and goes into another direction. Stephan tells Blitzle to follow Oshawott. Both attacks keep colliding with each other, as Ash tells Oshawott to do his best and Stephan tells Blitzle to not give up. They both collide into each other fully, and hit a large boulder head on. They are both send flying and land on the ground in front of their respective trainers. Blitzle is knocked out on impact with the ground, but Oshawott is able to stand back up and wins the battle.

Ash picks up Oshawott while saying that he did a good job. Stephan tells Ash that he battled well, as Ash says the same thing back to Stephan while pronouncing his name wrong. Stephan says to Ash how to pronounce it correctly. Stephan says that Ash is strong, but he will become even stronger, and that when that time comes he wants to battle Ash again. Ash agrees to do that, as they both shake each other's hands. Axew returns from the bushes, as he has found Oshawott's missing scalchop. Axew hands Oshawott his shell as he is very happy about it, and collapses into Ash's arms. Iris and Cilan say that he is completely exhausted from working so hard, and he used his power up to its limit. Ash tells Oshawott that he can do it if he tries, as Oshawott sleeps while holding onto his Scalchop and rubbing it.

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Iris's Axew

Cilan's Dwebble

Stephan's Blitzle

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