A UFO for Elgyem


Under the stars at night, Ash and his Friends are sleeping. The area begins to shake and the trees begin to blow in the wind, as everyone wakes up and Ash sneezes on Pikachu. The area begins to shake even more and the wind blows harder, as a bright light shines above everyone. They see a UFO fly over their heads and over to the other side of the mountains. Ash says that it was emitting a lot of lights when it was flying, and then it vanished over the mountains. Cilan says that it is Science Time, as he says that it is true that many reported sightings of UFOs have been mistakes in vision. He says that with the way that it flew it could not be an observation satellite or a shooting star. He says that since it wasn't blinking, it could not have been an airplane either. Cilan says that he is not only a Pokémon Connoisseur, but also a Science Connoisseur. Cilan says that all supernatural phenomena like UFOs have an explanation of some sort, and that solving those is what Science Connoisseurs do. Iris says that Cilan is being a pain, as Cilan asks her if she saw the UFO. Iris isn't sure of what she saw, as Ash says that it certainly was a UFO and that aliens exist.

Ash and his friends stop by a diner to find out what the UFO really was. The man at the counter tells them that they are in Area 28, as Cilan explains that it's famous for frequent UFO sightings. He says that he has heard about it, but never knew that Area 28 was where they are at. Ash says that the UFO flew towards the east side of the mountains. Iris asks if there is something on the east side of the mountains, as the man at the counter says that there is nothing special over there. A customer at a table comments that there is a strange professor living over there named Professor Icarus, who is a UFO Researcher. Cilan says that he has read his book before that was titled "The Truth about UFOs." He says that afterwards, the professor appeared in TV specials on UFOs. The man at the counter says that the professor is an eccentric guy, with there being many incidents lately.

The man at the counter explains that when the mailman went over to the house, he developed a headache and was shown visions of the universe even though he has never been to space. He says that it is why they became uncomfortable, and went to confront the professor about it. They arrived at the professor's house, and the man at the counter asks if he has been doing strange experiments in his laboratory. He explains that the mailman saw a vision of the universe even though he had never seen space before. Professor Icarus says that he has no idea what they are talking about, and that it must be their imaginations. The man from the counter says that they are uncomfortable about it because they think it has something to do with his research. The customer from the table asks the professor if they can have a look inside, as the professor tells them to go home. The men are given the same headache and vision of the universe as the mailman did before. The customer says that in the end, they did not find out anything.

As Ash and his friends are walking down the road, they wonder why the others got headaches and visions. Cilan thinks that someone put a vision into their heads, through Psychic powers since there are Psychic Type Pokémon that exist. Cilan suggests that they go over to the professor's laboratory to investigate since all supernatural phenomena have a scientific explanation. He says that solving them is what Science Connoisseurs do, as Iris says that he is really a pain. They reach the bridge and begin to cross it to get to the professor's house, as an Elgyem is watching them. The Elgyem sees a broken piece of wood on the bridge and uses its Psychic powers to alert them. Ash and his friends notice that the bridge is very unstable and very dangerous, as a vision of Ash falling through the bridge is telepathically shown to them. Ash hits the broken board, as it breaks and falls down. Cilan wonders if they were given a premonition image by someone.

Elgyem comes out from under the house and Teleports, as Team Rocket observes it. James says that its Teleporting is going to make things very troublesome, as Meowth says that they can study Elgyem's movements and create data on its travel patterns. James says that they should capture it and make it a part of Team Rocket. Ash and his friends arrive at the professor's home, as he answers the door. Cilan tells him that they saw a UFO yesterday and vanished in the direction of his house, as he asks him if he noticed it. The professor asks him what time they saw it, as Cilan tells him 12am in the morning. The professor begins to say what the UFO really was, but stops himself and tells them to go home.

Cilan tells him that he read his book, and that his scientific approach to making UFOs fly is very realistic. Cilan says that he wants to hear updates on what the professor has in his research since the book was written. Professor Icarus asks him if he is referring to the theory that if dark matter can be intercepted, then UFOs can be made to fly. Ash asks if dark matter is a new Pokémon, as Cilan explains that dark matter is matter that causes gravity. Iris asks what happens if the dark matter is intercepted, as Cilan says that there would be zero gravity which would cause the disk to float. Cilan asks the professor if he knows how to intercept dark matter, as he says that he can do that in about 30 to 100 years from now. He says that it takes a long time to accomplish, no matter what the theory is. Cilan says that the theories will usually be look badly upon by other people, but in order to move forward, they have to continue the experiments no matter how much a person is laughed at. Cilan says that he was very impressed by the ending of the professor's book. The professor decides to let them into his house.

Cilan mentions that the professor's book went into complex detail about both science and space, which Cilan found very interesting. Ash says that maybe he should read it too, as Iris says that they is no way that a little kid like him could understand it. Cilan asks the professor if he has appeared in any recent TV programs about UFOs, as the professor says that he is tired of the those TV shows. He begins to explain that he is specialized in something other than UFOs, when they are shown a vision of the laboratory exploding. The professor runs down to see what is going on, as the others follow him. They go into the laboratory and notice the UFO that looks like the one that they saw before, as they wonder if it is the same one as before. They look over to see that the professor is frantically trying to fix the problem, as they notice that it's the machine that they saw exploding in the vision they were given. The professor tells them to run away from the laboratory, as Cilan says that they cannot just escape and leave him there. The professor tells them to pull the energy cord away from the disk. They have trouble pulling the cord out, as Elgyem uses the lights on its hands to unlatch the cord from the disk. They were able to prevent the laboratory from exploding, as Cilan wonders what the lights he saw were.

They look over and see an Elgyem floating nearby with Ash thinking that it is an alien, and Cilan explaining that it is really an Elgyem. Ash scans Elgyem with his Pokédex. Elgyem hides behind the professor since it is very shy, as the professor tells it not to be scared and that they aren't bad people. Cilan wonders if Elgyem was the one that showed them the vision of the laboratory exploding, as the professor says that he saved them from being in serious trouble. Iris mentions the vision from the bridge that was sent by Elgyem, as the professor says that he didn't know about that. As the professor is working on the UFO, Cilan asks him how long he's been working on them. The professor explains that the reason he became interested in UFOs, is an incident where at eight years old he saw a UFO fly around in the sky. He says that he has always been interested in space stories, so he studied hard to become a professor of space engineering. He says that he couldn't give up his dream of making UFOs, so he quit school and only paid attention to his research.

He says that after awhile, he was able to succeed in making a miniature disk fly. The professor says that the book says that the UFO that exceeds the speed of light, can only happen when dark matter is controlled which is also known as gravity. The Professor says that the only thing he succeeded with is a flying disk carrying a propeller engine. He shows them a miniature version of the large UFO that he made, and flies it around for them to see. He says that when he was experimenting with the miniature disk, he started working on a larger version of it. He explains that all of the sightings of UFOs were actually sightings of his working UFO models. He says that most likely what they saw was also his working model. He says though, that in Area 28, UFO sightings have been happening for a long time, even before he started making models of them.

He explains that a half-year ago, one of his models got away from him and hit an Elgyem. He took the Elgyem home and took care of it after what happened, and with only minor injuries the Elgyem recovered quickly. After recovering, the Elgyem hid behind a bookshelf since it was shy and timid. While working with a disk outside, Elgyem watches him work. As the days went on, Elgyem got used to the professor, as they decided to keep it a secret from everyone in the town. Scenes of them eating together, working with the UFO models, and reading his books were being shown. One day while he was looking at the stars with his telescope, Elgyem showed him a vision of the universe. He asks Elgyem if it sent him the vision, and thinks that Elgyem wants to return to space since it is said that its ancestors came from there.

Elgyem tries to tell him with its lights, but the professor says that he can't understand and that they need to communicate better first. He explains that many scientists have studied Elgyem's lights, but nobody has been able to decode it. With Elgyem being able to help him with its Telekinesis, he thought that its energy could be related to the dark matter as he decided to research it. He says that he did that without anybody knowing about it. They watched the sunset together, as Elgyem grabs his hand and they smile. He says that the research he was doing was probably why Elgyem tried to keep the other people away from his home. Iris says that it was a fateful encounter between them. Ash asks Elgyem how great it is for it to have met the professor.

A knock is heard at the door, as Team Rocket disguised as a couple of science workers. James says that they have completed a device that can intercept dark matter, as Jessie says that they wanted to let Professor Icarus see it first since he is the leading researcher on it. The professor says that he wants to see it, as Elgyem looks on at what is going on. Jessie brings out a device that specifies the location of a hidden Pokémon, and captures it with an electromagnetic net. James says that the net will disable the Pokémon's powers, as the professor asks why they would need to do that. Jessie holds another device, and says that when activated, it will immobilize people. She tosses the device, as it opens and sends electric ropes around Ash and his friends to immobilize them. Elgyem uses Teleport to avoid it, but Jessie says that they know where it will teleport to. After Elgyem reappears, the electromagnetic net catches it and puts it into a square see-through cage. Elgyem tries to use Teleport, but it doesn't work as James explains that it blocks a Pokémon's moves. The professor asks who they are, as Meowth arrives with a flying machine. Cilan tells the professor that Team Rocket are bad guys who steal other people's Pokémon. Team Rocket flees while saying goodbye, as the professor says that they have to break out somehow.

Cilan brings out Dwebble, as it uses X-Scissor to break the device. Ash says that they need to save Elgyem quickly, as the professor says that they have no choice but to use the flying disk that is still in its trial stage. Ash and his friends want to go with him, since they want to save Elgyem. Back at the laboratory, the professor turns on the UFO model, the electric cord is removed, and the roof opens. He says that they need to hold on so that they don't fall off while flying. They fly through the roof as it folds over, as they head after Team Rocket. Team Rocket notices that they are following them. Jessie brings out Woobat, and Ash brings out Tranquill to battle. Woobat uses Gust and Tranquill also uses Gust, as the attacks are too strong for Woobat to handle and it is sent backwards. James brings out Yamask to battle next. Yamask uses Shadow Ball, as the attack lands a hit on Tranquill. Axew uses Dragon Rage to send Yamask flying backwards. Cilan then brings out Pansage to help out. Pansage uses Bullet Seed to break the cage that has Elgyem trapped, as it Teleports back to safety. Pikachu uses Electro Ball to destroy Team Rocket's flying machine, as they get away in jet packs.

They decide to give Ash and his friends a memento, as Yamask uses Night Shade to break the UFO and send it towards the end of the cliff. They say that they need to somehow get it back to the laboratory, as the disk flies towards the edge and starts heading down to the ground. Elgyem uses Telekinesis to save them and put them back on top of the cliff to safety. Back at his home, the model looks completely wrecked as the professor thanks Elgyem for saving them. The professor says that he is now going to have to rebuild the UFO model. Cilan asks him what he will do when the model is finished, as the professor says that he may want to send Elgyem back to space.

The professor says that it may just be his imagination that Elgyem came from space wants to return there, but he won't know until they get into space. He says to Elgyem that they should go to space together. Elgyem shows everyone visions of its memories with the professor, as everyone wonders why it was showing them those images. Cilan suggests that maybe Elgyem wants to stay with the professor instead of returning to space. The professor tells Elgyem that they should live together, just like before. As the sun sets, the professor tells them to stop by again, as they say that they will. Ash and his friends say goodbye and continue their journey to Nimbasa City.

Special Thanks to Gaylen50 for writing these for us





Ash's Pikachu Ash's Tranquill

Iris's Axew

Cilan's Pansage Cilan's Dwebble

Jessie's Woobat

James's Yamask

Rocket's Meowth

Icarus's Elgyem