Ash and Trip's Third Battle


As the episode begins, Cilan is making a stew for Ash and Iris while saying that it will be a great stew. While he is cooking, the Pokémon are enjoying the smell of the food. Ash and Iris swing back and forth on vines, as they say to Cilan that it's fun and that he should try it too. As they are swinging, a leaf falls into the pot and Cilan becomes upset. He knocks the pot over and says that it is shocking time. Everyone is shocked to see the food fall over, as Iris and Ash apologize to Cilan for that happening. Cilan looks down with a sad face, as everyone looks nervous about what he's going to say. Cilan says that it now means that they will have no lunch. Iris grabs three apples, and hands them to Ash and Cilan. Cilan says that he is going to remake the food, and says that if they want to play then they will need to do it farther away from the food.

As they walk away, Ash says that they did something bad to Cilan. Iris says that they got scolded because he is a child. She says that it is his fault since it was his idea to swing in the vines. Ash says that he just wanted to show that she wasn't the only one that can climb trees and crossing branches. Iris says that they should race to see who is better, as she suggests that they race to an Oran Berry tree out in the distance. She says that the one who returns first wins, as Ash is unable to see the tree. She explains that it is to the right of the tallest tree, as Ash is finally able to see it. Ash comments that Iris can see very far, as she says that it is very common in the Dragon Village. They race to the tree, as Iris says that she is indeed better while she is in the lead. Ash says that the race has only just begun. Ash misses a vine, and slides down a hill.

Meanwhile Trip is trying to capture a Palpitoad, as Vanillite uses Ice Beam to freeze Palpitoad in place. Trip throws a Poké Ball to try and catch Palpitoad, but Ash slides into the Palpitoad to set it free. Palpitoad becomes dizzy, as it runs away to the lake. Ash scans Palpitoad with his Pokédex. Ash sees Trip and Vanillite, as he scans Vanillite with his Pokédex. Trip comments that people normally don't try to get captured in Poké Balls. Ash apologizes as he asks if he got in the way of a Pokémon capture. Iris arrives and shivers, as she sees the Vanillite. Iris wonders why there is an Ice Type Pokémon where they are at, as she tells Trip to put the Pokémon away. Trip calls Iris a weird girl, and returns Vanillite to its Pokédex. Trip tells Ash to never get in his way again, and walks away.

Iris explains that since Dragon Type Pokémon are weak against Ice Types, she cannot stand the cold. Ash asks if the people at the Dragon Village who like Dragon Types are the same way. Iris says that the Old Matriarch can't stand the cold either. Trip notices that Iris is from the Dragon Village, since she has an Axew with her. Trip says that he has never met someone from the Dragon Village before, as he begins to take pictures of Iris and Axew. Iris asks Trip why he's taking pictures of her, as he says that he is recording his journey. Iris says that he shouldn't do it without permission. Trip says to Iris that her logic for being fearful of Ice Types is strange, since Dragon types are also weak against other Dragon Type Pokémon. He asks if she doesn't mind having an Axew by her side, as Iris asks if he has a problem with it. Ash says that Iris is training to become a Dragon Master, as Iris tells him not to mention it. Trip says that if she wants to become a Dragon Master, then she shouldn't be afraid of Ice Type Pokémon, and that it is rude to Ice Types. With a disgusted look on her face, Iris apologizes.

Meanwhile, Cilan is remaking the stew that he had prepared before, and is enjoying the smell with Pansage. Once the meal is finished, Cilan calls out to Iris and Ash to say that the food is ready. With no response, Cilan wonders where they went off to. Cilan decides to make another course, and with a Pecha Berry in it. Trip asks Iris to battle him, as Ash says that he should battle him instead. Trip says that he has never battled a Dragon Type before, and thinks that Iris has more than one Dragon Type Pokémon. He says that since she is training to become a Dragon Master, battling Trip would not hurt. Iris thinks about her other two Pokémon Emolga and Excadrill, while a thought bubble shows them. She says that they are not in a good condition today to battle. Trip says that it sounds boring, as Ash again asks Trip to battle him and says that he won't lose this time. Trip says that battling him won't level up his Pokémon, as Ash becomes upset with the comment. Trip says that he wasted his time, and decides to look for Palpitoad again as he starts to walk away.

Iris says that it looks like he is afraid of losing to Ash and that he has messy logic. She says that he is very childish for rejecting the battle offer. Trip says that he will have to demonstrate his point for Ash to be able to understand it. Ash tells Trip that he has three badges so far, as Trip says that he has four of them. Ash says that his Pokémon have become stronger since the last time that they battled, as Trip suggests to make it a 3-on-3 battle and that the first person with two victories wins. Ash says that he would be fine with a full battle, but Trip says that it would waste his time. Ash says that it will shock him with how much stronger he has become. Trip brings out Servine, while Ash brings out Snivy. Iris comments that Ash is just using brute force again. Meanwhile, Cilan has finished the food that has a Pecha Berry in it, as Pansage and Dwebble tell Cilan that they could not find Ash and Iris. Cilan decides that he will make a full course meal, and that he will make a lot of different things to surprise Ash and Iris.

Trip says that Ash never changes, and that he didn't evolve his Snivy. He says that Ash must be overconfident right now after defeating his Servine once before. He asks Ash how often he is going to ignore the basics. Ash says that they are his basics, as Trip asks if that is how things are in the hick town he lives in. Trip says that he has the nerve to say that he is trying to become a Pokémon Master and that winning the Pokémon League is a far away dream. Ash says that the bigger the dream, the more worthy it is to follow it. Trip says that if he keeps talking big, he'll be embarrassed when he loses. Iris and Axew are very bored with hearing Trip and Ash argue back and forth. Ash says that the same goes for Trip if he loses. Iris says that they should start the battle already.

Servine uses Leaf Tornado and Snivy uses Leaf Storm, as both attacks collide to create a very strong wind. Iris says that both attacks are even. Servine uses Cut, while Snivy dodges the attack. Snivy uses Attract, while Servine uses Leaf Tornado to block the attack. Trip says that his Servine has leveled up very well, and with that added experience can block supportive moves as well. Ash says that Snivy won't lose, and that preventing Attract won't be enough. Servine uses Cut and Snivy uses Leaf Blade, as Servine's Cut hits Snivy to knock her out. Trip says that the same result of a Snivy win won't occur twice. He says that it shows how much power they have gained, and how little Ash has gained. Iris thinks that Trip has a point about him being stronger. Ash says that he'll win the next battle. Trip says that he now knows that Ash's Pokémon haven't leveled up much, and that his own Pokémon's level will go down because of that.

Trip says that he has become much stronger, but at the rate he is going he won't be able to face the champion. Trip asks Ash if he knew about the champion, as Ash is excited that there is a champion in Unova as well. Iris says to Ash that of course there is a champion of this region, and asks if he knows Alder. Iris says that Alder is the Champion Master of the Unova Region, and everyone wants to battle him. Ash asks Iris if she has met Alder before, and she says no. Trip says that he has met Alder before, but says that Ash should find out what he is like on his own. Trip says that they should continue the battle, as he says that Alder would say that they should defeat their opponent with all they've got. He says that he'll never forget the promise Alder made when he was younger.

A flashback is shown where Trip is watching a battle at a festival between Alder with Bouffalant and a challenger with Herdier. Bouffalant uses Head Charge to knock out Herdier. Trip felt great about watching someone he admired when he watched him on TV. As a kid he was nervous around Alder's Bouffalant while petting it. Alder hands Trip some Pokémon food to give to Bouffalant. As he is feeding Bouffalant, Alder asks him what his dream is. Trip says that he wants to become a champion, and that he'll win against him to do so. Alder says that Trip says promising things, as he tells him to have more and more battles to become stronger and stronger. Trip is excited to become a Pokémon Trainer, as Alder says that he will defend his title as champion until the day Trip challenges him. Trip says that winning the Unova League is just the passing point to go to the champions league. He says that he will get stronger in order to fulfill his dream. Trip brings out Timburr, as Ash scans him with his Pokédex. Ash says that he will definitely battle Alder some day.

As brings out Oshawott to battle, as Timburr shows its log to Oshawott. Oshawott is afraid, as he tries to get Pikachu to battle for him instead. Ash gives Oshawott some encouragement, and Oshawott jumps in to battle. Oshawott uses Aqua Jet, as Timburr gets its Strength ready. Oshawott's attack misses, as he hits the ground hard. Iris is disgusted that Aqua Jet did not work again. Trip wonders if Ash is even fighting seriously. Oshawott uses Aqua Jet again, as the attack goes in circles and completely misses Timburr. Trip wonders if Ash is really fighting seriously. Trip notices something while Oshawott is using the attack and takes a picture, as Oshawott then hits the ground hard. Ash asks Trip why he is taking pictures in the middle of the battle. Iris asks if he is recording his journey in the middle of it too. Trip tells them to see for themselves, and shows them pictures of Oshawott with his eyes closed. Trip says that Oshawott has a remarkable talent, for being a Water Type Pokémon that can't open its eyes underwater, as Oshawott is proud of himself. Iris tells Oshawott that Trip is not praising him for that. Trip asks Ash if he noticed it before, as Ash says no. Ash tells Oshawott to not worry about it, and that he worked very hard to learn Aqua Jet. Ash says that if Oshawott practices opening his eyes underwater, then he'll never miss a target again.

Oshawott uses Razor Shell and Timburr throws its log up into the air, as it uses Low Sweep to trip Oshawott. Oshawott uses Water Gun, while Timburr uses Strength to block away the attack. Timburr jumps onto its log and uses DynamicPunch, while Oshawott uses Razor Shell as both attacks hit each other. Oshawott's Razor Shell sends Timburr into his log, and is knocked out. Iris says that Ash now has one loss and one victory. Ash tells Oshawott to keep up his good spirit, and that he'll master Aqua Jet eventually. Ash brings out Tepig and Trip brings out Vanillite, as Vanillite breaths some frosty air. Iris shakes in fear after seeing the Vanillite come out. She asks why Vanillite was chosen, with Tepig having a type disadvantage against it. Trip says it is intentional, as he says that Ash's nonsensical battling style is another experience for him to get stronger. Trip says that he'll win using the same method that Ash usually uses. Iris says that in the end, both are children.

Tepig uses Flame Charge and Vanillite uses Ice Beam, as both attacks collide to create water vapor. Tepig is able to break through to hit Vanillite. Vanillite uses Icicle Spear to hit Tepig. Tepig uses Ember to hurt Vanillite, as Ash comments that it isn't effective after being a direct hit. Iris tells Ash that Vanillite's defense is very high, and that it shows how well it has been raised. Vanillite uses Ice Shard to hit Tepig. Tepig uses Flame Charge and Vanillite uses Blizzard, as Tepig breaks through and hits Vanillite. Both Pokémon hit the ground and are very beat up. Both Pokémon faint, as the match up and battle end in a draw. Trip says that Ash's method doesn't suit him. Tepig looks sad, as Ash returns him to his Poké Ball. Trip says that at this rate, he's nowhere near Alder's level skills. Trip tells Ash that their match is on hold, as Ash says that he'll win next time.

Ash tells Pikachu that he learned from Trip, and that he's glad that he battled him. Iris says that now Ash knows why Oshawott's Aqua Jet doesn't hit its target as well. Ash says that it is still far from being mastered, and that they will do their best and practice. Ash says that he wants to meet Alder soon. Ash and Iris become hungry, as they realize that they forgot about Cilan and rush back to him. Cilan, Pansage, and Dwebble are waiting very patiently for them in the meantime.

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Ash's Pikachu Ash's Snivy Ash's Tepig Ash's Oshawott

Iris's Excadrill Iris's Emolga Iris's Axew

Cilan's Pansage Cilan's Dwebble

Trip's Servine Trip's Timburr Trip's Vanillite

Alder's Bouffalant

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Special/Other Trainers's Herdier

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