Iris and Excadrill Against the Dragon Buster!


As Ash and his friends on the road and heading towards Nimbasa City, as a woman named Georgia steps in front of them. Georgia introduces herself, and says that she was looking for Iris since she is a Dragon Buster. Iris and Ash wonder what a Dragon Buster is, as Georgia says that she defeats Dragons as a hobby, especially those from the Dragon Village. Cilan asks her why she goes after only Dragon Types. Georgia explains that awhile ago in the Dragon Village, her Pokémon was beaten very badly in a battle. Iris calls Georgia a child for that, as Georgia yells at her and says that she is a child. Georgia tells her that she can run if she's scared, as Iris accepts the battle.

Georgia brings out Beartic, as Ash scans it with his Pokédex. Iris shivers as she says that she can't stand the cold. Iris chooses Axew for the battle, as Axew is scared by Beartic's cold breath. Iris tells Axew that even though he is at a disadvantage, he won't lose. Beartic yawns since it feels that Axew is too weak of an opponent. Georgia tells Iris that she would have preferred for her to bring out something stronger. Axew looks steaming mad while Beartic is yawning. Georgia says that she would feel more like a Dragon Buster if she had beaten a stronger Dragon Type. Iris says to her that she can talk big if she wins.

Axew uses Scratch, while Beartic uses Slash to send Axew flying. Beartic uses Icicle Crash while Axew tries to dodge it, but is still hit with the attack. Beartic uses Ice Beam and Axew uses Dragon Rage, as Ice Beam breaks through to knock out Axew. Georgia says that the battle was so easy that it was boring. Georgia tells her to bring out her next Dragon Type. Cilan tells Georgia that Axew is Iris' only Dragon Type Pokémon. Georgia asks Iris if she is really aiming to be a Dragon Master. She wonders if that's all someone from the Dragon Village can do. Iris says that she has a Pokémon who can beat Beartic, but isn't a Dragon Type. Georgia says that if it is not a Dragon Type, then she is not interested. Iris says that if Georgia is scared, then she can run away. Georgia accepts the challenge, as Iris brings out Excadrill for battle. Excadrill is still in his drill-mode position. Georgia wonders if the Excadrill is even motivated for battle. Iris thinks to herself that if Beartic provokes it, then he should get motivated. Iris says that Excadrill is sleeping because Beartic is very weak.

Beartic uses Slash to send Excadrill into a tree to wake it up. Excadrill hits the ground, wakes up, and is ready to battle. Iris tells Excadrill to use Dig, but Excadrill doesn't listen to Iris. Excadrill uses Metal Claw and Beartic uses Icicle Crash, as Excadrill knocks away the Ice. Beartic uses Ice Beam, while Excadrill uses Dig and hits Beartic from underneath. Excadrill uses Drill Run, while Beartic uses Rock Smash to send Excadrill into a large rock to knock it out. Iris runs up to Excadrill to see if he is okay, as he goes back into his drill-mode position after losing. Beartic has a puzzled look on its face, as Georgia asks if Excadrill abandoned the battle. Georgia says that Excadrill is weak, even after Iris talked very big about it. She says that Excadrill fought how it wanted to, without listening to what Iris said. Georgia tells Iris to get stronger before the next time that they meet. Ash and Cilan check to see if Iris is okay after what Georgia said. Iris says that she is worried about Excadrill, as it lost to Rock Smash like it did before. Iris says that back then, Rock Smash is how they lost for the first time and that was when he started secluding himself.

She explains that when she lived in the Dragon Village, she loved playing with wild Pokémon such as Minccino, Pansear, Deerling, Panpour, Sandile, Pidove and Patrat. Iris was shown swinging on a a tree vine, playing in a lake, and running around with the Pokémon. She says that one day the Patrat that she had befriended had its nest stolen, and that it was a Drilbur who did it. A Deerling came running to Iris what had happened. Iris says to the Drilbur to give the nest back, since Patrat worked so hard on it. Drilbur hits Iris in the face with Mud-Slap. Iris got mad and tried to fight the Drilbur, as she was pummeled very badly. After she was knocked out, Deerling dragged her away. She tried again the next day, but Drilbur pummeled her again as Deerling pulled her away again. The day after that the same thing happened, as Deerling dragged her away. Then the next day the same thing happened again, as Deerling dragged her away. Finally on the tenth try, he kick and Drilbur's Metal Claw were even as they collided. She kicked again, as Drilbur dug underground. Drilbur comes up from under the ground, as Iris dodges it. Drilbur uses Drill Run, as Iris kicks Drilbur into some vines, as it hangs over the cliff.

Drilbur looks down, sees how high up it is, and becomes terrified. Iris uses a vine to save Drilbur, as the vines break and she grabs it before it could fall off of the cliff. When Drilbur is back on top of the cliff, it wakes up as Iris hugs it. They became friends after she rescued it. She won battles one after the other against Fraxure, Sandile, Watchog, and Darumaka. They decided to enter the tournament that was being held in the Dragon Village, which is why they did harsh training in the mountains. Drilbur used Drill Run to smash a large rock for practice. They slept under the stars in the night, as Iris tells Drilbur that they will keep on winning.

During the tournament, Drilbur was going up against a Druddigon. Druddigon uses Focus Blast and Drilbur dodged with Dig, as it came out of the ground and evolved into Excadrill. Excadrill uses Drill Run to finish off Druddigon, as Iris wins the tournament. Excadrill and Iris celebrate their victory by dancing. Drayden walks up to them and says that they had a good battle. Iris says that she hasn't met Drayden before, as her opponent from the tournament says for her not to be rude and that Drayden is a Dragon Master. Drayden asks her if she has thoroughly been studying Pokémon battles in depth. She says that she hasn't, as Drayden asks her if she was teaching herself then. Iris says yes, but says that the Pokémon of the forest were really her teachers, as Drayden laughs about that. Iris asks Drayden to have a Pokémon battle with her. Iris says that if she wins, it will be her 100th victory. She says that it would be cool for the 100th victory to be against a Dragon Master. The man who was her opponent in the tournament tells her to stop saying stupid things. Drayden says that he would like to have a match with Iris, much to their surprise.

Drayden brings out Haxorus to face Iris' Excadrill, as she says that it is a good match up for them. Excadrill uses Metal Claw, but it doesn't have any effect on Haxorus, as Haxorus sends it away. Excadrill tries to use Fury Swipes, but again they have no effect on Haxorus, as it sends Excadrill flying with its tail. When Excadrill gets up, it is shocked that the attacks are not working. Iris commands Excadrill to use Dig, as Excadrill looks unsure. Iris tells him that they will definitely win. Excadrill uses Dig and comes up to hit Haxorus, but Haxorus again uses its head to send Excadrill flying. Excadrill tries to hit Haxorus with Drill Run, but Haxorus uses Rock Smash to send it into the stone wall to knock it out. Iris runs over to Excadrill to see if he is okay. Drayden nods his head to the Matriarch, as she bows her head to him to indicate that she is ready. Excadrill opens its eyes and looks over to Drayden and Haxorus, as they look scary to him with white glowing eyes. After looking at Iris, Excadrill curls up in its drill-mode position. The next day she says that they should polish up their moves. Excadrill won't listen, as Iris is upset that he's sulking around after just one loss. She says that if he's frustrated, then the only way to overcome that is by becoming stronger. She reminds him that she challenged him many times after losing.

She tells Cilan and Ash that when she started her journey, she would continue to encourage Excadrill many times. She says that because Excadrill never had a loss before, it didn't go well. Cilan says that there is more to it than that. He says that Excadrill battled when it got angry, not from the shock of losing. Cilan says that the cause may be due to its distrust to Iris. Iris angrily asks what Cilan meant by that. Cilan says that maybe it was dissatisfied the way she battled when they lost to Haxorus. Iris remembers what happened, and understands that it was what was bothering Excadrill back then. Cilan says that maybe she hasn't figured out Excadrill's feelings properly, and that she should think hard and remember. Iris grabs Excadrill's Poké Ball, and thinks about his feelings.

That night, Iris and Excadrill sleep together. Iris asks Excadrill if he remembers when they retreated to the mountains and that day in and day out they would polish their moves and fell asleep while being completely exhausted. She says that he didn't know any moves that he could do from a distance. She says that if he would have learned one, they could have had more options on how to construct their battles. She asks him if he knew from the start of the battle that they couldn't win. Iris apologizes to Excadrill that she didn't understand his feelings. She says that all she ever did was tell him to do his best. She tells him that he doesn't have to battle anymore if he doesn't want to, and that they should pick fruits, run over the plains, play like they used to do. She says that this time she will do her best also. Excadrill remembers when she tried to cheer him up, gave him apples that he really likes, and suggests that they should go for a walk together. He also remembers when Iris would swing on a vine and kick a log with a Drilbur drawn on it, and that it would hit her in the head afterwards. When she was training to face him, she said that she won't give up until she defeats Drilbur. She was crying while she was saying those words.

Excadrill pokes its head out after Iris falls asleep then walks away from Iris. As Excadrill heads deeper into the forest, Iris wakes up and sees him. Excadrill practices Focus Blast to be able to use it. He fails a few times, as Iris shows up and recognizes it as Focus Blast. Iris asks him if should could help him practice doing the attack. She goes to try and hug Excadrill, but he looks away as she remembers that they need to focus on practicing the move. Excadrill fails again, as Iris tells him to focus on one point. They practice all night, until finally in the morning Excadrill is able to use the move, as he destroys a large rock with it. they hug each other, as Ash and Cilan show up to say that breakfast is ready. They arrive back at where their breakfast is, as they see that Georgia has already eaten it. Georgia tells them that they can just make some more. Georgia looks over and says that Iris was the one who forfeited the last battle. Iris asks Georgia for another chance to battle Beartic. Georgia jokingly says no, as she says that she just wanted to see Iris' shocked face. Georgia accepts the battle.

Once again it's Georgia's Beartic against Iris' Excadrill in the battle. Beartic uses Slash and Excadrill uses Metal Claw, as both attacks collide but Beartic is strong enough to send Excadrill flying. Beartic uses Icicle Crash and Excadrill uses Dig, as Excadrill comes up to land a hit. Excadrill uses Focus Blast to land a hit on Beartic while it is still in the air. Excadrill uses Drill run to hit Beartic, while Beartic uses Ice Beam as it's getting hit to freeze Excadrill in its drill-mode position. Excadrill breaks out of the ice with Metal Claw. Beartic uses Icicle Crash and Excadrill uses Focus Blast, as both attacks collide but Excadrill still is hit by the icicles. Excadrill falls to the ground, as Iris calls out his name and he gets back up. Beartic uses Rock Smash and Excadrill uses Drill Run, as both attacks collide and Excadrill hits the ground. Iris runs to Excadrill, as Beartic also goes to the ground. Both Pokémon are knocked out, so the battle ends in a draw.

Georgia says that a draw doesn't bother her since she didn't lose to a Dragon Type. Georgia says to Cilan that he should provide a tastier meal the next time they meet, as she walks away. Iris checks to see if Excadrill is okay, as she tells him that even though the battle ended in a draw, it was a good battle. Ash tells Iris that they were completely in sync. Iris tells Excadrill that she is going to study harder to understand his feelings, asks that he be patient with her a bit longer. They hug each other, as Iris tells Excadrill that she loves him.

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