Giving Chase at the Rhyhorn Race!


As the episode begins, an Energy Ball and Flash Cannon collide to create an explosion. An Escavalier and a Golurk are battling each other. The female miracle fighter uses a Miracle Shooter to shoot an X Attack at the Golurk. The male miracle fighter takes his Miracle Shooter and shoots an X Speed at the Escavalier. Both Pokémon go at each other, as the title of the movie is said to be "Miracle Fighter the Movie Part 24: The Mystery of the Miracle Shooter". The movie is also said to be in theaters, and getting great reviews. Ash and his friends were watching the movie preview on the TV screen. Ash says that he would like to see the movie. Cilan says it's movie time, as he explains that the biggest charm is the item that the female character is holding and that there will be a new actor playing the fifth main fighter. Cilan says that he personally liked the third main fighter since it has a cool taste, but that he was replaced after only one movie. Iris says that Cilan knows a lot. Cilan says that it is because he is a movie Connoisseur. Iris says that she loves movies as well, and that she was excited when they used to show them in the Dragon Village. Ash says that he loves movies too, as a woman who looks just like the miracle fighter from the movie shows up behind him. Ash looks behind him, as he thinks that she is a miracle fighter. The miracle fighter then turns into Iris, while everyone is surprised. The Iris look-alike then turns into a Zorua.

Ash scans Zorua with his Pokédex. Iris says that Zorua is a very rare Pokémon that a person almost never sees. Cilan says that it is the first time he has ever seen one. Ash wonders if the Zorua is wild, as Luke runs up behind them saying that Zorua is his, and asks that they catch it. Zorua turns into Pikachu and begins moving around on the ground with the real Pikachu. Iris says that she cannot tell which Pikachu is the real one. Luke grabs one of the Pikachu and thinks that it is Zorua. With a disgusted face, Ash says that it's his Pikachu. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt on Luke, as he hits the ground. Cilan explains that Zorua can transform to look identical, but it cannot copy moves. Luke asks where his Zorua went, as his Golett points out the Axew in Iris' hair. Luke figures out that Zorua turned into an Axew, while Iris says that the Axew is hers, as another one appears in Iris' hair. Luke tries to grab the fake Axew, as both Axew move in and out of Iris' hair. Iris yells at Luke to stop trying to go through her hair. Luke tries to return Zorua to its Poké Ball, as Zorua avoids it and uses Shadow Ball towards everyone. Luke says at this rate, he'll have to cancel the filming.

Luke tells Ash and his friends that he is filming a movie with Zorua as the lead actress. Luke explains that his Zorua is female, as he introduces himself. He says that he wants to be a movie director, as he introduces his assistant director Golett. Ash looks up Golett with his Pokédex. Ash and his friends introduce themselves, and Cilan says that he is a movie Connoisseur. Ash asks Luke why Zorua ran away. Luke says that he isn't sure why Zorua runs away. Luke explains that when he was filming the movie, he has Zorua turn into the pirate, but Zorua switches back to the princess instead. Luke tells Zorua that she needs to be the pirate, as Zorua is frustrated and turns into the pirate again. Luke tells Zorua where to go as the pirate, and then where the knight is supposed to stand. Luke says that he wants to see what the knight looks like. Zorua turns into the knight and back into the princess and spins around, as Luke says that he wants the knight not the princess. Zorua as a princess gets upset, turns back into a Zorua, and runs away.

Ash and his friends head off to search for Zorua, as Team Rocket looks on. James says that Zorua is a super-rare Pokémon. Jessie says that Zorua's transforming ability will increase Team Rocket's military strength. Meowth says that they will definitely get it. Luke takes Ash and his friends to a movie theater. He says that it is where he met Zorua, and it is the oldest theater in town. He explains that he used to help with projections so that he could watch movies for free. While watching a three different movies, he would see what looks like the main character in the theater. He went in to see the character, as she was gone at first. She reappeared behind Luke and turned into a Zorua. Zorua turns into a princess, as Luke comments that it's the character of the movie of his dreams. Luke asks her if she likes being in movies, and says that he loves making them. Luke asks her if she wants to be in a film he is making.

Luke tells Ash and his friends that after that day, Zorua his been a partner in making the productions. An older gentleman comes out of the theater, as Luke introduces him as Mr. Matthews the Theater Manager and Projection Engineer. Mr. Matthews informs Luke that Zorua just went into the theater. Everyone heads into the theater, as they see Zorua as a princess on stage. Luke explains that Zorua is disguised as Princess Julia, the heroine of the movie he is making. As they go up to Zorua, she growls at them. Iris mentions that Zorua looks angry. Ash tells Zorua that they are Luke's friends. Cilan asks Luke if he had Zorua play the entire cast. Cilan says that with Zorua being a girl, she wants the role of the princess. Iris says that it looks like Cilan is right, with Zorua happily barking at it. Luke asks Zorua if she only wants to be the role of Princess Julia. Luke says that they will be left with the other roles to fill. Cilan says that they should fill those missing roles, since they should always help someone out. Ash thinks that being in a movie sounds like fun.

Luke brings out Leavanny, and asks it to make costumes for everyone. Ash and his friends volunteer to help out, as Luke says that he is going to rewrite the script in the meantime. Mr. Matthews informs them that there is room in the film warehouse at the back. Luke says that they should make the greatest movie ever. Luke looks frustrated, as he is trying to rewrite the script at a table. Iris uses a scissors to make some clothing designs. Swadloon and Leavanny use their threads to make costumes. Ash, Cilan, Golett, and Oshawott make the swords that are used for the movie, as Pikachu walks around with the designs. everyone looks at the costumes and like them. Ash uses a hammer on a prop. Cilan and Luke look at the screenshots of what the scenes will look like, while Luke says that there is only one scene left. Ash and Iris are painting props, as Snivy and Emolga fight to make paint fall on Ash and Iris' heads. Luke jumps up in celebration after finishing the script. Everyone sleeps after all of the work is finished.

Luke begins to tell everyone how the story will go. The story is called "The Legend of the Pokémon Knight." In the story, Princess Julia from the country of Masara is kidnapped by Pirate Cilan. He kidnaps her because she hides the secret to obtaining a treasure. For the knight to save the princess, he must go to meet the Legendary Dragon Master Iris, while undergoing various trials. At the end, the knight defeats the pirate with his Pikachu and saves the princess. Ash likes it, and tells Pikachu that they must do their best. Iris calls Ash a child, and says that the princess is really the main character. Cilan tells Iris that in an action-adventure movie, the villain is the focus of the movie. He says that the villain is the main character in the shadows. Luke says that they should move to the movie location now.

They decide to shoot the scene where the pirate kidnaps the princess from the knight. Leavanny, Axew, and Iris watch them film the scene from a distance. Zorua turns into a tied up princess for the shot. As the camera starts rolling, Ash is far too nervous to say his lines, while Luke has to yell cut. Luke tells Ash to relax and not be so nervous. Ash says that it is very difficult to do. Cilan asks Ash if he saw the movie called "The Mask of Yamask" where the actress is portrayed as putting her life on the line for the sake of acting. Cilan tells Ash that in order to move the viewers, he has to become his role. He says that if Ash becomes his role, then he won't be nervous. Ash says that he expects nothing less from a movie Connoisseur, but doesn't understand what Cilan is saying. Luke says that Ash needs to do it with abandon. Ash says that he is good at that.

In the scene, Ash tells Cilan to release the princess. Cilan says that he will never do that. Cilan says that she is holding the secrets to finding the treasure. Ash commands Pikachu to use Electro Ball. Pikachu uses Electro Ball and Pansage uses Solarbeam, as both attacks create an explosion in front of Ash and Pikachu. The Princess is shocked by what happened. Cilan asks if Ash is done already, and is doubtful that Ash is the Pokémon Knight. Cilan says that the princess is his, as he uses a smoke bomb to get away. The princess yells for Ash. The scene ends, as Ash looks up at where they were at on the pirate ship. Luke tells everyone that they did amazing and that it was perfect. They decide to do the scene where the Pokémon Knight is training with the Dragon Master Iris.

In the next scene, Iris tells Ash that if he wants to be able to beat Cilan, he has to defeat Axew who is the strongest Pokémon she has ever raised. Pikachu uses Electro Ball and Axew tries to dodge, but the attack still hits Axew. Luke had no choice but to yell cut. Luke tells Iris that they need to dodge swiftly. Iris says that she can't help it if Axew isn't able to dodge in time. Luke says that he is going to have to have Pikachu go easy on him. Cilan says that would make the picture less powerful. Cilan suggests that they turn things around with a Dragon Rage. During the second take, Iris tells Ash to beat Axew, the strongest Dragon Pokémon. Pikachu uses Electro Ball and Axew uses Dragon Rage, as Dragon Rage breaks through the Electro Ball to hit Pikachu. Iris says that Ash still has a long way to go. She says that he needs to put more of his heart and soul into each of the moves, and then to come at her again. She tells him to show his spirit with all of his might. Pikachu uses Electro Ball and Axew uses Dragon Rage, as both attacks collide. Ash tells Pikachu to show them his spirit, as Pikachu uses Thunderbolt at the two attacks to create an explosion. As the smoke clears, Iris is nowhere to be seen. Iris says from a distance that He has shown her his soul, and that he should next got to the princess. Luke yells cut and says that it was the greatest. They decide to shoot the last scene at the cave in the forest. Team Rocket is nearby watching them. Team Rocket says that it is now their chance.

Luke says that the last scene is the most important, with the pirate being defeated and the princess being rescued. He says that the camera will roll without any cuts, so no matter what happens, they must not stop. Iris asks what they should do if they make a mistake. Cilan says they will have to ad-lib if that happens. Ash asks Cilan what ad-lib means. Cilan explains that it means that they think of lines and actions that are not in the script. He says that the impromptu lines and coincidental that bring actions are unusual, but create an interesting situation. In the last scene, Cilan says that just as he thought; the princess power opened the door to the treasure. Cilan grabs her to pull her inside. Ash tells them to hold it, as he jumps from the cliff to confront Cilan as the princess yells his name. Cilan asks him how he found the place. Ash says that his heart is connected with the princess' heart, and demands Cilan to release her. Cilan says that what he asks for is ridiculous. Pansage uses Bullet Seed, while Pikachu uses Quick Attack to dodge the attack. Pansage uses Solarbeam as Ash tells Pikachu to put his soul into his next attack. Pikachu uses Electro Ball, as both attacks collide. Ash tells Pikachu to put his heart and soul into it, as Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to break through the attacks and hit Cilan and Pansage. An explosion occurs as Cilan and Pansage are knocked out.

Ash asks the princess if she is okay, as an Air Slash goes towards the princess. The princess turns back into Zorua, as an electric beam catches her to everyone's surprise. Luke asks what they are doing to Zorua, as she is brought up to Team Rocket's plane. Team Rocket does their full motto. Cilan tells Luke that Team Rocket are bad guys who steal people's Pokémon. Jessie says that now that they have Zorua, they have no reason to stick around. As they are leaving, Golett uses Shadow Ball to destroy the plane. Ash says to leave Team Rocket to them, as Cilan tells Luke to keep rolling the camera. Cilan decides that they will ad-lib from there, as he says that the evil spirit who possessed him showed there true identity as Team Rocket. Team Rocket is confused, as Cilan says that his true identity is the Pokémon Magician. Iris comes into the picture and says that she is the Dragon Master. Pansage uses Bullet Seed to break the electric cage around Zorua. Axew uses Dragon Rage to hit Team Rocket. Woobat flies in front of Zorua, and sends it flying with Gust. Ash brings out Tranquill to catch Zorua. James brings out Yamask to use Shadow Ball at Tranquill, while Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to block the attack. Zorua lands on the ground, as Meowth comes after him while preparing to use Fury Swipes. Zorua turns into a female Meowth, as Meowth is in love with her. The female Meowth turns back into Zorua, and uses Night Daze on Team Rocket. Team Rocket floats in the air with their jet packs, as they fly away. Luke tells them to continue the scene.

Cilan says that no one would've thought that Zorua had disguised itself as a princess, as Iris wonders who the real princess is. Luke points at her, as Cilan says that because she knew that bad people were after the treasure, she told Zorua to disguise herself as a princess. Iris says that being a Dragon Master was just a temporary form, but in reality she is really Princess Julia. As the sun sets, Ash and Cilan kneel in front of the princess, and ask her to bear with them from now on. She says of course, and that they should do what they can to create a bright world. There was an audience in the theater watching the movie, and at the end of it they stood up and cheered. The movie that Ash and his friends were in became a huge success. Ash and his friends also watched the movie as it aired, with Zorua disguised as the princess. Eventually after the applause, the princess turned back into Zorua.

Outside of the theater, Luke tells everyone that even with some accidents, thanks to Ash and his friends they made a good movie. Cilan says that it turned out to have a spicy and novel taste. Mr. Matthews says that he would've liked the battles to have a bit more impact however. Mr. Matthews suggests that he participates in the battle tournament held in Nimbasa. Ash thinks that it is held in Nimbasa City. Mr. Matthews says that if Luke experiences different battles, he will be able to make powerful battle scenes. Luke decides to enter the tournament, as Ash and his friends also decide to enter the tournament as well. Cilan says that it means that they will be rivals.

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