Meowth's Scrafty Tactics


Ash and his friends take a break on their way to Nimbasa City to eat lunch, as Axew and Tepig run around the field. Tepig and Axew have shocked looks on their faces, as they run back to get Ash and his friends. Cilan says that they must have found something, as they check it out. They see Team Rocket's Meowth lying unconscious on the ground, as Ash picks him up. Ash realizes that it is Team Rocket's Meowth. Iris wonders if Team Rocket is around watching them, as they look around and don't see anyone else. Cilan comments that Meowth is injured, as he has Meowth drink some fluids from a bottle. Iris holds another bottle that has an herb mixture, and gives it to Meowth to drink.

Meowth wakes up and is shocked to see Ash and his friends surrounding him. Ash says to Meowth that since he was unconscious, they decided to help him out. Iris asks Meowth what Team Rocket is doing there, as Meowth tells them that he is not a part of Team Rocket anymore. Meowth thanks them for helping him out, and says that he won't forget what they did for him. Meowth tries to run off, but doesn't have enough energy and collapses to his knees on the ground. Cilan tells him that he is in no condition to push himself. Ash asks Meowth what happened with him and Team Rocket.

Meowth explains that he was given the job of carrying out an operation, but was unsuccessful as he gets caught by the police. He went back to headquarters to find out his punishment, which was that he was fired from Team Rocket. Team Rocket left him as they walked away, leaving him to fend for himself. Meowth was in shock, as he kept walking in the cold air and somewhere along the line he collapsed on the ground. Cilan asks Ash and Iris if they should take Meowth along with them for awhile. They said that he's the only Meowth in the Unova region, so he would be lonely if they left him. Meowth says that he caused them enough trouble already, as Iris says that he could possibly faint again if they leave him. Ash asks Meowth if he promises that he won't do any evil deeds while traveling with them. Meowth says that now he is not with Team Rocket anymore, he has no reason to do anymore evil deeds. Ash says that as long as he keeps his promise and doesn't do any evil deeds, it's okay for him to tag along with them. Meowth says that if there is anything he can do, they should let him know.

While they are talking, a Pokémon is hiding in the bushes and watching them. The Pokémon notices the Axew that they have with them. As they are walking, Meowth asks Ash how many badges he has. Ash tells Meowth that he has three, as Meowth says that he expected Ash to be doing that well with his Pokémon since he is an aspiring trainer. Pikachu doesn't believe a word Meowth is saying, as he has a disgusted look on his face. Meowth says Iris is very cute as he calls her a princess. He says that Cilan's soup was very good. A shiny bottle cap attached to a string appear from a bush. Axew tries to grab it, but a Scrafty grabs him and stuffs him in his baggy pants.

Ash and his friends run after it, as Scrafty runs into a hut and shuts the door behind it. Meowth stops Ash and his friends, and says that if they get too close then Scrafty will hurt Axew. Ash tries to run to the door but Meowth stops him, as Meowth says that Scrafty is serious about it. Cilan suggests that they wait for Scrafty to calm down first. Scrafty lets Axew out of his saggy pants, as Axew uses Dragon Rage. The Dragon Rage breaks the window and misses Scrafty. Scrafty makes a scary face at Axew, which scares him. Iris wonders if Axew is okay, as Cilan explains that it is a Scrafty. Ash scans Scrafty with his Pokédex. Ash notices that it's the evolved form of Scraggy, as Iris says that it looks different than what the Pokédex shows.

Meowth tells them that he'll speak to Scrafty and try to work the problem out as a Negotiator, while Pikachu has doubts. Cilan explains that a negotiator negotiates with confined criminals like on TV and in movies. Iris says that it is helpful that Meowth can talk to Pokémon. Meowth walks up to the hut to negotiate with Scrafty, as he shows that he is unarmed first. Iris comments that as a Pokémon, of course he is unarmed. Meowth asks Scrafty why it took Axew, what it wants to do with it, and how can they get it to release Axew. Meowth informs the others that Scrafty wants to use a Pokémon to help it battle another, and that if they cooperate, Axew will be returned to them safely. Iris says that it is a selfish thing for Scrafty to do. Ash asks Meowth what the Pokémon is that Scrafty is trying to fight, as Meowth says that he wasn't given a reason. Ash says that there is no way that they can let Axew fight with such a tough Pokémon. Cilan reminds Ash that if they refuse, Scrafty will hurt Axew, and that they will have buy some time first. Ash says that while Meowth negotiates, he will go around the hut and check on Axew.

Axew is shown tied up in the hut, as Meowth approaches again and says that they agree to help Scrafty out. He says that they need to see that Axew is okay first. Scrafty opens the door to let them see Axew, as Meowth notices that he is tied up. Scrafty closes the door, as Meowth says that they also need to know what the Pokémon is that they need to battle, and why they need to battle the Pokémon. On top of the cliff, Ash looks through the hut window and almost is seen by Scrafty. Ash returns to speak with Cilan and Iris. Meowth informs Ash and his friends that Scrafty wouldn't say who the battle opponent was. Iris comments that it leaves them completely uninformed.

Ash tells them about the window in the hut, and asks Meowth to distract him at the entrance of it. Meowth suggests that if he takes Scraggy with him since its Scrafty's pre-evolved form, then it might let its guard down. Meowth says that he'll do everything he can to rescue Axew if something happens, and that his plans always work. Iris says that Team Rocket's plans always fail, as Meowth looks down and depressed from hearing that. Cilan reminds Meowth that without him, they wouldn't know what the Pokémon is saying. Ash brings out Scraggy, as he tries to use Headbutt on Meowth. Ash tells Scraggy that Axew has been kidnapped, and that he should help Meowth distract Scrafty in the hut. Ash brings Snivy out of her Poké ball, as she uses Vine Whip to hit Meowth. Ash tells her that Meowth is no longer with Team Rocket, and that he is on their side now.

Meanwhile at Nimbasa City, Team Rocket is recording the transfer map schedule of the underground railway. They check that the trains arrive on time. They notice that it doesn't have a driver, as Jessie explains that it is automatically operated. They check where the track switches, and where the turns are. They attach a device that switches the tracks, onto a wall. As a train passes by, they avoid being seen. Meowth and Scraggy walk up to the hut, as Meowth says to Scrafty that he has a Pokémon that would be able to help it out called a Scraggy. Scrafty opens the door and is surprised to see a Scraggy. Scraggy shows Scrafty his Headbutt, as Scrafty shakes its head and uses a much stronger Headbutt which gives off steam. Meowth comments that he is showing how to make the move stronger. Meowth asks Scrafty if there is any moves it would like to teach Scraggy. Scrafty demonstrates a Hi Jump Kick for Scraggy, as Meowth recognizes it and Scraggy is very thrilled.

On top of the cliff, Ash shows Snivy where Axew is. Axew calls out to them as Scrafty hears and looks at Axew, while Axew puts his head down. Snivy gets ready to help, but Ash says that they have to wait for the right moment to do it. Scraggy jumps up to try and do Hi Jump Kick, while Meowth steps in front of the door to block any view of Axew. Axew gives Ash the cue, as Snivy uses Vine Whip to break the rope and safely bring Axew to Ash. Meowth looks and sees that they were able to succeed in the rescue. Pikachu jumps down to go after Scrafty, as Meowth points in another direction to trick Scrafty to be able to run away with Scraggy. Scrafty looks and sees Axew missing while it becomes angry. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to knock out Scrafty and run away.

Iris is glad that she was able to get Axew back, as she thanks everyone for their help. Ash returns Snivy to her Poké ball, and tries to return Scraggy to his Poké ball. Scraggy avoids the Poké ball, as he is worried about Scrafty. Scrafty arrives in front of them, and takes off its hood. Scrafty tells them that it was caught off guard before, and that it wants a proper Pokémon battle. Scrafty says that if it wins, they have to help it out. Ash says to Scrafty that it should have told them that from the very beginning. Ash brings out Tepig to battle Scrafty. Scrafty uses Headbutt, while Tepig dodges the attack. Tepig uses Tackle to hit Scrafty. Scrafty uses Hi Jump Kick, while Tepig dodges the attack. Scraggy is looking on as it is excited. Scrafty crashes to the ground hard and hurts its knee. Tepig uses Ember to hit Scrafty, as Scrafty prepares to use Focus Blast. Scrafty uses Focus Blast, while Tepig dodges the attack. Tepig uses Flame Charge to knock out Scrafty.

Scrafty cries, as everyone thinks it is acting like a child. Iris asks Scrafty if it will do the same thing if they leave it alone. Meowth tells Scrafty to tell them everything. In an interrogation room, Meowth asks Scrafty why it would do what it did. Cilan offers Scrafty some food, as it refuses to eat it. Cilan asks about a mother back home, and that she would be upset with what Scrafty did. Cilan tells Scrafty to calm down before they talk about it. Scrafty says that its nest was taken away, which is why it needed someone to help it out. Scrafty asked Beartic, Scolipede, and Darmanitan, but they are refused to help it out. Scrafty says that when saw everyone, it thought that taking Axew would make everyone decide to help it out. Ash says that they'll help Scrafty out and that they can't turn their backs on it. Scrafty points to a Mandibuzz on a cliff, and says that she was the one that took the nest. Ash looks up Mandibuzz with his Pokédex.

Scrafty goes after Mandibuzz, as she uses Shadow Ball to hit Scrafty and send it off the cliff and hard to the ground. Ash asks Pikachu to battle her, but Scraggy says that he must do it since Scrafty is one of his kind and was struck. Scraggy climbs the cliff to go after Mandibuzz, as she uses Shadow Ball which Scraggy is able to dodge but ends up facing the other direction. Scrafty yells to Scraggy to look out. Mandibuzz uses Pluck, as Scraggy was able to dodge and Mandibuzz's face gets stuck in the ground. Scrafty tells Scraggy to use his new attack. Scraggy uses Hi Jump Kick, as it hits Mandibuzz and sends her off the cliff and hard to the ground below. Meowth tells everyone that Scrafty taught Scraggy that move, as Ash thanks Scrafty for its help.

Mandibuzz starts crying, as she says that she has nowhere else to go, since she had a fight with her flock and was kicked out. Meowth asks her why she had a fight with them. Mandibuzz says that she ate her flock's food, as Meowth says it's her fault. Mandibuzz is ashamed, as Meowth says that he will go with her to apologize to the flock. Mandibuzz and Meowth walk up to another Mandibuzz with some fruit, as Mandibuzz attacks them with Shadow Ball. Meowth explains that they are there to apologize. Mandibuzz apologizes and offers some fruit, as Meowth says that they picked the fruit just for her, and asks for her forgiveness. Meowth tells her that since they are friends, she should forgive her and that fun times must be had with friends. Meowth says that when they are sad, friends share their sorrows. The Mandibuzz forgives her, as Iris calls Meowth a great negotiator.

As the sun sets, Ash and his friends head off to Nimbasa City, as they wonder what would have happened if Meowth wasn't there to help them. Meowth says that they are making him blush with that statement. Iris says that they can really rely on Meowth. Iris decides that she wants to catch Meowth, as she throws a Poké ball at him. The Poké ball moves around, and then Meowth pops back out. Meowth yells at her and says that they never agreed on a catch. Meowth says that he doesn't belong to anybody, and that if they don't catch him then he'll continue to help them out. Pikachu has a disgusted look on his face after Meowth says that. Ash and his friends once again continue their journey towards Nimbasa City. In Anville Town, Team Rocket checks out where the railroad tracks lead to the underground railway. Jessie says that it will be an important base for their operation. They decide to report to Dr. Zager.

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