A Maractus Musical!


Ash runs through a town looking for the Driftveil Gym, and thinking that he is in Driftveil City. Cilan informs Ash that they aren't in Driftveil City yet. Ash is very disappointed, as Iris calls Ash a child for jumping to conclusions. Ash and his friends look over to a field area and see three Maractus dancing with maracas to some music as they practice a routine. Ash scans Maractus with his Pokédex. Cilan likes their dancing. Iris says that she isn't too bad at dancing. Toby tells his Maractus that they will do "Over the Rainbow" next. All three of the Maractus use Round, with attack colors of green, blue, and red. Cilan explains that Round is being used to match their timing. The Round creates a colorful spinning circle loop that floats to the sky. Marra and Racca jump into the air as they are spinning, and use Petal Dance as the petals fall to the ground. They spin on an angle towards each other and high five each other. They spin around and use Pin Missile into the sky, as petals continue to fall to the ground. The smallest Maractus named Tussy jumps into the air to land in the middle of the other Maractus, but instead bumps into them and they crash to the ground hard. Everyone goes to check on the Maractus, and they are fine.

Ash and his friends introduce themselves, and Toby does the same as well. Toby introduces his Maractus, and says that they are his dance unit "Maractus the Trio". Toby explains that they are on their way to Nimbasa City, as Cilan says that they were just there awhile ago. Toby says that they will be auditioning for Nimbasa City's famous musicals. Ash remembers that they were on stage at the last musical. A flashback is shown with Ash dancing around with Gothitelle, Pikachu on top of a Deerling, and where Gothitelle, Deerling, Ash, Oshawott, Gothita, Swanna, Pikachu, and Cottonee were getting acknowledgement from the audience. Cilan calls musicals the stage of one's dreams. Cilan comments that the costumes, performances, music, final curtain call, and dancing are very exciting and make it the best kind of entertainment. While Cilan was talking Munna, Patrat, Woobat, Blitzle, Minccino, Deerling, Sewaddle, Sandile, Pidove, Foongus, Tepig, Lilligant, Emolga, Lillipup, and Gothita were being shown performing a musical and acknowledging the audience at the end. Toby says that for them to stand on stage, they have to pass the audition first. Toby says that before he auditions, he wants to participate in the Pokémon Performance Contest that is being held in town. Toby points a bulletin board to Ash and his friends, which has information about the contest. Toby explains that it's a contest where trainers perform original routines they thought of on their own. One of the posters has a Lilligant, Patrat, and three Emolga pictured on it. Toby says that he felt it was the perfect opportunity to test their skills before the competition, but so far the climax of their performance isn't going well yet.

Toby explains that after Marra and Racca high five each other, Tussy lands on top of them and uses Sunny Day to make Petal Dance and Pin Missile shine, and creating a rainbow. Ash and his friends decide that they will help Toby with getting the performance together. Toby tells them that he needs to create an exact rhythm first that the Maractus can practice with. Ash tries to figure out which of his Pokémon has a good sense of rhythm. Oshawott comes out of his Poké ball, as he hits his shell which sounds like a drum. Oshawott hits his shell a couple more times and plays it like a drum. Cilan brings out Pansage, and Toby gives him a tambourine to work with. Cilan tells Pansage to have fun and be Rhythmical, as Pansage starts hitting the tambourine. Axew hits a tambourine while it is on the ground, which makes it sound almost like a drum. Iris dances around a bit, while Axew hits the tambourine. Ash, Oshawott, and Pikachu do their own type of dancing, where they clap twice with their heads bowed, swing their arms up and down, spin while they are swinging their arms up and down, and finally clap their hands with their heads bowed. Pansage and Cilan do the Prisiadka dance where they are squatting and do leg kicks. Ash and his friends continue dancing as Toby enjoys watching them do it.

Axew is given Maracas, Pikachu and Pansage are given a tambourine, and Oshawott is given a castanet to use from Toby. As they are trying to play their instruments, they are completely out of sync. Axew loses his grip on the maracas as one goes flying and hits Oshawott in the head. Oshawott looks at Pansage and thinks that he hit him, as Pansage explains that he wasn't the one to hit him. Pikachu tries to calm them down, but Axew's other maraca goes flying and hits Pikachu and Oshawott in the head. Pikachu and Pansage yell at each other, as the Pokémon begin fighting. Ash and Iris try to break the fight up, as Cilan says that balanced harmony for the rhythm isn't going to be achieved. Toby decides that he will be the one to provide the music. Cilan turns on the music, as the Maractus dance to the rhythm. The Maractus start out the routine by shaking the maracas, and then one by one they do a spin. Marra and Racca jump and turn as they go to the side to begin "Over the Rainbow." They use round, spin into the air with Petal Dance, high five each other, and turn while using Pin Missile. Tussy tries to jump on top of the their arms, but again bumps into them as they hit the ground hard. Toby tells Tussy that if it doesn't get its jump to work, they won't be able to do the final part of the performance.

Iris brings out Emolga to help Tussy with jumping. Emolga demonstrates a jump back-flip onto Ash's head. Emolga explains to Tussy how to perform the jump, as Tussy is able to understand. Emolga again demonstrates a jump back-flip, but onto Iris' head. Tussy tries to do the same thing, but hits Toby in the head as they both hit the ground hard. Emolga scolds and then coaches Tussy about how to do it right, as Cilan says that Emolga usually is cute, but is strict when she is teaching. Ash points out that Tussy looks more focused now. Tussy does a jump back-flip and successfully lands perfectly on Toby's head. After Tussy succeeds, Emolga jumps on Iris' head as well. Toby has them only practice the part with the high five and Tussy's jump. They practice on the ground first to get the jumping down. Tussy does a jump back-flip and lands on their arms, but loses its balance as they all fall down. They realize that jumping isn't the only issue, as they need to be in sync when Tussy jumps and lands on their arms. Ash suggests that they have a Pokémon battle to help them get in sync. Cilan suggests a triple battle, and explains they can't win a triple battle unless they are all in sync, and that it's good practice to link their hearts. Iris asks Ash if he has ever had a triple battle before, as Ash says that it is his first time and Iris knew it. Ash uses Snivy, Pikachu, and Tepig for the triple battle.

Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, as all three Maractus dodge the attack at the same time. All three Maractus use Round, which hurts the Pokémon and their ears. Snivy uses Leaf Storm, as all three Maractus use Pin Missile to block the attack. Tepig uses Flamethrower, as Marra and Racca spin into the air to use Petal Dance and block the attack. Marra and Racca high five each other and use Pin Missile into the sky, as Iris points out that it's the same as their routine. Snivy uses Vine Whip to block the Pin Missile attack. Toby tells Tussy to remember what it practiced and jump with everything it has. Tussy jumps and lands on their arms, but looks down and panics as they all hit the ground hard. The battle is halted after they hit the ground. Toby realizes that Tussy is afraid of heights, and says that it should use its fighting spirit to overcome that.

They head to the Contest Hall, as a woman is singing the opening theme song. Toby points out that both adults and children come to the shows just to have fun. Lillipup, Minccino, Sewaddle, Foongus and Pidove are shown in the stands of the crowd. Toby says that his dream is to have many people come to his hometown. Toby explains that his hometown is a small town with a coal mine, in the middle of a wasteland. His best memory is when there was a regional performance of of a Pokémon Musical that he saw when he was a kid. He says that the singing and dancing were cool and he was moved at the end. As he is explaining, Minccino, Sandile, Patrat, Deerling and Munna were shown in a flashback on stage performing. The townspeople were very excited as well while watching the performance. After the performance, a rainbow appeared in the sky above the stage. Toby explains that a few years later the coal mine was sealed up, and more and more people left as the years went by. He remembers that the last time that many people gathered there was that day of the performance. While walking through the desert, Toby met the three Maractus, as a rainbow appeared over the desert. The rainbow inspired him to create the Maractus musical since he felt that it would bring people to gather in that town once again. Toby approached the Maractus and asked them if they wanted to enter a musical with him. He told them that they could dance as much as they want in front of a large audience. Cilan comments that if they become stars, then people will certainly gather. Toby says that if they do the ending right, that they will definitely pass the audition.

The Maractus practice the routine once again. Marra and Racca jump and high five each other, as Tussy jumps and lands on their arms. Tussy again is afraid of being up so high, while Toby tells it to chase the fear away with fighting spirit. Tussy is unable to do that, as the Maractus hit the ground hard. Toby yells at Tussy for once again ruining it, and says that the future of the town depends on them. Toby tells it that it needs to concentrate more. Tussy jumps away and heads towards the forest. Ash and his friends head into the forest to look for Tussy, as the announcer announces the start of the Pokémon Performance Contest. Toby and Ash continue going through the forest, as Cilan and Iris go to the concert stage. At the contest, a Elgyem uses Telekinesis to send Bouffalant floating in the air with Elgyem on its back. Ash and Toby continue searching for Tussy, when they find it hiding behind a bush. Tussy sees Toby and keeps running away, as it runs into a Scolipede.

Toby stands in front of Tussy to protect it, and says for Tussy to run away. Tussy jumps on top of Scolipede, as it tries to shake Tussy off. Pikachu uses Electro Ball and aims it at Scolipede's feet, as Tussy jumps off of Scolipede and lands perfectly on Racca and Marra's arms as they had jumped up prior to Tussy jumping off of Scolipede. When Tussy lands, a golden aura shines around them, indicating a perfect landing. Everyone runs away, as they apologize to Scolipede for startling it. Toby congratulates Tussy on getting the jump right, and not being scared of heights when it jumped on top of them. Toby apologizes to Tussy for yelling at it, as he realizes that Tussy was just trying its best. Toby says that they should do their best together, as they all join hands.

Back at the contest, a woman hits a Zen Mode Darmanitan with a mallet, as it rolls down the stage and turns back into the regular mode. Darmanitan. The crowd is amused by the act. Iris and Cilan wonder where Ash and Toby may be. The announcer asks if there are anymore acts, as Iris volunteers to do her dance to stall for time until Toby gets back. Axew hits the tambourine, as Iris dances around the stage. Iris concludes her performance, as Toby, Ash, and the Maractus return. Toby and the Maractus enter the contest as the last contestants. To begin the performance, Toby says for the crowd to watch the dance of his dance unit "Maractus the Trio." Cilan turns on the music, as the Maractus shake and dance with their maracas. One by one the Maractus do a spin and turn all the way around. They perform "Over the Rainbow" after that. Marra and Racca spin and land on opposite sides of the stage. The Maractus use round to send colorful circular loops into the sky. Marra and Racca spin and use Petal Dance, as petals hit the stage. The Maractus high five each other, spin, and send Pin Missile into the sky. Toby tells Tussy that if it does the jump like earlier, it should do just fine. Tussy jumps as the maracas land on the ground, as it lands perfectly on top of their arms. Tussy uses Sunny Day to send an explosion of color out of the sky, as it sparkles, and Pin Missile heads towards the ground. A rainbow appears above them after the explosion occurs. Toby is happy that they did it correctly, as they hug each other.

With all of the contestants on stage and Lilligant as well, Toby and Maractus the Trio are announced as the winners. Confetti falls as everyone cheers for them. Toby decides that they are ready, and that they will head to Nimbasa City for the musical audition. Toby says that when they pass the audition, he wants to build a Pokémon musical troupe and pep his hometown up some more. The Maractus point towards the sky as everyone sees a sparkling rainbow in the sky.

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