The Four Seasons of Sawsbuck


As the episode starts, Pidove are shown flying through the sky. On their way to Driftveil City, Ash and his friends stop at a Pokémon Center, where Ash is shown scratching Pikachu's head while Pikachu is enjoying it. Iris comments that Pikachu loves that Ash is scratching him on the head. Cilan comments that it is great to see a perfect match between a trainer and his Pokémon. Ash stops scratching Pikachu, while Pikachu tries to get Ash to continue it. Ash scratches Pikachu on the head, on the chin and on his stomach. A photographer named Robert walks up to them and asks if he can take pictures of Pikachu. As he is taking pictures, he's excited about seeing Pikachu in the Unova Region for the first time.

Robert asks Ash where he got Pikachu, and thinks that it was caught in the wild in Unova. Ash explains that they've came together from the Kanto Region. Cilan explains that they came to Unova to challenge the Gyms. Ash and his friends introduce themselves, while Robert introduces himself as a Pokémon Photographer. Robert says that he is only just starting out as a photographer. Cilan tells Ash that Robert specializes in Photographing Pokémon. Robert shows them his photo scrapbook. On the first two pages, there are some Zebstrika, Sandile, Liepard, Galvantula, and Herdier. On the third and fourth pages, there are some Foongus, Munna, Zorua, Sewaddle, and a Gigalith. On other pages, some Swanna, Cubchoo on top of a Beartic, Bouffalant, Emolga, Darmanitan, Blue-Striped Basculin. Aside from Unova Pokémon, Robert also shows them another scrapbook with other Pokémon from different regions. He explains that the photos were taken by his grandfather. On the first two pages, there is a Shinx, Luxray, Combee, Minccino, Sealio, Tauros, and Spheal. On the third and fourth pages, there is a Staravia, Bidoof, Skorupi, Cherubi and Lickilicky.

Iris and Cilan see a photo that they think may not be possible. Cilan shows Robert a photo of a Summer Sawsbuck, Winter Sawsbuck, Autumn Sawsbuck, and a Spring Sawsbuck in a forest by a lake, and asks him if his father took that photograph. Robert says that his grandfather was more proud of that photograph than any other. Ash asks what is weird about seeing a photograph like that. Cilan explains that Sawsbuck change appearances with the season. Cilan shows Ash a photograph of a Spring Sawsbuck surrounded by blooming flowers and trees, and that has flowers on its antlers. On the next page is a Summer Sawsbuck surrounded by green grass and trees with green leaves, while it has tall and green leaves as antlers. On the next page is an Autumn Sawsbuck surrounded by colorful falling leaves, and orange drooping leaves as antlers. On the next page is a Winter Sawsbuck surrounded by falling white snow and snow on the ground. The Winter Sawsbuck has white-colored antlers, a white coat around its chest, and its hooves are white as well. a graph is shown of individual pictures of all four seasons of Sawsbuck in their natural habitat. Cilan says that he finds it odd to see all four seasons of Sawsbuck in one place, and one picture. Iris says that it doesn't make sense at all. Ash says that since there is a picture of it, then it must be possible, as Robert tells Ash that his grandfather said the exact same thing.

A flashback is shown with Robert as a kid while talking with his grandfather. Robert says to him that his friends say that the Sawsbuck photo can't be real and that it has to be fake. He says that it makes him sad. His grandfather says to him that of course it's real, because he took it himself. Robert says that ever since, he's been trying to find the forest where his grandfather saw the Sawsbuck, and take a picture of them himself. Ash thinks that it would be great to do that. Cilan asks Robert if he knows where it is, and says that the photograph isn't enough to know where it is. Robert shows Cilan a photograph of a Summer Deerling in the forest, and says that it should help. He explains that in both photographs, the flowers that are shown are exactly the same. Robert explains that they are Amphliash flowers and after doing some research, he found out that both photos were taken on the same day. He tells them that they only grow somewhere on the mountain across from the Pokémon Center. Cilan comments that it means that Robert's grandfather must have taken the photo on the same mountain as well.

Ash says that he would like to see the four Sawsbuck as well. Cilan says that even if they do find it, how will they know if all four Sawsbuck will appear. Robert explains that waiting patiently is a part of a photographer's job. He explains that wild Pokémon will never appear when a photographer wants, even if it takes days, a photographer has to be patient and wait for the moment to come. He says that the photos that result from that turn out to be the best ones, as he shows them a photograph of a Alomomola. As Robert was telling them, a flashback of him waiting patiently for days at the ocean, when an Alomomola jumps out of the ocean and he takes the photograph. A photograph of a Watchog is on that page as well. Iris asks Cilan if he is a photographer Connoisseur as well, but Cilan says no and that he loves Robert's photography work. Robert asks Nurse Joy if there are a lot of Sawsbuck and Deerling around, and Nurse Joy says yes. Robert shows her the photograph of the Deerling, and asks if she has seen the same flowers. Nurse Joy says that the flowers grow on the mountain at this time every year. Everyone decides to look for the anphliash flowers, as they head off to the mountain.

As they start heading to the mountain, Cilan asks Robert how they are going to find the Sawsbuck. Robert brings out Swoobat, as Ash scans it with his Pokémon. Robert tells Swoobat to look for the flowers, as they search for the flowers on foot. Robert shows Ash and his friends a spring that is in the photograph. He says that he doesn't know where it is, and that it isn't on any map. Robert takes photographs of some Pidove flying in the sky, some Swadloon in the bushes, and some Cottonee floating around. Iris searches for the flowers from the top of a tree. Iris tells them that she can't see Swoobat, and that maybe it is flying too low.

A Summer Deerling jumps out of a bush, and stops in front of them. Ash scans the Deerling with his Pokédex. Ash recognizes it as a Summer Form Deerling and says it's cute, as Deerling runs off. Robert suggests that they follow the Deerling, as it may lead them to its herd. They run after the Deerling, as a thick fog surrounds them. Robert and Ash get separated in the fog from Cilan and Iris. Ash realizes that they lost Cilan and Iris in the fog. Swoobat returns to Robert and Ash, as it had found them in the fog. Swoobat shows Robert the amphliash flower that it found. Robert tells Swoobat to show them where it found the flower. Ash says that the fog is too thick. Roberts says that if they stay close behind Swoobat, then they won't get lost.

As they are following Swoobat, the fog clears up and they spot some of the flowers by a small hill. Robert comments that unfortunately that is not where his grandfather took the photograph since the big tree is not there. Pikachu walks over by a bush where a couple of Poké ball shaped objects are moving around. The objects are shown to really be a couple of Amoongus, as it sprays poison spores at Pikachu. Robert grabs and picks up Pikachu so that he wouldn't get poisoned by the spores. Ash scans Amoongus with his Pokédex. Robert tells Pikachu that if he gets too close to an Amoongus, he could get poisoned so he needs to be careful. Robert tells Ash that it is very common for Deerling to be led by a Sawsbuck, and that if they keep following it that they would find one. Swoobat uses its courtship sound wave that looks like a heart shaped beam, as it hits Deerling, it becomes happy. Robert explains that it makes any Pokémon it comes in contact with it happy. Robert says that it helps when he is trying to photograph Pokémon that are scared of people.

The Deerling runs off again, as Ash and Robert try and follow it while passing some Cottonee and Swadloon. They come to a tree, as Robert notices that it's the same one that is in the photo. Robert says that it must be the path that his grandfather took. They realize that the Deerling got away when Robert was distracted. Ash wants to keep going, but Robert tells him that the sun is going down, that the mountains are dangerous at night, and that they should find somewhere to camp out for the night. At the campfire after eating, Ash looks at Robert's scrapbook. Ash says to Robert that it's amazing how many photographs his grandfather took over the years. Robert tells Ash that they could say his grandfather caught all of the Pokémon, but as in a photographer taking pictures of all of them. Ash tells him that he wants to meet as many different Pokémon as he can, and that it is what keeps him going on his journey. Robert says that he feels the same way taking pictures. He says that after he checks out all of the Pokémon in the Unova Region, that he should check out the ones in Kanto as well. Robert says that finding the spring maybe harder than it seems, as he remembers something else his father told him.

In a flashback, his grandfather says that mountains contain strange places that blur the the boundaries between the real world and other worlds. He adds that sometimes people end up in a place that is in the other worlds, that is different than the others. He says that he is proud that he was the one that took the photograph. He says that he experienced something no one has ever experienced before. Ash tells Robert that there is no reason they can't have the same experience as well. As they were talking, Swoobat was sleeping upside down in a tree, and Pikachu was sleeping in Ash's arms.

The next day, the Summer Deerling licks Ash, which wakes him up as the others wake up as well. Robert pets the Deerling on the head, as Ash says that maybe the Deerling thinks they are its friends. They follow the Deerling to a group of other Deerling as Robert comments that he's never seen a group of them so relaxed like that before. Robert takes photographs of the Deerling, and notices that one of them is right in front of an Amoongus. As the Amoongus releases spores at the Deerling, Robert pushes Deerling away from the spores but gets poisoned while doing so. The Deerling becomes frightened, and runs away. Ash asks Robert if he has an Antidote. Robert says that he usually has them, but ran out and forgot to get more at the Pokémon Center. Ash tells Robert that the Deerling got spooked and ran away and is fine.

Ash walks down the pathway while carrying Robert on his back. Ash takes a break and checks Robert's forehead, and notices that he has a fever. Fog appears before them, as a Summer Deerling and Summer Sawsbuck appear before them. The Sawsbuck asks them to follow, as Ash follows them to a spring that looks exactly like the one in the photograph. Summer Sawsbuck calls out for his friends, as the Autumn Sawsbuck, Spring Sawsbuck, and Winter Sawsbuck arrive. Ash puts Robert on the ground and tells him about the Sawsbuck being right in front of them. A yellow light shines in the spring and feels warm, as it surrounds Robert which cures his poisoning. Robert wakes up and sees the Sawsbuck in front of him. As he gets up, he and Ash hit each other's heads. The fog returns as the Sawsbuck walk away. Robert scrambles to get his camera, but is only able to take a picture when the Sawsbuck are barely visible. The Sawsbuck leave through the fog, as Robert thanks them for saving him.

Ash and Robert continue walking back down the pathway, as Robert comments that he feels a lot better after he was hit by that light from the spring. The fog clears up, as they meet up with Cilan and Iris. Cilan says that the fog came and went very quickly, as Robert said that they were gone all day and overnight. Cilan says that they were only gone about ten minutes. Robert tells them that he was able to take a picture of the Sawsbuck, and shows it to them. Cilan and Iris say that they can barely make out the Sawsbuck, and that they'd have to look really closely to see them. Robert tells Ash that they saw something nobody else has ever seen, and experienced something no one else has experienced. Robert says that it's all that matters to him. The episode ends with a desk shown that has both Robert's picture, and his grandfather's picture of the Sawsbuck.

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Ash's Pikachu

Iris's Axew

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Nurse Joy's Audino

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