A Call for Brotherly Love!


The episode begins with Ash and his Pokémon training for their upcoming Gym battle in Driftveil City against the Gym Leader Clay. Snivy uses Leaf Blade, Tepig uses Flamethrower, and Pikachu uses Electro ball to destroy some targets. Iris comments that Ash and his Pokémon are very psyched for their Gym battle. Cilan comments that it can't be easy waiting for Clay to accept Ash's challenge for a Gym battle. Chili arrives and greets Cilan. The sun shines high in the sky, and Pidove fly in the sky, as Cilan talks to his brother Chili. Cilan asks Chili what he is doing there. Chili says to Cilan that he's on journey while traveling around and training like Cilan. Iris remembers that Chili is the Gym Leader that uses the Fire Type Pansear, Cilan is the Gym Leader that uses Pansage, and Cress is the Gym Leader that uses Panpour. She also remembers that a challenger get to choose which Gym Leader that they want to battle. Iris asks Chili how the Gym is able to function with both Chili and Cilan gone. With an angry face, Chili says that Cress can handle the Gym on his own. Chili asks Cilan if they can have a battle, and that he wants to see how much Cilan has learned from his training. He hopes that Cilan hasn't forgotten his goal of mastering being a Connoisseur. Cilan says that he hasn't forgotten, and accepts the challenge.

Ash volunteers to be the referee, and says that both Cilan and Chili will use two Pokémon each. Chili brings out Pansear, as Cilan is happy to see his friend for the first time in awhile and tells Pansear that it's great to see it. Cilan brings out Pansage for battle. Pansage and Pansear join hands as they see each other for the first time in awhile. Ash comments that they are both good friends, and says good luck to both of them. Iris reminds Ash that he is the referee, not a cheerleader. Chili says to Cilan that as he usually does, he's using a Pokémon that is at a disadvantage against his Pansear. Cilan tells Chili that it is his battling style, and that is how they usually do it at the Striaton Gym. Chili asks Cilan that as a Pokémon Connoisseur, does he want to stick with the same battling style forever. Cilan tells Chili that he should save his comments for after they finish their battle, as Chili becomes frustrated.

Pansear uses Flamethrower, while Pansage dodges the attack. Pansear uses Fire Punch, while Pansage again dodges the attack. Chili tells Cilan that battling isn't all about dodging. Cilan says that Dodging is a part of battling as well. Pansear uses another Flamethrower, while Pansage once again dodges the attack. Pansear uses Flame Charge, while Pansage uses Rock Tomb. Rock Tomb hits Pansear and sends it backwards to the ground. Pansear uses Fire Blast, while Pansage uses Dig to dodge the attack. Pansage comes up from under the ground to hit Pansear, and then knocks Pansear out with a Solarbeam. Ash asks Pansear if its okay, and Iris tells Ash that he can't say that during the battle. Ash declares Cilan and Pansage the winners. After the battle, Pansage helps Pansear to its feet.

Chili tries to recall Pansear to its Poké ball, but Pansear jumps to avoid it. Pansear angrily yells at Chili for them losing the battle. Chili tells Pansear that they lost because its Fire Blast missed its target when it mattered most, which enrages Pansear and makes its face turn red as it throws a temper tantrum about it. Ash walks over to them and asks them to stop fighting. Iris says that it looks very bad to see them fighting after the battle. Cilan tells Chili that it was his fault and that he shouldn't blame Pansear for them losing the battle. Chili says that they lost because Pansear blew it, as Pansear hits Chili with a Flamethrower. Chili yells at Pansear again, and Pansear runs away, and jumps over the wall. Ash asks Chili if he's going to go after Pansear, while Chili says that if Pansear doesn't want to be his Pokémon then fine with him. Chili runs away and out the door after saying that. Iris asks Cilan if he is going to go after Chili, while Cilan says that since he knows him well, if he talks to him right away that it will make matters worse. Cilan says that he will give Cress a phone call and see what's going on.

At the Pokémon Center, Cress tells Cilan that Chili ran away from the Gym, and that he has been worried about him ever since. Cilan tells Cress that Chili said that he went on a journey so that he can train harder. Cress says that he thinks he knows what's bothering Chili. A flashback is shown of Chili and Cress having a conversation about Gym battles. Chili says that he can't believe he lost to so many trainers in a row. Cress tells Chili that losing to challengers is part of a Gym Leader's job. Chili says that Gym Leaders are supposed to show how strong they are first, but says that he is losing way too quickly. Chili thinks that Cress believes that he is a loser. Chili asks Cress to tell him why he's losing challenges so easily. Cress says to Chili that he relies so much on attacking the opponent, that he is not focusing at all on defense, which makes Chili mad as his face turns bright red. Chili tells Cress that because of what he said, they are not brothers anymore, as he runs out of the Gym. Cress tells Cilan that he tried to help, but instead hurt Chili's feelings. Cilan says to Cress that Chili most likely ran away because he wants to sort out his thoughts and feelings. Cress asks Cilan to look after Chili, as Cilan says that they always care for and support each other. Iris says that Chili has a short temper, while Cilan explains that each of them is different, but they are able to cover for each other when there are things they can't handle. Ash asks Cilan if he knows where Chili is, while Cilan explains that Chili eats a certain food when he is upset.

At a donut shop, Chili is chowing down on some donuts, as Cilan approaches him. Cilan tells Chili that Cress told him that he ran away from the Gym, and is really worried about him. Chili says that Cress is probably happy that he is gone so that Chili won't lose anymore Gym battles. Ash tells Chili that it isn't true, and Iris tells him that he sounds like a kid when he says that, which makes Chili mad. Cilan tells Chili that their bond as brothers is strong as possible, and that they care about each other. Chili agrees with Cilan and says that he has a lot of questions, but can't find any answers. Cilan asks him what is bothering him. Chili admits that he loses his temper during battle, and that his battling has been all about offense. He said that Cress said the same thing, and Chili couldn't accept that. Chili explains that he didn't want to go back to the Striaton Gym, so he decided to start his own journey. He began to think that maybe he should change his battle style, but he didn't know how. When Chili was at the Driftveil City Pokémon Center, he heard that Cilan was in town, and thought that maybe having a battle with Cilan would help answer some of his questions. Cilan suggests to Chili that he shows him what he has learned in his training so far. Cilan tells Chili that as a Pokémon Connoisseur, he would like to do an evaluation of Chili and Pansear. Iris reminds them that they have to find Pansear first, as Ash suggests that they split up and search for it. Chili tells them that he knows exactly where Pansear is.

Pansear is sitting in a tree, and angrily eating a couple of apples. When Ash and his friends show up at the tree, Ash comments that Pansear is just like Chili. Chili apologizes to Pansear for blaming it for their loss, and that he was wrong. Pansear throws an apple at Chili, as Chili thinks that Pansear is still mad at him. Cilan says that they should leave things to Pansage. Pansage climbs up the tree to talk to Pansear, as Iris comments that Pansage and Pansear sound exactly like Cilan and Chili, and Ash says that they are just like them. Pansear turns away from Pansage after some discussion because it is still upset. Chili climbs up the tree to talk to Pansear. Chili apologizes and says that he was wrong. Chili tells Pansear that he has a dream that they will open the first Fire Type Gym in the Unova Region. Chili says that for them to do that, they have to master Fire Types, and asks that they work together towards making that dream come true. Pansear accepts Chili's apology, as they lock hands with fire shown in the background. Cilan comments that their fiery passion makes them a great team.

Meanwhile, on Milos Island, Team Rocket is in front of the Thundurus Shrine as James pulls out the lightning wedge. James smashes the lightning wedge on the ground as the shrine lights up. Meowth comments that it won't be long until the God of Lightning Thundurus appears. Back at the park in Driftveil City, Cilan begins his evaluation of Chili and Pansear. Cilan explains that Pansear is called the high temp Pokémon and that its ability is Gluttony. Cilan says that Chili fits the Gluttony description so they make a good match. Cilan explains that when Pansear gets mad, the tuft on its head heats up and makes its attacks stronger. He says that the way Pansear uses its anger for strength matches Chili as well. Chili and Pansear agree with what Cilan is saying. Cilan concludes that both Pansear and Chili are a perfect match. Chili and Pansear are very happy that they are a perfect team. Cilan decides that they should next look at Pansear's moves.

Cilan remembers that Pansear knows Fire Punch, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, and Flame Charge. Cilan says that since they are all Fire Type moves, that they are too simple and not balanced. Cilan explains that having a balanced move set is very important. Cilan suggests that Pansear replace Fire Blast or Flamethrower with another type of move. Chili asks Cilan what he suggests as a Connoisseur for a different move for Pansear. Cilan says that being a Fire Type, Pansear needs to be careful of Water Type Pokémon, and that a Grass Type move is very effective against Water Type Pokémon. Cilan suggests that Pansear should learn Solarbeam which is a Grass Type move. Iris says that maybe Pansear should instead learn a defensive move. Cilan says that with the personalities that Pansear and Chili have, being defensive wouldn't fit their style, and that they should be more of an offensive team. Cilan and Chili say together that the best offense is the best defense. Chili says that Cilan knows exactly how to handle his situation, and knows what makes them tick. Cilan explains that the traits are what he picked up while traveling with Iris and Ash. Cilan explains that when he first started out, that he used to think that balancing moves is what's most important, but realized that their is more to it than that. Cilan explains that factoring in the Pokémon trainer, their personality, bond, compatibility, and the distinct way that they use each move, it helps him bring out the best that they can be. Chili and Pansear decide to do their best to master Solarbeam.

Cilan says that they should start by learning how to absorb the sun's energy. He explains that first they must open up their heart. Cilan, Chili, Ash, Iris, and their Pokémon open their arms and take in the sunlight. Cilan asks Chili if he can hear the voice of the grass and trees, but at first Chili can't hear it as Cilan explains that once they open their heart, they can hear it. Iris, Ash, and Chili begin to hear the voices, as Chili says that it sounds very gentle but is still there. Cilan says that they must take the sunlight they absorbed and focus it on one tiny point. Pansage demonstrates how to focus it on one point, and Pansear tries to do it. Cilan tells them to release it at once to form a powerful beam. Pansage demonstrates how to do it, and Pansear tries to mimic him, but is unable to fire Solarbeam. Cilan says that they have to give it more time for it to work. Cilan says that it's time to work on their stamina and strength.

Everyone and their Pokémon take a run down the pathway, Pansear does some push-ups and sit-ups, runs around some more, practices absorbing sunlight, punches a fruit of a tree, runs across the dock, and runs up the stairs and jumps up and down at the top. Cilan tells them that it's time to try to use Solarbeam again. He tells them to first absorb the sun's energy, focus the sunlight energy to one point as Chili tells Pansear to concentrate, and then release it all at once. Chili tells Pansear to release it. Pansear was successfully able to use Solarbeam as both of theirs collided to create a small explosion. Cilan says to Chili that now Pansear can use Solarbeam, they should look at its other moves. Cilan explains that Flame Charge raises the speed of the user, but it can also be used to dodge an opponent's attack. He explains that even though defense is their weakness, if they endure the opponent's attacks, and turn the anger into attack energy, the moves will strengthen. Chili wants to have a battle, as Ash volunteers since he wants to train for his upcoming Gym battle.

As Chili and Ash were getting ready to battle, Oshawott pops out of its Poké ball and volunteers to battle before Ash is able to choose a Pokémon. Iris points out that since Oshawott is a Water Type, it has an advantage over Pansear since it is a Fire Type. Chili says to Ash that going up against a Pokémon when they have a disadvantage fires them up even more, as Chili asks Ash to use Oshawott for battle. Pansear uses Fire Blast, while Oshawott uses Water Gun as both attacks collide to create steam. Pansear uses Fire Punch, while Oshawott uses Razor Shell as both attacks collide. Cilan comments that Pansear is overcoming its disadvantage with power and momentum. Pansear uses Flame Charge, while Oshawott uses Tackle as both attacks collide. Pansear uses Fire Punch to hit Oshawott and send it flying into the air. Oshawott pulls himself together and uses Aqua Jet, while Pansear is able to dodge it. Iris comments that it's just like Cilan said, Pansear is using its speed to dodge. Pansear uses Fire Punch on Oshawott's Aqua Jet, as they are both sent backwards.

Iris says that they are even, but Oshawott's moves should be super-effective against Pansear. Cilan says to himself that Chili and Pansear are on a roll, which is powering up Pansear's moves. Ash tells Oshawott that it's close combat time. Oshawott uses multiple Razor Shell attacks, as Pansear tries to block them. Iris wonders why Pansear is blocking a super-effective move. Chili tells Pansear to hang in there, and to make sure it gets a lot stronger with all of the anger it has. Pansear becomes very angry, as a fiery blaze surrounds it and its body turns red. Pansear uses Solarbeam as Oshawott tries to dodge, but the attack hits and knocks Oshawott out. Chili and Pansear hug each other and celebrate their win. Ash compliments Oshawott and returns him to his Poké ball.

As the sun sets, Chili thanks Cilan for all of his help. Chili tells Cilan that he has decided to go back to the Striaton Gym to make up with Cress. Chili and Cilan shake hands and wave farewell, as Chili walks away with Pansear on his shoulder. Pansage waves goodbye to Pansear as they walk away. Nurse Joy comes out of the Pokémon Center to tell Ash that Clay is back at the Gym and is ready for his challenge. As the episode ends, a thunderstorm with black clouds appears over Milos Island, as Thundurus' shrine is shown below.

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