Battling the Bully!


The episode begins where the previous episode left off, as Ash and his friends were headed to Mistralton City, when they ran into a Krokorok with sunglasses. Pikachu comes out in front of Ash to confront Krokorok, as Krokorok uses Crunch which misses Pikachu. Everyone is surprised that Krokorok tried to use Crunch on Pikachu. Iris recognizes that it's the same Krokorok who evolved from the Sandile when they encountered it before. Ash asks Krokorok why he is there, as Cilan asks if Krokorok has been following them. Krokorok says that he saw them in the Don Tournament, at Gear Station in Nimbasa City, in the Driftveil City Gym, and in Chargestone Cave. Krokorok is shown in Chargestone Cave picking up Cedric Juniper's pen and throwing it, as the pen gets caught inside of Klinklang. Krokorok explains that it wants to battle Pikachu.

Pikachu uses Iron Tail, while Krokorok uses Dig to go underground. Krokorok jumps out of the ground and uses Crunch, while Pikachu dodges it. Krokorok uses Stone Edge, while Pikachu counters with Electro Ball as the two attacks collide. The collision creates an explosion that sends Pikachu and Krokorok flying in opposite directions. Pikachu rolls down a large hill, through a tree, and then lands in Nick's arms as he is walking down the street. After Pikachu lands in Nick's arms, he shocks him with Thunderbolt as Nick falls to the ground. Nick looks at Pikachu and says that he's never seen it before. Nick thinks that it's a new Pokémon species, and that he's made a huge discovery as Pikachu is confused about it. Nick recognizes the attack as Thunderbolt, and thinks that it's the pre-evolved form of the Legendary Pokémon Zekrom. Nick is excited that he met a rare Pokémon. Nick asks Pikachu to be friends with him, and says to Pikachu that he needs to become friends with him.

Nick goes to a park area, to show Pikachu to Glenn and Thane. Nick tells them that Pikachu is his father's Pokémon and that it is Zekrom's pre-evolved form. Glenn is excited that it may possible be Zekrom's pre-evolved form. Glenn takes Pikachu from Nick. Thane recognizes the Pokémon and tells them that it is a Pikachu. Glenn asks what a Pikachu is, as Thane tells them that it's a Pokémon from the Kanto Region. Thane explains that he saw a Pikachu when he was with his parents in Saffron City. Thane asks Nick if the Pikachu is really his father's, what moves it can use, and where did he find it. Glenn suggests that they begin to battle, and asks Nick if he wants to battle against the two Pokémon that Glenn has. Glenn says that the two Pokémon are his father's. Nick makes up an excuse that his mother wants him to run an errand, and that he'll battle another time as he runs away from them.

Meanwhile, Ash and his friends continue to search for Pikachu. They see Krokorok walking near them, and ask it if is also looking for Pikachu. Krokorok senses Pikachu's presence and heads towards that area. Cilan suggests that maybe Krokorok can sense Pikachu's location. On a hill near a lake, Nick talks to Pikachu and asks if he is really from Kanto, as Pikachu says yes. Nick wonders if Pikachu is a wild Pokémon or not. Nick asks Pikachu what moves it can use besides Thunderbolt. He wonders if Pikachu can learn Aqua Jet, Flamethrower, or Solarbeam. Ash and his friends arrive, as Ash explains that Pikachu can use Quick Attack, Electro Ball, and Iron Tail. Pikachu runs back to Ash as he picks Pikachu up. Ash is glad that Pikachu is safe. Ash says to Nick that he is Pikachu's trainer, as Ash and his friends introduce themselves and Nick does as well. Nick asks Ash if he can borrow his Pikachu so that he can battle Thane and Glenn and win. Iris comments that it was the reason that Nick asked what Pikachu's moves were. Cilan asks Nick to tell them what happened.

Nick explains that he was watching Glenn battle with Patrat, and Thane battle with Blitzle against each other. Patrat uses Tackle, as Blitzle dodges it. Glenn yells at Thane for having Blitzle dodge and says that it is unfair. Thane explains that if it doesn't dodge then he'll lose. Glenn tells him that he will be the one to win anyway. Nick explains that Glenn was the one that said that they should have a Pokémon battle, and that he is very demanding with sudden ideas. Iris says that they are too young to battle and be Pokémon trainers. Cilan explains that it's not a proper battle, but a make-believe battle. Nick asks his friends if he can have a Pokémon to battle with too, but Thane won't let him borrow one, as Glenn says that he has to find his own Pokémon if he wants to battle as he pushes Nick. Nick tells them that he'll be back with a really rare Pokémon to surprise them. As he walks down the street, he realizes that his father has no Pokémon. That's when Pikachu landed in his arms. Iris understands now why he is asking to borrow Pikachu. Ash tells Nick that he is going to let him battle with Pikachu. Cilan suggests that Nick needs to fully understand his partner Pokémon before battling. They decide to do some training first.

Ash wonders who he should use to go against Pikachu, as Krokorok comes and volunteers to be the opponent. Ash asks Krokorok to go easy on Nick since it is his first battle. Nick is able to remember Quick Attack and Thunderbolt, but Iris has to remind him about Electro Ball and Iron Tail. Ash tells Nick to attack first. Nick commands Pikachu to use Thunderbolt, as Pikachu is puzzled as to why Nick called for it. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt anyway, as Krokorok is able to resist the attack which surprises Nick. Ash explains to Nick that Krokorok is part Ground Type so Electric Type moves won't have any effect on it. Cilan explains to Nick that he must think about the type compatibility of his Pokémon. Nick understands that Electric Type moves won't work, so commands Pikachu to use Quick Attack. Pikachu uses Quick Attack, which lands a hit on Krokorok. Iris tells Nick that he shouldn't cheer after a move hits, and that they should use the next move. Nick is unsure of what attack to have Pikachu use next, as Pikachu wags his tail to indicate Iron Tail.

Nick commands Pikachu to use Iron Tail, while Krokorok uses Dig to avoid the attack. Iris tells Nick to observe closely since he doesn't know where Krokorok will appear from. Krokorok comes out of the ground in front of Nick, as Nick falls backwards to the ground. Krokorok uses Crunch as Iris tells Nick to call a command. Nick commands Pikachu to use Iron Tail, as it hits Krokorok in the head and knocks his sunglasses off of his head. Krokorok panics after it realizes that the sunglasses are gone, as Ash explains that it is timid without its sunglasses. Krokorok tries to use Crunch on Pikachu after he knocked its sunglasses off. Ash tells Krokorok to stop or else it will become a real battle, as he brings out Tepig to be Pikachu's next opponent.

Back at the park, Blitzle and Patrat are completely worn out as Glenn celebrates his victory. Thane returns both Pokémon to their Poké balls. Thane wonders what his father will think with the Pokémon so worn out. Glenn wonders what Nick is doing that he is so late, while Thane thinks that he won't come, and that they don't know who the Pikachu belongs to. Glenn says that he'll bring Nick so that hr can battle the Pikachu. Glenn tells Thane to borrow some more Pokémon that are stronger and cooler. Glenn insists that Thane bring more Pokémon, as Thane decides to go borrow different Pokémon. Glenn decides that he will go look for Nick.

Pikachu uses Quick Attack, while Tepig uses Tackle as both attacks collide. Cilan steps in and says that it is enough practice battling. Cilan tells Nick that he has improved a lot, and that he'll be an excellent trainer some day. He says that since he is a Pokémon Connoisseur, that he can tell that about a trainer. Iris tells Nick to trust Cilan since he is one of the Gym Leaders of the Striaton Gym. Nick says that when he becomes a trainer that he will travel through cities, meet a lot of Pokémon, and make friends with the Pokémon. Ash tells Nick that heart is very important, and that linking his heart with his Pokémon's heart is the most important thing. Glenn shows up and asks Nick what he is doing there, as Ash introduces himself. Glenn asks Nick if they are still going to have a Pokémon battle.

At the park, Thane brings out Seismitoad and Scolipede for Thane to use. Ash scans Scolipede and Seismitoad with his Pokédex. Ash is excited to see Palpitoad's evolved form. Glenn decides to use both of the Pokémon. Thane says that it would be unfair to have a 2-on-1 battle, as Glenn suggests that they have a double battle. Krokorok steps in and volunteers to be Pikachu's partner for the double battle. Cilan decides to be the referee, and that he will judge over victory and loss in the battle since it is not an official battle.

Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, while Glenn wants to attack too but Thane says that they should have Seismitoad block the attack. Seismitoad blocks by taking the attack, while Thane explains that since Seismitoad is part Ground Type, Electric Type moves won't have any affect on it. Scolipede uses Poison Tail, while Nick is unsure of what attack to have Krokorok use, and tells it to use something. Krokorok uses Stone Edge as Pikachu and Scolipede dodge the attack. Thane tells Glenn that they wouldn't have to dodge if it had used Protect. Glenn tells him that attacking is the only option, as Scolipede sweats while hearing them argue.

Pikachu uses Electro Ball on Scolipede and Krokorok uses Crunch on Seismitoad, while Scolipede counters with Sludge Bomb on Pikachu and Seismitoad uses Drain Punch on Krokorok. Thane tells him that it is better to have Seismitoad battle Pikachu instead, as Glenn yells at him and says to keep quiet. Pikachu's Electro Ball easily gets through Sludge Bomb to hit Scolipede, and Seismitoad's Drain Punch can't handle Krokorok's Crunch as they are sent backwards and land on each other on the ground. Cilan ends the battle and says that Nick is the winner. Nick celebrates as Pikachu and Krokorok high five each other. Glenn yells at Nick and calls him arrogant, as Nick says that he fought the best way that he could. Glenn tells him that it is what makes him arrogant and tries to punch him, while Ash steps in to stop the punch. Thane tells Glenn that he doesn't want to play with him anymore. Thane is worried about his father's Pokémon, as Cilan gives him Pokémon food that has a blend of berries and medicinal plants to give to the Pokémon for recovering strength.

Glenn calms down, and says that he had fun with the battle. Ash tells Nick that no matter if they win or lose, that they should remains friends and tells him to shake hands. Glenn apologizes for his actions, as Nick tells him not to, and that it would be great for them to have a battle together again some day. Cilan says that they are lucky that they were able to witness a great make-believe battle. Iris says that she hopes they will make great Pokémon trainers some day. Krokorok bites onto Pikachu, as Ash tries to get it off him and Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to help as well. As Ash pulls Krokorok off of Pikachu, they fall backwards onto the ground. Ash asks Krokorok if it wants to settle the score with Pikachu. Nick is confused as Iris explains that Krokorok doesn't belong to Ash, and Cilan says that Pikachu is Krokorok's destined rival.

Krokorok comes at Pikachu with Crunch, while Pikachu uses Quick Attack as both attacks collide. Krokorok uses Stone Edge, while Pikachu dodges them but becomes trapped in the middle of the stones. Krokorok uses Dig and comes out of the ground to hit Pikachu with its tail. Pikachu is able to pull itself together to land safely on the ground. Krokorok charges towards Pikachu, as Ash commands Pikachu to use Thunderbolt. Nick says that it won't work on Pikachu, as Ash tells Pikachu to aim at Krokorok's feet. Thunderbolt hits the ground, as Krokorok trips and lands face first onto the ground. Cilan explains that even with a disadvantage, they can use the right scheme to turn the situation into an advantageous one, and that it's what battles are all about. Pikachu uses Quick Attack which hits Krokorok, and sends its sunglasses flying causing Krokorok to panic. Nick asks why they don't attack, and Ash explains that they have to fight fair since it is a real battle.

Krokorok finds its sunglasses and uses Crunch, while Pikachu uses Iron Tail which hits Krokorok and knocks it out. The three boys cheer as they thought that the battle was cool and that they want to have real battles some day. Ash asks if Krokorok is okay, as it walks away with a sad look on its face. Cilan comments that Krokorok feels very bad about losing. Ash asks Krokorok to come with them and Krokorok agrees. Ash throws a Poké ball which successfully captures Krokorok.

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Ash's Pikachu Ash's Tepig Ash's Krokorok

Iris's Excadrill Iris's Axew

Sean's Patrat Sean's Blitzle Sean's Seismitoad Sean's Scolipede

Wild's Sandile Wild's Krokorok Wild's Joltik Wild's Galvantula Wild's Klinklang