A Clubsplosion of Excitement!


The episode begins with a recap of the battles from the previous episode. As the battle between Trip and Bianca continues, Conkeldurr uses Stone Edge towards Emboar as Emboar is trapped in the middle of several rocks from Rock Tomb. Bianca tells Emboar that she believes in him and that he can do it. Stone Edge hits and creates a smokey explosion. As the smoke clears, Emboar's eye shines and he is shown holding the rocks to everyone's surprise. Don George, Ash, and his friends comment on how Bianca's strong bond and encouragement is what helped Emboar be able to hang in there and grab the Stone Edge rocks. Emboar Flings the rocks at Conkeldurr while Trip didn't realize that Fling can be used that way. Conkeldurr uses its concrete pillars to knock the rocks away. Emboar moves through the rocks and grabs the pillars. Emboar uses Fling to send the pillar at Conkeldurr landing a critical hit and knocking Conkeldurr out. Bianca wins the battle and moves on to the second round, as the first round comes to an end. Bianca calls Emboar the strongest Pokémon after winning. Don George says that he liked seeing the unconventional usage of Fling. Ash and his friends were very impressed with how the battle went. Trip says that it will be a long time before he can defeat Alder. The announcer says that the second round won't begin until the next day. Don George says that all of the first round battles are not comparable and were all very good to see.

At the Pokémon Center, Trip was picking up his fully healed Conkeldurr from Nurse Joy. Nurse Joy asks Trip if he is leaving already, and he says yes. Ash arrives and says to Trip that he is disappointed that he could not face his Conkeldurr before he went down. Trip tells him that he won't lose to Ash the next time they battle. After Trip leaves, Georgia and Burgundy comment on how Trip cannot be prideful anymore after the loss. Cilan compliments Stephan and his Sawk on their strength, power, and how hard Stephan must have worked to get Sawk to train to that level. Stephan tells Cilan that he pronounced his name wrong again. Bianca comes over to them, and says that she doesn't want to be left out of conversations about muscles. Ash and Iris are pumped up about their battles and are confident that they will win. Georgia comments about Iris boasting about making it through and that she will win in the second round. Burgundy is surrounded by a purple aura, sarcastically says that it's good that they made it to the second round, and angrily says that she wants everyone to lose. Ash brings out Scraggy to tell him that the battles will be harder, and that to do well they must work on perfecting Focus Blast. He asks Pikachu for his help in training Scraggy. Stephan arrives and says that he will help them train as well. They hear and see an explosion across in the distance, and run towards it to see what is going on. Masaomi and Throh are practicing for the second round by Throh using Seismic Toss with a few rocks and throwing them to the ground. Ash asks Masaomi if he is training too, and that Stephan is helping him train. Masaomi says that he does not practice with his enemies. The next day, the second round begins. The match ups for the second round are revealed. Cilan faces Stephan, Bakkie faces Ash, Georgia faces Bianca, and Masaomi faces Iris. Don George announces Cilan and Stephan for the first battle. He says Cilan is the Grass-type Gym Leader of the Striaton Gym, and wonders if he is at the tournament to show off his Pokémon Connoisseur skills, or to expand his knowledge as a Gym Leader. Burgundy yells that Cilan must lose and go down no matter what. Don George announces Stephan to be going on journey after journey, and together with Sawk are there to show their strength. Don George calls Stephan a completely different name which angers him. Ash and his friends comment on how great the battle should be, and Ash tells Scraggy to watch the battle closely since he'll learn a lot from it. Burgundy says that she thinks Cilan will suffer a crushing defeat, and that she can hardly wait to see it happen.

Pansage uses Bullet Seed which Sawk uses Close Combat to block and move towards Pansage. Sawk finishes Close Combat to knock Pansage down to the ground. Don George calls it a head on match, while Burgundy yells to them that Cilan must be given a beating and suffer despair. Sawk uses Karate Chop and Pansage uses Bite to grab onto Sawk's hand. Cilan tries to do his evaluating time routine but Stephan stops him and says that Sawk isn't done yet. Sawk sends Pansage hard to the ground. Burgundy likes seeing the tasting time get blocked. Pansage is able to stand up and Stephan comments that he is tough as Cilan says the same about Sawk. Burgundy is upset that Pansage didn't stay down. Sawk uses Low Sweep which Pansage tries to dodge, but Sawk makes contact and knocks him out. Stephan wins as his name is said wrong again, but he dances in victory. Ash and Iris comment on how Cilan didn't get to do his evaluation time this time. Burgundy is happy that Cilan lost because he is annoying and that his evaluation time was interrupted. The announcer says that Stephan will move on to the semi-finals and says his name wrong again. Cilan tells Pansage that he did a good job, congratulates Stephan on the win, and compliments his Sawk for being so strong. Burgundy says that a loss is still a loss, and Georgia gets annoyed by Burgundy's rantings that she asks her what Cilan did to make her so upset.

Don George announces the next two competitors for the second round. He says that only one of the three roughneck siblings made it to the second round, the sibling who made it is the only girl and her name is Bakkie. Bakkie's two brothers cheer her on. Don George says that Ash is trying to become a Pokémon Master, hopes to make it to the Unova League, and that he has six badges right now. Bakkie brings out Simipour and Ash uses Scraggy. Ash scans Simipour with his Pokédex. Bakkie calls Scraggy a pipsqueak and wants to get the battle done and over with quickly. Simipour uses Aqua Tail while Scraggy blocks the attack with Hi Jump Kick. They are shown to be on even ground. Bakkie comments that Scraggy is better than she thought. Simipour uses Brick Break as Scraggy pulls up his rubber pants to block the attack. Scraggy tries to use Focus Blast, but it completely misses Simipour. Bakkie says that it is not focused at all, while Ash's friends look frustrated about it as well. Simipour uses Acrobatics which hurts Scraggy. Scraggy uses Leer which scares Simipour and Bakkie tells it not to be a wuss. Simipour uses Brick Break while Scraggy uses Headbutt, as the two moves are even. Scraggy finishes Headbutt to send Simipour to the ground. Scraggy knocks out Simipour with a Hi Jump Kick. Ash wins the battle as he moves on to the semi-finals. Ash's friends say that even though Focus Blast wasn't perfected, that Scraggy is very happy to have won and gained experience in the battle. Burgundy is upset that Cilan is so complimentary about Ash and Scraggy after he lost already.

Don George announces the next two competitors for the second round. He says that Georgia is a Dragon-type Buster and that her soul is very strong. He says that Bianca is the noisiest trainer and that she has a great smile, as she acknowledges the crowd. Bianca uses Emboar and Georgia uses Bisharp. Ash and his friends wonder if Bianca's Emboar is going to be able to handle a close range battle with Georgia's Bisharp. Georgia asks Bianca how they will handle Bisharp and her sharp body. Bianca interrupts Georgia which upsets her. Emboar uses Flamethrower as Bisharp blocks it away. Emboar follows it up with Hammer Arm as Bisharp blocks with Guillotine. The two moves create a colorful clash as they create smoke and back away. Bisharp uses Metal Sound to lower Emboar's defense. Bisharp uses Iron Head, while Emboar uses Flamethrower to knock her out. Bianca wins the battle and moves on to the semi-finals. Bianca says to Emboar that it did an exceptional job and that she is very happy. Georgia says to her Bisharp that because she didn't lose to a Dragon type Pokémon, that the loss doesn't count. Ash and his friends say that Emboar's brute force is how he was able to win.

Don George announces the last two competitors for the second round. He says that Masaomi is a red hot strong competitor, and asks whether his strength will be enough. He says that Iris' dream is to be a Dragon master and that she has her heart linked with Dragon type Pokémon. Georgia yells at everyone that he called her an expert on Dragon Pokémon when she is using Excadrill who isn't a Dragon type Pokémon. Masaomi uses Throh and Iris uses Excadrill. Excadrill uses Drill Run but Throh throws him with Circle Throw. Excadrill uses Dig, but Throh uses Superpower to send Excadrill up from under the ground. Throh finishes Excadrill off with a Seismic Toss. Throh respectfully bows to Excadrill after the win. Iris tells Excadrill that they will work hard to get stronger together. Ash and his friends can't believe how powerful Throh really is, and wonder how anyone can't beat him. Bianca exclaims that they should not worry and that her Emboar will take Throh down. While they are surrounded by a purple aura, Georgia says that at the rate things are going it will be forever until Iris becomes a Dragon Master while Burgundy says that Throh should just take down everybody. Masaomi's win concludes the second round of the battle tournament.

The match ups for the semi-finals of the tournament are announced. Bianca will face Stephan, and Ash will face Masaomi. Bianca asks Stephan whether he will be able to stop their momentum. Ash tells Scraggy that they will be the ones to take down Masaomi and Throh, while Iris says she is counting on them to win. Burgundy exclaims that everyone better lose. The narrator ends the episode with the question of who will win the semi-finals and win it all.

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Nurse Joy
Don George


Ash's Pikachu Ash's Scraggy

Iris's Excadrill Iris's Axew

Nurse Joy:
Nurse Joy's Audino

Trip's Conkeldurr

Bianca's Emboar

Stephan's Sawk

Georgia's Bisharp

Montgomery's Throh

Flora's Gothorita

Edmund's Seismitoad

Angus's Simisage

Betty's Simipour

Gail's Druddigon