Commanding the Clubsplosion Crown!


This episode begins with a recap of the previous battles from the previous episode. The announcer says that from the semi-finals on, Don George will be the one to call out the competitors. Don George announces the beginning of the first semi-final battle between Stephan and Bianca, getting Stephan's name wrong as he gives Don George a disgusted look. Don George says that Stephan is the rampaging locomotive of muscles that is unstoppable once it starts moving. Sawk runs into the stadium and pumps himself up with some martial arts moves. Don George says that Sawk is the strongest striking Pokémon that will settle things with one shot.

Bianca enters the stadium on time and without tripping over herself. Don George calls Bianca the cutie princess of the Pokémon world. Emboar runs into the stadium, as Don George calls it the scorching skyscraper and red lightning. Before they begin, Don George says that he expects a fierce, heated physical fight. Stephan yells that they are both pronouncing his name wrong. Cilan says that he wishes both of them could win the battle. Burgundy tells Cilan that he says such naive things, that it is no wonder he lost already. Georgia comments that whoever is stronger will win the battle, just like her the Dragon Buster. Iris says to her that she lost though, and calls her a child. Georgia yells at Iris and says that as long as she doesn't lose to a Dragon Type, it doesn't count as a loss for her. Iris says that by saying that, it makes her a child. Axew tries to calm them down, as they look away from each other.

Sawk begins the battle with Bulk Up, as Cilan explains that by using Bulk Up, Sawk is raising his attack and defensive power early on. Emboar attacks Sawk with Hammer Arm, but it dodges the attack which upsets Bianca as she says that dodging is mean. Sawk uses Karate Chop on Emboar's left side hurting him badly. Emboar uses Hammer Arm again, while Sawk dodges the attack as Bianca says it is unfair that Sawk is dodging the attack. Sawk uses Close Combat to hit Emboar, while it fights back by grabbing Sawk and throwing him. He then uses Bulk Up to power up again as Don George comments that it is powering up its attack and defensive power even more. Don George is excited to see what it leads to. Emboar uses Flamethrower which Sawk dodges, as Bianca says that dodging is against the rules. Sawk uses double Karate Chops to knock Emboar out. Burgundy comments that the Karate Chop had an incredibly powerful and violent feel. Cilan says that adding altitude to Karate Chop makes it even stronger and cooler to see. The announcer says that the battle ended up being very heated. Don George says that the combination of Pokémon and Trainer is the key to victory. Ash says that he will be in the semi-finals as well, as Cilan tells him that it's time that he went to the entrance gate. Ash tells Pikachu that he's counting on him to cheer them on.

Don George announces the beginning of the second Semi-Finals between Ash and Masaomi. Don George calls Ash the trainer of the new century, who call up storms that change the era with his willpower. Don George calls Scraggy the fireball boy with skin pants, and the stubborn shedding gang leader. Burgundy is surprised that he called Scraggy that. Cilan explains that Scraggy is the shedding Pokémon. Don George calls Masaomi the greatest tyrant and the coolest trainer in the world of Pokémon trainers. Don George then calls Throh the hybrid battle cyborg and the steely workman as Throh strikes a pose. Bianca says that Throh's previous battles were over quickly, and wonders if Scraggy will be okay. Don George is excited to see how Scraggy will battle.

Scraggy walks up to Throh to try and use Leer as Cilan says that their plan is to lower Throh's defense first, but Throh terrifies Scraggy by glaring at him. Masaomi explains that even though Throh can't use leer, his glaring can terrify an opponent. Scraggy runs back to Ash after being scared by Throh. Don George comments that Scraggy is under pressure because of Throh's strong spirit. Ash tells Scraggy not to show him any less spirit, and that they will leer together. Both Ash and Scraggy leer at Throh together. Masaomi thinks that it is pointless for them to be doing that. Throh makes a gesture towards Scraggy, telling him to come closer. Scraggy uses Focus Blast, but it misses and hits the wall as Throh just stands on the field without reacting at all and Masaomi doesn't give any commands. Cilan comments that Masaomi and Throh knew that the Focus Blast would miss. Scraggy attempts to use Focus Blast multiple times but fails to hit Throh each time, as Throh just stands on the field without reacting at all and Masaomi doesn't give any commands again. Georgia comments that Masaomi and Throh have Focus Blast completely figured out.

Masaomi comments that if Ash won't fight close up, then Masaomi will be the one to do that. Throh moves towards Scraggy to use Superpower and Scraggy tries to fight back with Hi Jump Kick, but it was a trick so that Throh could Circle Throw him to the ground. Scraggy tries to use Headbutt on Throh but it doesn't do any damage so he was able to use Superpower to throw Scraggy again. Scraggy prepares to use Focus Blast, as Bianca wonders if it will land a hit this time. Iris comments that if it hits while being at a close distance, it will deal a lot of damage. Scraggy tries and fails to land another Focus Blast attack. Throh tightens his belt, and finishes Scraggy off with a Seismic Toss. Georgia comments that the outcome was inevitable, as Iris is disgusted by her comment. Burgundy says that Throh is an expert. Masaomi and Stephan are announced as the finalists for the tournament. The announcer says that the semi-final match up is very appropriate for the Donamite. Sawk is called the master of striking moves, and Throh is called the master of throwing moves. He calls it the battle of the century.

While taking a break, Bianca rubs Sawk's arm and admires him before hugging him. Cilan serves Stephan and Sawk an easily digestible lunch. Georgia comments that they shouldn't eat so fast, as they chow down on the food. Burgundy comments that it makes easily digestible food pointless. Stephan and Sawk begin to eat slowly after they said that. Ash says that he envies Stephan since he is in the finals. Cilan asks Stephan if he finished going over his opponent prior to the finals. Stephan says that he hasn't done that. Ash wonders if Stephan will be alright since he didn't analyze his opponent. Stephan explains that their style of battling is being right in front of the opponent and defeat them, no matter how many tricks the opponent uses. Sawk remembers when Throh hit him in the shoulder while passing him by earlier in the tournament. Cilan suggests that they go over the battles that were prior to the finals, as Ash remembers the three moves Throh has used so far (Circle Throw, Superpower, and Seismic Toss). Iris believes that it is unlikely that Throh only has those three moves. Ash says that Throh is still hiding another move. Stephan recalls ringing the Bell of Wishes.

Don George announces the beginning of the final tournament battle between Stephan and Masaomi while Stephan enters the stadium acknowledging the crowd. Don George calls Stephan the wild, invulnerable samurai, and the aggressive, recklessly charging trainer. Stephan again says that Don George was pronouncing his name wrong. Sawk enters the stadium and does a reverse side kick pose. Don George calls Sawk the strongest Karate king, and the terrifying blue crusher. Don George introduces Masaomi and Throh as the other finalists. Don George calls Masaomi the prince of swift defeats and aloof, and an ingenious trainer. Don George calls Throh the strongest Judo king, and a terrifying shoot wrestler. Throh tugs on his black belt, and does a martial arts pose. Don George says that he expects a frontal clash in the finals. Ash and his friends wish Stephan good luck. Stephan says that he thinks they are playing with his name.

Sawk begins with Low Sweep but Throh uses Circle Throw to throw him to the ground with Sawk able to land on his feet. Sawk was able to receive only minimal damage due to his quick response to being thrown. Sawk tries to use Karate Chop on Throh but he is grabbed while Throh is on his knees, and Throh uses Circle Throw attack on him again. Throh grabs Sawk with Bind and takes him to the ground. Ash realizes that Throh was hiding another move. Don George says that if Sawk stays in Bind, then he will faint from it. Stephan pumps himself up as if he is using Bulk Up with steam coming out of his nose. Stephan tells Sawk to use Bulk Up. Sawk uses Bulk Up, and then Close Combat to be released from Bind. Sawk once again tries to use Low Sweep which hits its mark, but Throh grabs him once again and uses Superpower to throw him to the ground. Throh tries to hit Sawk when he is on the ground, but Sawk dodges the attack. Everyone claps and cheers, with how exciting the battle is. Cilan and Burgundy's heart are both touched by the battle. Burgundy is frustrated by how well Cilan is able to do his tasting of the battle. Georgia declares that Cilan wins the Connoisseur showdown. Burgundy yells at Georgia that since she lost in the second round, then she can't talk. Georgia reminds Burgundy that she lost in the first round. The both look away with disgusted looks on their faces.

Sawk uses Bulk Up to strengthen himself but Throh grabs him and brings him into the air to do a Seismic Toss. Don George comments that if Sawk is thrown with Seismic Toss, that he doesn't know if he'll be able to get up afterwards. Sawk is able to slip out of Throh's grip but they both hit the ground hard. Don George says that both Pokémon have suffered a lot of damage. They have trouble getting up, but Masaomi and Stephan encourage them to get up and finish the battle. Throh moves in to finish off Sawk with Bind, but Sawk uses Close Combat attack to finish Throh off. Don George comments that the Close Combat attack was doubled from the added momentum from turning around. Sawk respectfully bows to Throh and walks away before Throh faints. Don George knew the battle was over after Sawk bowed to Throh. Stephan wins the battle and the vitamins. The referee pronounces Stephan's name wrong as he names him the winner which makes Stephan frustrated.

Stephan is announced as the winner of the Donamite tournament. Stephan and Sawk acknowledge the crowd, as Ash and his friends clap and congratulate him on the win. Don George says that it was a soulful physical fight that was worthy of being the final battle, as he congratulates Stephan. Stephan says that Don George can do what he wants with his name, as he has a frustrated look on his face. Stephan and Sawk hug each other after their victory. Masaomi tells Stephan that he will win next time, as he respectfully shakes Stephan's hand to congratulate him on the win. Stephan tells Masaomi that he'll win the next time as well. The crowd applauds both Masaomi and Stephan after they shake hands. Don George comments that both competitors and the crowd are very honorable. Stephan is handed the sign with the year's supply of vitamins and he shows it to everyone in the stands. When Don George says that Stephan will be receiving a year's supply of Vitamin drinks, Stephan said to him "uhm, it's Stephan". When Don George tells the crowd to give a big round of applause to "uhmitsStephan", Stephan is furious and says "that's not what I meant" as his head is shown to be huge while yelling at them. Stephan calms down and remarks that his wish to the Bell of Wishes was granted. Everyone applauds for Stephan, as he and Sawk acknowledge the crowd one more time.

Later on outside of the stadium, Burgundy says to Cilan that she will be an A-class Connoisseur as well the next time they meet. Cilan says that he is looking forward to it. Burgundy is upset, as she says that Cilan's composure makes her mad. Georgia says that she wants to defeat Dragon Master Iris already. Georgia asks Iris how long she wants to keep her waiting. Iris says that she wants to be a Dragon Master if she could. Stephan says to Ash that they didn't get to battle this time. Ash says that they will battle next time for sure. Bianca asks Ash what he is going to do next. Ash says that he will go to Icirrus City and have a Gym battle there to get his seventh badge. Georgia says that they will meet again. Burgundy says that she won't lose the next time. The rivals all head to their next destination. Ash and his friends head off to Icirrus City. As the Narrator closes out the episode, he pronounces Stephan's name wrong. Stephan angrily tells the Narrator that the pronunciation is wrong.

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