A Restoration Confrontation! (Part 1)


The episode begins with a gradual change of view from the sky, all of the way down to the sewer. Inside of the sewer, Team Rocket is discussing Tirtouga with Dr. Zager on the laptop. Dr. Zager tells them that they will use either Tirtouga or Carracosta for their next mission. James says that they will have to get their hands on a Tirtouga fossil first. Dr. Zager tells them that the investigation team has reported signs coming from Twist Mountain that indicate the presence of fossils. He shows them a picture of Twist Mountain, as James recognizes it as one of the Unova Region's leading mines. He says that it is well known as a producing area for excellent minerals. Jessie says that they will go to Twist Mountain to obtain a Tirtouga fossil. Meowth says that after they do that, they will meet up with Dr. Zager. Dr. Zager says that he's waiting for good news about it, as he signs off.

In his office, A report comes in saying that the space-time distortion that is occurring underneath Twist Mountain has entered an expansion phase. Once the size of the distortion is at its maximum, Team Rocket will have their best chance. A more in depth graph of what's going on at Twist Mountain is being shown on the computer screen. Dr. Zager grins, as he looks at the device that they will be using on the Tirtouga Fossil. He thinks that if the mission is completed, Team Rocket's forces will increase rapidly. Dr. Zager takes off in the Team Rocket helicopter, and heads towards Twist Mountain.

At Twist Mountain, Ash and his friends are walking through the caves. They have trouble finding their way around, as Ash wonders if they went down the same pathway they are on before. Iris suggests that maybe they are now lost, while Cilan agrees that it seems like the wrong pathway. Cilan suggests that they head back where they came from. They hear a sound coming from further down the pathway of someone digging in the caves. Further down, there is a man named Fujio using a hammer and chisel to break through the walls of the cave. After some digging, some of the wall comes off and he finds a Tirtouga fossil. He tells the Drilbur that he is with that he's made a big discovery. Fujio tells Drilbur to extract the fossil from the wall. Drilbur uses Slash on the wall, as the fossil and some rock it's attached to come off of the wall.

Fujio looks over and sees both Pikachu and Axew behind Drilbur, as Ash and his friends approach Fujio and are relieved to have found someone in the caves. Ash and his friends introduce themselves to Fujio, as Cilan tells him that they got lost on the way to Icirrus City. Cilan sees the fossil, as he goes over to the fossil and is very excited. Cilan asks Fujio if he found the fossil in the caves and says that it would be a great historic discovery. Cilan says to Ash and Iris that it is a Pokémon fossil because of the way that it is shaped, as he points that out to them. Fujio says that they are very luck to be able to see a historic scene that will change the theory of Pokémon archaeology. Cilan explains to Ash that Pokémon archaeology is the study where a person researches Ancient Pokémon by investigating fossils and books.

Stella shows up and says that Fujio's investigation ends now, as she calls him an Amateur Archaeologist. She says that she knew it was him when the workers called and said that there was a noise coming from the unused mine. Fujio shows her the fossil that he found, as Stella tells him that this part of the cave is off-limits to outsiders. She thought that Ash and his friends were Fujio's assistants. Iris says that they lost their way, and ran into Fujio. Stella says that she will lead them out of the caves, as she walks away. Ash asks Fujio to tell them more about the fossil, as Fujio says that he'll tell them more at his house.

A Gurdurr uses Rock Smash on the wall of the caves, as several Crustle hold and rocks and part of the wall on their backs and help the workers out. Fujio and Stella walk into the part of the cave with the other workers, while he is still holding the fossil. They stand in front of a large cave machine, as the workers ask Fujio if he has found a fossil today. Fujio shows them the fossil, and they become very excited. The workers go up to Fujio to take a closer worker, as one of them said that they thought there were no fossils in Twist Mountain but they were wrong. The workers congratulate Fujio on his discovery. They ask what type of fossil he is holding, as Fujio says that he is not sure and will investigate to find out. A worker asks him if he can have a closer look later. As they were discussing the fossil, Team Rocket was watching them overhead and was listening in on what they were saying.

At Fujio's house, he cleans up the fossil, and says that it is definitely a Tirtouga Fossil. He tells Ash and his friends, that it is only a part of Tirtouga's shell that they are seeing. Fujio points out a photo of a real Tirtouga that is in a picture frame, while Stella doesn't look too pleased. Ash says that just imagining that it used to live on Twist Mountain in ancient times gets him all excited. Iris calls Ash a child for getting excited about it. Cilan says that fossils are romantic, and that they are the missing link between the past and present time. He says that they are fantastic treasures that were given to them to solve big mysteries. He says that his continued belief and search paid off. Fujio holds up a picture of him and his three friends, as he says that they used to play together on Twist Mountain. Stella mentions that they once entered an off-limits zone and were scolded very badly, as Fujio says that it was how he met a real Tirtouga. He tells everyone that he once met a real Tirtouga, He looks over at Twist Mountain, as he explains what happened to him as a child.

As the workers, Gurdurr, and Crustle are working, Fujio and his friends run out of their hiding place and enter an off-limits part of the caves. Stella tells them to stop running, as Fujio is out of breath after they stop. She tells them that today the Twist Mountain detective group is investigating this part of the tunnel, as she says that they need to check it thoroughly. She tells them to promise on the pendant that she is wearing, as she holds it up. The other three kids go through the tunnels, while Fujio is forced to try and catch up to them. They tell him that they will be waiting for him further inside of the tunnel. Fujio runs through the tunnels, while he is trying to catch up to them. At one large area of the cave, he stops and takes a break, as a multi-colored light shines from a rock on the wall where it appears that there is a hole behind the rock. Fujio pushes the rock through the hole, as it shines a bright white color.

Fujio wakes up while lying down on his back, and sees that he is not in the tunnels anymore. There are palm trees and a volcano where he's at, as he wonders where he is. Three Archeops flying in the sky, as he wonders what they are since he has never seen them before. He slides down a hill and look behind him, as he sees four Archen using Peck on a Tirtouga. Fujio runs over to them and tells them to not attack the Tirtouga. The Archen become angry, as they use Wing Attack to hit Fujio and Tirtouga. Three Brine attacks come out of nowhere and attack the four Archen. Fujio is soaked, as he looks up and sees that there are three Carracosta that saved him. The three Carracosta roar, as the four Archen run and fly away. Fujio realizes that the Carracosta are Tirtouga's friends, and is very relieved.

Fujio tells Ash and his friends that it is how he met Tirtouga. Fujio and Tirtouga played and splashed in the water, Tirtouga jumped out of the water and splashes Fujio, Tirtouga hands Fujio fruit, and they look at the food they gathered. Fujio tried some of the fruit, but didn't like the taste of it. Tirtouga liked the fruit though, as they continued to play without thinking about the time. Fujio and Tirtouga look at the sunset, while Fujio asks Tirtouga what its name is. Fujio realizes that there is no way that Tirtouga can understand what he is saying. Fujio puts his pendant around Tirtouga's neck, as he says that it looks good on it. Fujio says that it makes them friends now, as a voice from inside of Twist Mountain starts to call out to Fujio. Fujio realizes that he needs to go back, and tells Tirtouga that he will be back, so that they can play together, as he leaves. Fujio kept on running across the field, but then wakes up in the middle of the caves. He is surrounded by his friends and the workers, with one of them holding onto him.

They are all relieved that he is okay, as Fujio wonders where he is and how he ended up there. Stella says that they looked all over for him and were very worried about him. Stella asked him if he lost his pendant, and one of his friends think that he dropped it somewhere. Fujio tells Ash and his friends that he was convinced that it wasn't a dream, and he started doing research on Tirtouga since then. During his research, he found out that it is an Ancient Pokémon that is now extinct. Ash asks him if the Tirtouga live somewhere, as Iris says that Fujio possibly could have traveled to the ancient world for some reason. Cilan says that the story sounds interesting, but he doesn't think it's true, as Stella also says that she doesn't believe the story.

Fujio tells her that she has been saying that for a very long time, but a fossil has been found now. He says that it proves that there used to be a Tirtouga around this area, as he picks up the fossil. He says that he thinks that somewhere on Twist Mountain, there is a place that allows people to travel through time, and he ended up entering that world as a child, which allowed him to meet the Tirtouga. He turns over the fossil, as he sees what looks like his pendant on the other side of it. Fujio places the fossil on a table, as Stella tells him not to enter the mine without permission from now on. She tells him that he is always a bother to those that work there. A mechanical arm breaks through the window and grabs the fossil, which surprises everyone.

Everyone runs outside, while they wonder who stole the fossil. They look over and see Team Rocket with the mechanical device and the fossil that James is holding in both hands. Team Rocket recites their motto, as the background shows that they are on top of steel beams, surrounded by spotlights, colorful lights, and skyscrapers. Cilan says that they are unforgivable bad guys who steal other people's Pokémon and abuse the Pokémon's strengths. Iris demands that they return the fossil, as James says that the fossil is an important to their mission. Jessie says that thanks to the amateur scholar finding the fossil already, they won't have to excavate for a fossil themselves and Meowth thanks him. A helicopter flies overhead and passes Ash and his friends, as it lands behind Team Rocket. Team Rocket says goodbye and enters the door to the helicopter, while Fujio demands that they give the fossil back. Ash says that they won't let them escape, as Fujio and Ash jump onto the door of the helicopter. Everyone is concerned for them, as the helicopter flies away with Ash and Fujio inside of it. Stella says that they are reckless, but need to help them out and follow the helicopter, as they run after it.

Inside of the helicopter, Ash demands that they give the fossil back, as Jessie presses a button to put a barrier in front of then. Ash tries to break through the barrier, but runs right into it and is sent backwards to the ground. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, but it cannot break through the barrier while Team Rocket smirks at the failed attempt. As the helicopter arrives at Twist Mountain, it begins its descent to the ground. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt again, but again it fails to break the barrier. James says that no matter how many times they try it will be useless, and that Pikachu's moves won't be able to break the energy field. As they land,

Dr. Zager opens the door and comes inside. He says that he remembers that they have gotten in Team Rocket's way before. Jessie says that he is Dr. Zager, the brains of Team Rocket. James hands Dr. Zager the fossil, as Fujio asks them what they are going to do with the fossil. Dr. Zager places the fossil in a machine, as he says that it's called the fossil restoration device. He says that it is a machine built by Team Rocket's scientific skills. Jessie says that they are planning to reawaken Tirtouga in the modern world, as James says that the device has the super-electric energy they took from the electric stones in the Chargestone Cave. A flashback of them gathering electric rocks in the Chargestone Cave is shown. He says that it also took the data from Professor Juniper and Fennel's system which had revived an Archen from a Feather Fossil. Ash realizes that they have stolen from Professor Juniper and Fennel's system. Meowth says that they are idiots for not noticing until now. Fujio asks what they are trying to do with the revived Tirtouga. Dr. Zager says that since he was the one who discovered the fossil, he will tell them what their mission is.

He says that a unique phenomenon is Occurring underneath Twist Mountain. He says that time-space distortion was created, which caused a pathway to the past world to appear. He says that they call it the Gate of Time, and if they pass through the gate they will be able to go to the past world as well. Fujio realizes that when he pressed on the rock a child, that he went through the Gate of Time as well. Dr. Zager says that the space-time distortion always changes, and that if the distortion becomes larger then the Gate of Time will open wider. He says that if it narrows, then it will close. An in depth graph of Twist Mountain and the energy coming from it is being shown on the computer screen. Meowth says that it was confirmed that with the life energy of a certain Pokémon, they could stabilize the the space-time distortion. The same graph shows a Tirtouga in front of Twist Mountain, where the energy is.

Dr. Zager says that they will use Tirtouga or Carracosta to open the Gate of Time to the maximum and fixate it, and then they will be able to break into the past world. Jessie says that they will conquer the ancient era, as James says that they will get a ton of unknown Pokémon that are currently extinct. Meowth says that they will research their moves and abilities to turn them into new weapons, and then take over the Unova Region. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, but the barrier still will not break. James says that he told them that attacking would be useless, as Jessie says that they should watch and learn as Team Rocket revives an ancient Pokémon.

Dr. Zager presses a few buttons to charge the super-electric energy. Green beams come out of the machine, and a yellow light moves around and surrounds the fossil. Sparks start to come out of the fossil, as Fujio wonders if they will be able to revive it. Fujio says that he wants to see it revived as well, as he says that he can't let Team Rocket use the fossil for their own purposes. Another computer graph shows that the fossil is reacting to it. Team Rocket says that they will be witness to a glorious moment which will go down in Team Rocket's history. The energy surrounding the fossil turns pink and the graph is showing an increase in activity for revival. Dr. Zager says that it's time for the full revival of Tirtouga. The fossil glows pink, and the rest of the place glows white as Tirtouga is fully revived. Fujio looks over and sees the same pendant underneath Tirtouga from before.

Tirtouga wonders where it is, as the door of the machine opens and Tirtouga comes out while being very angry. Tirtouga tries to run away, while Dr. Zager tell Team Rocket to go after him. Jessie brings out Woobat and James brings out Yamask to go after the Tirtouga. Ash demands that they stay away from Tirtouga. Tirtouga is scared as it jumps up to use AncientPower, as it breaks the machines and creates a hole on both sides of the helicopter. Ash and Fujio were forced to duck down when that happened. Stella, Cilan, and Iris are riding in a car towards Twist Mountain, when they see smoke coming out from in front of Twist Mountain. Iris wonders what it is, as Cilan says that it is in the area where the helicopter landed. Inside the helicopter, Ash and Fujio are alright, as Fujio picks up the pendant and looks at it. Tirtouga jumps out of the helicopter, while Ash and Fujio run after it.

Tirtouga turns around and uses Brine, while Ash and Fujio dodge the attack. Tirtouga goes to the river, and dives in before swimming away with only its shell showing outside of the water. Ash and Fujio go to the river, and continue to chase after it. Fujio says that Tirtouga is frightened, and confused by the unknown world. Fujio says that they have to protect Tirtouga. Back in the helicopter, Team Rocket is still coughing from the smoke that is inside. Dr. Zager tells them to capture it, and to make sure that it doesn't get away. Ash and Fujio continue to run after Tirtouga, as Ash brings out Oshawott and tells him to catch Tirtouga. Oshawott jumps into the water, and uses Aqua Jet to bring it out of the water. Tirtouga lands on the ground, while Oshawott lands in front of Ash. Ash tells Oshawott well done, while Oshawott is very proud of himself. Fujio says to Tirtouga that they are not its enemies, and that they want to help it. Tirtouga sends AncientPower at them, while the episode ends on a cliffhanger.

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