Guarding the Guardian of the Mountain!


Ash and his friends walk down a road towards Icirrus City. Cilan says that if they continue down the pathway, they will be very close to Icirrus City. Ash is very excited about his upcoming Gym match in Icirrus City, as he wonders what type of Gym it is. As they are walking down the pathway, two large boulders fall off of the cliff towards them. They run away from the boulders, as Brycen and his Beartic come down from the cliff and destroy the boulders with a strong kick. Ash thanks Brycen for saving them. Iris notices Beartic and becomes terrified of it. Cilan recognizes Brycen as a movie star, and says that he is a big fan of Brycen's. Cilan tells Ash that Brycen is a movie star from Martial Arts movies.

Cilan begins his "It's Movie Time" ritual. He says that Brycen made his debut in the movie "Freeze Beartic," and that it was very popular. He says that it was the first Martial Arts movie with fights that was very popular. Cilan is glad that he is able to meet both Brycen and Beartic that are in the movies. Cilan says that they had three very famous movies, and that he has watched all three of them. Iris asks what the movie is about, as Cilan explains that in the movie a Martial Arts tournament was held on an island where Brycen fought against a Beartic. Both Beartic and Brycen gained respect for each other after the tournament and became friends. At the end of the movie, they join forces to defeat the evil organization. Cilan says that Brycen quit before the sequel was made and didn't appear before his fans again.

Ash asks Brycen why he's in the mountains, as Brycen says that he is continuing to train with Beartic. Ash and his friends introduce themselves, and Brycen introduces himself as well. Brycen says that the rocks that fell down may have been caused by hunters. Brycen explains that the mountain is not just a dormant volcano, but also a Pokémon Reserve. He says that Pokémon hunters appear occasionally on the mountain, and that he kicks them out once he finds them. Ash asks Brycen what type of training he does in the mountains, as Brycen tells them that he will demonstrate the type of training that he does. Ash asks if he can train with Brycen, as he brings out Krokorok to train as well.

Brycen and Beartic begin with handstands, while Ash and Krokorok try and do the same. Brycen and Beartic release one of their hands, and hop around on the other hand before jumping and landing in a pose. Ash and Krokorok try to do the same, but crash to the ground while trying to lift an arm up. The next training exercise that they did, was Brycen and Beartic jumping across rocks and doing a pose. Ash and Krokorok tried to do the same, as Ash slipped and fell down to the ground while trying to go from rock to rock. Krokorok also slipped and fell while trying to jump across the rocks. Brycen breaks a large rock with his hand, while Beartic breaks another large rock with Ice Punch. Iris and Cilan are very impressed by that. Ash tries to break a large rock, but hurts his hand and runs around in pain. Krokorok also tries to break a large rock, but also hurts his hand and runs around in pain.

Brycen and Beartic jump off of a cliff and dive into water by a waterfall, before jumping onto a rock and posing. Ash is ready to do the same, but Krokorok is too scared since he does not like water. Ash tries to push Krokorok off of the cliff into the water, but Krokorok moves out of the way and Ash falls into the water. Ash realizes that without a lot of training, they will be unable to do any of the hard training that Brycen is able to do. Iris asks Brycen why he stopped appearing in movies. Brycen says that there was an accident when they were shooting the movie, that was due to his lack of training. He says that it is why he decided to once again train with his Beartic.

Everyone looks into the sky, as they see dark clouds and a lightning strike and Iris says that it can happen in the mountains usually. They look over at the mountains, as they see a red flash in the distance. Brycen says that something could be happening to the Guardian deity of the mountain Volcarona. Volcarona flies out of a bush, as a Male Jellicent and a hunter chase after it. Volcarona uses Fire Spin and Jellicent uses Confuse Ray, as both attacks collide. Volcarona flies away, as Jellicent and the hunter chase after it with a cage attached to the hunter's bicycle. Volcarona ends up in front of the mountain and is cornered, as the hunter and Jellicent catch up to it.

Volcarona uses Fire Spin and Jellicent uses Hydro Pump, as both attacks collide. Jellicent uses Confuse Ray to confuse Volcarona, as the hunter pulls out a net gun and shoots a net to capture the Volcarona. Volcarona struggles and tries to use Fire Spin, as the hunter explains that the net is fireproof. The hunter says that it can be sold at a high price, as Ash and his friends arrive. Brycen demands that the hunter lets the Volcarona go, as he says that the mountains are a Pokémon Reserve because of the Volcarona. Ash scans Volcarona with his Pokédex. Brycen says that Volcarona used to replace the sun when needed on the mountain in ancient times, which is why it's called the guardian deity of the mountain. Brycen demands that the hunter lets the Volcarona go and leave the mountain.

Brycen says that the hunter was the one who set up the rock trap from before, as the hunter admits that he was responsible for it happening. The hunter says that they should have a Pokémon battle to settle it, as Ash scans the Male Jellicent with his Pokédex. Ash decides to battle the hunter with Krokorok, as he says that he cannot forgive the hunter and will defeat him. Jellicent uses Hydro Pump, while Krokorok dodges the attack. Krokorok uses Crunch, while Jellicent dodges the attack. Jellicent uses Hydro Pump to send Krokorok flying, as he crashes to the ground. Krokorok uses Stone Edge to send Jellicent flying, and then uses Stone Edge again on Jellicent. Krokorok uses Crunch, as Jellicent uses his head to stop the attack and send Krokorok backwards. Krokorok uses Crunch again, as Jellicent uses Hex to send Krokorok hard to the ground.

Jellicent uses Confuse Ray, as Krokorok uses Dig to dodge the attack. Krokorok comes out of the ground to hit Jellicent, and then hits him with Crunch. Cilan says that Dark Type moves are super effective against Ghost Type Pokémon. Krokorok waves at them, as Ash commands for him to use Crunch again. Krokorok uses Crunch, as Jellicent uses Hex to send him crashing into the side of the mountain. Jellicent uses Confuse Ray, as Krokorok uses Dig to dodge the attack. Krokorok uses Crunch to send Jellicent hard into a rock, which impresses Iris. Krokorok moves in for the final hit, as the hunter brings out a Female Jellicent. Ash says that using two Pokémon is unfair, as the hunter says that Ash has to defeat his Jellicent and that he did not say he had only one Jellicent. The Female Jellicent uses Confuse Ray to confuse Krokorok, and then both Jellicent use Hydro Pump to send Krokorok into Volcarona and both of them into a cage. The hunter mocks Ash for helping him capture both Volcarona and Krokorok without effort. The hunter walks away, as Brycen steps forward to say that he will never forgive him and that he will protect Volcarona. Ash and his friends decide to leave everything to Brycen, as Iris mentions that it's two against one in the battle.

Both of the Jellicent use Hydro Pump, as Beartic uses Brine to stop the attack which surprises the hunter. Beartic uses Brine to send both Jellicent flying, as Iris and Krokorok are very impressed. Beartic uses Ice Punch, as the Male Jellicent uses Hex to hit Beartic. Beartic breaks through the Hex to hit both Jellicent with the Ice Punch and send them flying. Iris and Ash are very impressed, as Cilan says that the battle is better than a movie. Both Jellicent use Confuse Ray, as Beartic dodges the attack and jumps on top of their heads. Beartic hits both Jellicent with Ice Punch, as they are sent into the cage to free Volcarona and Krokorok. Both Jellicent use Hydro Pump, as Beartic dodges the attack and lands behind them. Iris frees Volcarona from the net, and tells it to get away from the area. Beartic uses double Ice Punch to send the two Jellicent and the hunter flying and into the cage.

Ash and his friends were very impressed by how powerful Beartic is. Volcarona flies away, as the sky clears up. As the sun sets, Officer Jenny shows up to arrest the hunter, as she thanks him for his help. Officer Jenny says that they've been having a lot of problems with dangerous hunters, as Brycen says that he just wanted to chase them away. Officer Jenny drives away with the hunter, as Ash thanks Brycen for his help with training and battling. Brycen asks Ash where they are heading towards, as Ash tells him they are going to Icirrus City. Brycen points out where Icirrus City is, as Ash is excited about his next Gym match. Brycen introduces himself to Ash as the Icirrus City Gym Leader, which surprises Ash. They shake hands, as Brycen says that he is looking forward to their match. Cilan says that he would've never known that Brycen was the Gym Leader. Ash and his friends head towards Icirrus City for Ash's next Gym match.

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Officer Jenny


Ash's Pikachu Ash's Krokorok

Iris's Axew

Brycen's Beartic

Rizzo's Jellicent

Wild's Volcarona