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One fine nice day in Houen… a young 10 year old girl named May rides her bike through the woods, on her way to Professor Birch(who happens to be a friend of her father)’s lab. She’s going there, because it’s also a place to start out at becoming a Pokemon trainer, however, her own intention is just to travel…

Suddenly, as she’s going through the woods… a Duskull passes by, and May gets so scared she practically shrieks and falls off her bike! After a while, Duskull leaves, as May gets back up, all shaky, and continues pedaling towards New Bark Town! Then, she gets to a point where she can see New Bark Town in the distance, and wishes herself best of luck.

Meanwhile, our old friend Ash Ketchum is on the ship, and like May, he’s headed for Birch’s lab. But since his Pikachu is in terrible shape, he’s gonna have to stop at the Pokemon center first.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket are still on that ship to New Bark Town, not knowing where its going. Then they argue about what they’re doing there, and finally remember they were following Pikachu… so they decide to just get off where it takes them.

Later, when Ash gets to New Bark Town, he quickly asks where the Pokemon center is—but to his dismay, there is no Pokemon Center in this town! Ash then gets really worried, because of Pikachu’s condition… so he tries to connect with Birch’s lab. However, someone else answers, who happens to be one of his assistants, and he tells him that Birch’s busy with fieldwork! However, he says there still may be some hope for Pikachu, so he tells Ash to wait at the harbor and not move… so he sits on a bench with Pikachu, and waits.

Minutes pass… Ash waits patiently… and suddenly, a jeep pulls up, skidding to a stop, and Birch comes out. Ash quickly shows him Pikachu… and Birch, unfortunately, says that this is a very serious case! So, Birch gives them a quick ride to his lab for an examination. A

s they examine Pikachu during the ride, Birch notes that this is the “Electrification condition”, which makes Pikachu not be able to emit any electricity it collects. So Birch then asks Ash if Pikachu has been exposed to strong magnetism recently, and then Ash remembers the “Super-electromagnet” trick Team Rocket pulled back on the ship! Then, Birch finally understands. He starts to treat Pikachu… but he gets startled from overheating, and startles Birch so much that the jeep swerves into the woods! After some tough navigation and direction, they finally get to the lab.

At the lab, Birch and his assistant use a machine to store Pikachu’s electricity it generates… but Pikachu doesn’t seem to like it! Suddenly, the machine overheats so much, that it explodes, and Pikachu escapes from the lab! As Ash pursues after Pikachu with Birch, Birch asks if he has any Pokemon good against electricity… but apparently he deposited all his Pokemon with Oak. So Birch grabs the three Pokeballs on his desk, puts them in the bag, and runs off. His assistant is a bit nervous about the lack of Pokemon for when May comes, so Birch just tells him to tell her to wait for him.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket are watching, and decide to follow Ash, anyways, Birch catches up with Ash, and explains about how there was so much electricity that it caused an explosion. Eventually, Ash and Birch decide to split up, and find Pikachu in different areas.

Back at the lab, May arrives on her bike, and the assistant tells her that he’s out with another trainer, looking for Pikachu. May, desperate for adventure, goes off looking for them. Meanwhile, Ash is desperately searching the woods, calling Pikachu’s name. As for Birch… he apparently ran so fast, he tripped and fell off a small cliff… onto a sleeping Poochyena! Poochyena wakes up, and Birch apologizes slowly… however, Poochyena calls to its friends, two more Poochyena. They seem to be very angry, and start chasing Birch around… until he finally climbs up a nearby tree and escapes.

A little later, May arrives in that area, finding Birch asking for help. Apparently his bag was still up there, so Birch tells May to quickly take one of the Pokemon from his bag. Confused, May pauses for a second, throws a Pokeball… and out comes Mudkip! Birch quickly tells her to tell it to use Water Gun, and it does and soaks May… just as the tree branch breaks, and the Poochyena continue chasing him… May, confused, tells Mudkip to use Water Gun, and, it does so… soaking the Poochyena and scaring them off!

Birch returns Mudkip, thanks May… and then realizes he needs to find Pikachu! Meanwhile, Ash has found him… but as he approaches, Pikachu doesn’t seem to notice his face, so he shocks him. Birch and May see this in the distance… so they quickly head over there! Just as they arrive, Pikachu escapes from Ash’s hands (he managed to calm it) and runs off… Ash chases after him through the woods, until he runs off a cliff… Ash jumps off too… reaches for Pikachu… and just manages to grab him as he grabs a tree. Just as they’re wondering how to get up, Birch and May throw down a rope. Ash starts climbing, but Pikachu gives him some trouble, i.e. threatening to shock, and biting his hand… eventually Ash makes it up there safely with Pikachu!

Ash thenks Birch and May, Pikachu apologzies and licks the bruise he made on Ash’s arm, as they start to head back to the lab to treat Pikachu… but then who is to appear but Team Rocket, in a huge mechanical battery! Before they attack, they reintroduce themselves (Team Rocket aren’t very well known in the Houen region), and explain their mission to capture Pikachu. Ash hold on to Pikachu desperately, but the claw catches him. Jessie pulls a lever, and then a machine comes and grabs at Pikachu’s cheeks, getting ready to absorb electricity! However, she screwed up a bit with the controls, and HEALED Pikachu by mistake! Birch gasps, as Pikachu lets out several shocks of joy… and accidently fries May’s bike, as she falls over. A bit later, Team Rocket’s battery get overheated, as they explode, and blast off.

Back at the lab, Birch and his assistant are gonna put Pikachu to sleep, this time in a more gentle way. Then, May walks in, and saves herself from almost knocking over a vase. Afterwards, she goes up to Ash’s room, to make sure Pikachu is OK, and she finds them both sleeping, and wishes them luck in her heart, as she closes the door before he notices her.

The next morning, Birch has May choose her first Pokemon, as he sets the three Pokeballs on the desk. First, he takes out Treecko. Ash seems to find that one kind of cool, but May seems a bit frightened. Next, he takes out Mudkip. May remembers it from the Poochyena incident… and decides not to take it, because it had trouble listening to her before. Then, the final Pokeball is opened to reveal the Fire type Torchic! Ash seems to admire it, and so does May. Torchic then runs up to May’s foot, and pecks her on the leg, in a friendly way. May seems to admire Torchic the most, so Torchic it is. Birch gives her Torchic’s Pokeball, followed by 6 empty Pokeballs, and a Pokedex. Ash, remembering his first day, wishes May the best of luck. May thanks him… even though her main intention isn’t becoming a trainer. Plus, she’s a bit annoyed at Ash for ruining her bike… but then she remembers it wasn’t his fault at all… it was all Pikachu. Later that night, May opens the door a crack to Ash’s room, and seems to be amused at how well Pikachu and Ash get along… and realizes no one is to blame of the bike thing, and that Ash is actually a pretty good trainer. Embarrased, she closes the door before she could notice him.

The next morning, Pikachu and Torchic seem to be getting along well, playing outside the lab. Ash laughs, and realizes Pikachu and Torchic are gonna make great friends on the journey, if not a couple. However, May isn’t too sure about this… as she gazes at the burnt bike.

Later at breakfast, Birch tells them about the Houen league, and Ash deicdes he definitely wants to participate! So, Birch tells them to first stop at the Pokemon Center in Oldale Town, where they can get directions, and sign up. After they eat, Ash and May get their stuff, wave goodbye, as they start their journey and head for Oldale Town!

Thanks to Spinazak for writing This for us

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Littleroot Town


Professor Birch

Professor Birch:
Treecko Mudkip
Poochyena Beautifly Wingull Duskull

Ash reaches Houen with Pikachu Ill
Ash gets Birch's Help

recieves her first Pokémon...A Torchic
May joins Ash in his Journey
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