May (Jp. Name: Haruka)

Hometown: Petalburg City, Hoenn
First Appearence In Episode: Get The Show On The Road!


May was originally sent on her Pokémon Journey by her father, Norman - The Gym Leader of Petalburg City. At the start she wasn't really fond of Pokémon and was just going so that she had a chance to travel. After having her bike trashed by Ash's Pikachu, she decides to tag along with him on her Pokémon Journey. She picks Torchic as her starter Pokémon and continues on. Before long she is joined on her journey by her brother Max, who can sometimes annoy her, she does really care for and look out for. Into her Pokémon Journey, May discovers Pokémon Contests, a way to show off you're Pokémon's talents in ways other than just battling. Captivated by this she decides to train her Pokémon specifically for the contests. Through this passion, she ends up getting several rivals and competing in Grand Festivals across the world. She is a kind person to everyone but sometimes can get a bit carried away and still shows a bit of naivity when it comes to Pokémon.


During her travels May has managed to achieve many things. Below is a list of all the ribbons and festivals she has won so far in Japan:

Ribbon Festival Position
Fallarbor Town Ribbon Verdanturf Town Ribbon Lilycove City Ribbon Purika Island Ribbon Pacifidlog Town Ribbon Top 8
Saffron City Ribbon Silver Town Ribbon Chrysanthemum Island Ribbon Gardenia Town Ribbon Mulberry Town Ribbon Top 4
Johto Ribbon 1 Johto Ribbon 2 Johto Ribbon      

Pokémon on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

After evolving in battle with Team Rocket, Blaziken is the major powerhouse of May's team. Wit hmany powerful Fire attacks and Fighting attacks including Blaze Kick and Overheat, May will continue to rely on Blaziken for many of her Contest battles and as a general powerhouse. Since Blaziken has been with May from the start, the two share a very close bond.

Evolved from Combusken in episode: Once More With Reeling


Glaceon has evolved between the time May left Ash & Co. and her visit them for the Wallace Cup in Sinnoh. Little is known about Glaceon's power, but it has a variety of powerful attacks such as Ice Beam & Iron Tail at its disposal

Evolved from Eevee prior to episode: A Full Course Tag Battle!


Evolving during her travels in Johto, Wartortle continues its excellent use in contest battles by having many strong Water attacks at its disposal. It is currently unknown what attacks it uses

Evolved from Squirtle prior to episode: Staging A Heroes Welcome


During her travels in Johto, May recalled Bulbasaur to her team and in doing so it evolved twice into Venusaur. Venusaur is a massive powerhouse in May's team with many strong attacks including Vine Whip and Razor Leaf

Evolved from Ivysaur prior to episode: Pruning a Passel of Pals!


When May first encountered Munchlax, it was being accused of eating everyone's PokéBlocks. May however believed the innocence of Munchlax and set out to prove it wrong, which she successfully did. Afterwards Munchlax was captured using bait; May's home made PokéBlocks. Munchlax is the only one of May's Pokémon that like the Pokéblocks. Munchlax has been known to wander off exploring. In contests however, Munchlax is a Pokémon that can really stand it's ground and is one of May's Powerhouses. It has a good number of contests under its belt due to this.

Captured in episode: Berry, Berry Interesting


After evolving from Silcoon, Beautifly became what May had hoped it would become; A Beautiful Pokémon that's perfect for the Appeals in Pokémon Contest. Through this, May focused more on Beautifly for her contest training and used it in many contests and her first festival.

Evolved from Silcoon in episode: Seeing is Believeing!

Pokémon at Petalburg Gym

Pokémon Picture Details

Skitty originally was an accidental capture as it entered the Pokéball itself while playing with it. Skitty is always cheerful and extremely energetic, always wanting to play or chase its own tail, sometimes up to the point of exhaustion. May managed to see Skitty's Contest potential and trained with it so that it could access the potential. Through this and the learning of its useful attack, Assist, Skitty has been in many contests and her first Festival with several wins under it's belt. It is currently staying at the Petalburg Gym.

Captured in episode: I Feel Skitty!

Pokémon That She Used To Have

Pokémon Picture Details

After rescuing it from falling down a mountain, May quickly befriended Bulbasaur whom defended May from several angry Grass-type Pokémon. Soon after meeting May, it decided to join her team. While being a little bit clumsy, Bulbasaur knows a range of attacks that can stun the audience at appeals and attacks that can help it win in battles. It was used in several contests and her first festival. It is currently staying at Professor Oak's to stay with Ash's Bulbasaur, with whom there is a budding romance. It evolved twice during her travels in Johto

Caught in episode: Grass Hysteria!
Evolved into Ivysaur and then into Venusaur prior to episode: Staging A Heroes Welcome


When May went to Prof. Oak's Lab, she befriended a baby Squirtle. However the Squirtle did not want to go into the PokéBall of the Professor and so joined May. Since it is young it is relatively inexperienced, however when it first saw what a Pokémon Contest was, it was captivated and really enjoys partaking in them. Even though it is still young, Squirtle has managed to overcome opponents several times its size and has partaken in many contests. It evolved during her travels in Johto

Caught in episode: The Right Place at the Right Mime!
Evolved into Wartortle prior to episode: Staging A Heroes Welcome


Having received the Egg from the Breeding Center, it hatched into the cute Pokémon Eevee. Being a baby Pokémon, it is quite an energetic and playful Pokémon. However in contests it has been able to hold its own and create dazzling appeals. It ended up evolving when May visited Snowpoint City in Sinnoh

Hatched from Egg in episode: Time-Warp Heals All Wounds!
Evolved into Glaceon prior to episode: A Full Course Tag Battle!


After evolving, Combusken managed to capture May's attention and made May realise that it was a good Pokémon choice for Contests. However it originally started out being a fairly agressive Pokémon but May started focusing some training on Combusken and eventually Combusken has become a calm, yet vital part of May's team and has partaken in many Contests and Festivals and managed to win on many occassions. It evolved into Blaziken in a Contest match against Ash's Sceptile

Evolved from Torchic in episode: A Shroomish Skirmish
Evolved into Blaziken in episode: Once More With Reeling


Meeting up with a Pokémon Ranger, Jackie, who is on the mission to protect the egg of Manaphy, May works hard to protect it. However in doing so the egg hatches into Manaphy. While technically it wasn't part of her team, Manaphy & May shared a close bond when they were together, with Manaphy feeling of May being her mother. Howver they teamed up and managed to stop the Pirates. May eventually returned it to live in the sea

Hatched in movie: Pokémon Ranger & The Prince of the Sea - Manaphy
Released to the sea in movie: Pokémon Ranger & The Prince of the Sea - Manaphy


Torchic was the Pokémon that May decided would be the best for her to start her Pokémon Journey with. Torchic was relatively inexperienced and wasn't fond of battling. However soon after May learned about contests and got her Beautifly, Torchic started to be neglected and was focused on improving itself and gaining May's attention again. It managed to do so when it evolved into Combusken

Given to her by Birch in episode: Get The Show On The Road!
Evolved into Combusken in episode: A Shroomish Skirmish


After evolving from Wurmple, Silcoon had a brief tenure in May's Team. While it was not properly used in battles, May did utilise it's String Shot to overcome obstacles in her way. After a face off with Jessie's Cascoon, Silcoon evolved into a beautiful Beautifly.

Evolved from Wurmple in episode: A Corphish Out Of Water!
Evolved into Beautifly in episode: Seeing is Believeing!


After learning about Pokémon Contests from another co-ordinator, May had her heart set on catching a Beautifly. Not long after that she found a Wurmple which she quickly battled and captured. However her Wurmple was extremely energetic and greedy, known to eat everyones food incredibly quickly. Soon after, it evolved into Silcoon...the first stepping stone to Beautifly

Captured in episode: All In A Day's Wurmple!
Evolved into Silcoon in episode: A Corphish Out Of Water!

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