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The episode begins with Ash in his bathing suit leaping into a lake. Pikachu, May, and Max each follow. Max splashes May while Ash swims around. Brock stands on a rock doing some exercises as he prepares to jump in. He places a foot in the water, then trips and falls in. Ash and co laugh while a pair of red eyes watches from the water. Brock begins to float on his back as more red eyes appear under the water. It then shows a top view of hundreds of lily pads floating toward Ash and co. Pikachu notices them and May screams at they approach. He screams echo through the forest. Ash and co get frightened and Ash informs everyone to head for shore. They begin to, but Max is pulled under. Soon, May is too and Brock and Ash follow after. Down below, Ash notices a happy Lotad staring at him. They look around to see hundreds of Lotads happily staring at them.

The Lotads begin to crowd under Ash and co’s feet and fling them all onto the shore. May is a little annoyed, but Max is excited. Ash takes out his Pokedex and scans them. They all begin to leap out of the water and May gets frightened and hides behind Max. They all watch as the Lotads use water gun up into the air, creating a light drizzle. They seem to like it when Brock notices one Lotad whose water gun only goes inches from its mouth. May is in shock and Brock approaches the Lotad to see what’s wrong, but it then gets its water gun going and the water smashes Brock in the face. Suddenly, a young girl walks out of the forest demanding to know what they are doing with the Lotads. Ash explains that they were taking a break in the lake and the Lotads just showed up. The girl is annoyed and says they are trespassing on her property. Ash and co get frightened. Meanwhile, Team Rocket lazily walks through the forest. Jessie complains that she is so hungry, but Meowth says he’s too hungry to even complain. Suddenly, James collapses on the ground. They tell him to get up but he informs him that he can’t go on and they’ll have to go on without him. Jessie and Meowth begin to sob. James begins to faint when he suddenly notices a single berry on a nearby tree. Jessie and Meowth lunge for it, and James lies there, hoping they’ll share. Jessie and Meowth each take a bite, but the berry turns out to be extremely hot and they freak out, releasing flamethrowers across the forest. The scene returns to the lake where it shows some irrigation pipes leading up to a flower shop on the hill.

Inside, the girl’s big sister apologizes for her little sister’s rude behavior. Ash says it’s fine and the woman introduces herself as Rita, and her little sister is Natalie. She says they own this flower shop. Ash and co introduce themselves and Brock begins to flirt with her. May sighs and Natalie watches. Rita then asks if Ash and co would like something to eat and they graciously accept. Suddenly, another woman walks in carrying a Wailmer flowering can. Rita introduces her as their other sister Nicole, and Brock is overjoyed at the sight of two beautiful sisters. He begins to flirt with her but Natalie gets annoyed and pulls him away. She says that she is beautiful as well and he doesn’t have a chance with any of them. Nicole laughs and says somebody has a crush. Natalie laughs and then Nicole tells them to prepare the food. May gets excited. They all head to a dining room where Ash and co chow down on some fruit pizza like things. May says they’re delicious and the sisters explain that they strive to make the best fruits and flowers at their shop. Brock sits in front of a mountain of fruit pizza things and begins to drool. Natalie happily sits next to him and tells him she made it all for him and he should enjoy it. They then head into the backyard and May says the air is so fresh and the breeze is relaxing. Ash decides to let the Pokemon out for a little while and he releases Treecko and Taillow. Brock calls out Forretress and May calls out Torchic. Rita then asks if they would like to see the garden, so they all head over to the side of the house while Natalie drags Brock.

There, Ash and co see a bunch of beautiful flowers and some trees with many different berries. Ash goes to pick the same berry Jessie and Meowth did, but Rita tells him to stop. She explains that that particular berry has a very hot affect on humans. Ash asks what the berries are for and Rita explains that they have many different affects on a Pokemon’s power. Ash and co are shocked and she explains that each berry has a different effect on a Pokemon’s condition. Natalie then explains that there is a certain "berry of Oben" in the forest that is said to raise a Pokemon’s abilities by far. Brock gets excited and wants this berry, but Natalie says unfortunately, they don’t know where to find it. Nicole approaches and informs Rita that the irrigation tubes are a little dry today. Ash and co suddenly notice the Lotads coming towards the garden. They carry water in their lily pads and begin to pour it on the flowers.

Nicole explains that they use the Lotad to water the flowers when the irrigation tubes aren’t running fast enough, and they are great watering cans. Ash and co then decide to help the Lotads and water all the plants. At the lake, Team Rocket begins to drink. James comes up, exclaiming that the water is delicious and he then asks Jessie and Meowth if they like it. Jessie and Meowth pick their heads from the water and tell James they are busy cooling their mouths if he doesn’t mind. Their mouths are all red and James embarrassedly remembers. He then takes out his binoculars and spies Ash and co filling buckets on the other side of the lake. Meowth notices the Lotads and exclaims that the boss could use Pokemon like that. James asks what for and Meowth has a vision of Giovanni waking up in the morning and having a Lotad with water in its lily pad right there for him to wash his face, brush his teeth, and wash his hair.

He then adds in that the boss would be so happy with them, that he would give them a promotion, so they all cheer and decide to steal the Lotads. Ash and co drag their pails of water along while the Lotads march next to them. Pikachu and Torchic carry a leaf full of water. Pikachu suddenly stops and points. Everyone looks up to see the Lotad line has stopped. The one Lotad from before with the weak water gun sits in front of the flowers confused. Nicole informs them that that particular Lotad isn’t very good when it comes to learning. Brock steps up and kneels down by it. He demonstrates how Lotad should lower its leaf into the ground and empty the water so that the plants get it. Lotad stares at him for a while, then decides to try. It pours the water in the ground and everyone gets excited. Lotad begins to leap happily and Brock smiles. Everyone congratulates Lotad and Brock tells it to keep at it.

Lotad happily turns to him and begins to practice its pouring over and over. Nicole says Brock must be a really good trainer and he works with Pokemon so well. Ash agrees and Natalie stares on. That evening, everyone thanks the Lotads and they depart for the lake again. The one Lotad stays and Brock tells it that it did great and to keep practicing. Suddenly, Rita runs up with a note in her hand. It’s from Natalie and it explains that she has gone into the forest to look for the berry of Oben. Brock remembers him exclaiming that he wanted the berry and feels that this is his fault. He tells them he’ll go look for her, and Ash and Nicole follow. Rita tells them to be careful and to hurry, as it is getting late. Natalie walks down the path determined to find the fruit of Oben for Brock. Brock, Nicole, and Ash search the forest calling for Natalie. Pikachu notices some bushes rustling and everyone watches as Lotad steps out. It walks to Brock and Ash comments that it must really like him. Brock picks it up and asks if it would like to help him search, and it happily agrees.

Meanwhile, Natalie pushes aside some bushes and finds a tree with the fruit of Oben on it! She runs up and picks it, but some bushes begin to rustle. She looks to see a dark shadow leap out and she screams. Ash and co hear her scream and rush there to see a Beedrill heading straight for Natalie! Brock calls out Forretress and it uses rapid spin on Beedrill, causing it to fly off. Nicole scolds Natalie for running off like that and she apologizes and says she just wanted to get Brock the fruit of Oben. She hands it to him and he thanks her. She smiles and Nicole comments that she’s a really determined little girl. Pikachu suddenly hears something and they rush back to the lake. There, they find Team Rocket on a huge ship! They say their motto and Ash asks what they want now. Meowth laughs and says they’re going to use the boat to capture all the Lotads in the lake.

The boat speeds off and Ash and co wonder how they can stop it. Lotad tries to tell them something and Pikachu understands. It gets on Lotad’s lily pad and Lotad water guns the water, which propels them forward. The front of Team Rocket’s ship opens and it begins to suck all the Lotads in. Team Rocket gloats at how easy this is when May, Max, and Rita notice them. Jessie begins to taunt them knowing they can’t get them from here. The boat goes back and forth around the lake catching Lotads and May notices Lotad and Pikachu speeding towards the ship. Pikachu leaps from Lotad and onto the ship, frightening James. Jessie and Meowth aren’t worried as they have enough Lotad, and can now get out of here. They shut the front of the ship, but Lotad uses a very strong water gun to bust a hole in it, freeing the others. Team Rocket freaks out and Ash, Brock, and Nicole arrive the lake’s edge. Ash tells Pikachu to use thunderbolt, and it sends Team Rocket blasting off.

That day, Ash and co say goodbye to the three sisters. Natalie walks up and hands Brock a guide to the different berries and he thanks her. Lotad waddles up to Brock’s feet and he picks it up. Max says it must want to come along with him and he gets excited. Brock knows Lotad belongs to the three sisters, but they humbly tell Brock that they want him to have it. He thanks them and Ash and co continue on down the road with a new Pokemon...

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288: The Lotad Lowdown

288: Lotad and the Three Sisters of the Flower Shop!

Between Petalburg and Rustboro



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