Brock (Jp. Name: Takeshi)

Hometown: Pewter City, Kanto
First Appearence In Episode: Showdown in Pewter City!


Brock, the eldest child in his family, started off looking after all of his younger siblings while being the Pewter City Gym Leader, a tough job indeed. However after meeting up with Ash, Brock met his father who ran off long ago and thus decided to travel with Ash on his journey while his father, Flint, took over the responsibilities of the gym and the family. Brock's main Pokémon ambition is to become a Pokémon Breeder and during his travels he has learned a lot about Pokémon and their habits, especially during his tenure assisting Professor Ivy in the Orange Islands. Brock is a very flirtatious person and acts as a father figure to Ash & May, giving them advice and hints while in battle. He is also a good cook.
After the Sinnoh League, Brock started reconsidering his goal and decided to leave and train to be a Pokémon Doctor.


Brock hasn't had any gym achievements but he has trained his Pokémon well and been in a number of contests and races, all of which he's managed to do pretty well in.

Pokémon on Team


Having evolved from Bonsly, Sudowoodo has shed it's child like persona and has become a powerful Pokémon of Brock's team. With Powerful attacks including Mimic, Double-Edge and Flail, Sudowoodo is the powerhouse of Brock's team.

Evolved from Bonsly in episode: Leave it to Brocko


Croagunk is a rather stubborn Pokémon. Meeting him at an unofficial Pokémon Gym ran by Team Rocket, Brock & Croagunk quickly gained a close friendship. Eventually teaming up together to get rid of Team Rocket, Croagunk decided to join Brock's team. It has many powerful fighting & poison attacks and will become a vital asset to Brock's team

Obtained in episode: Gymbaliar


Brock received a Comfey when he came to visit Alola. As a Pokémon Doctor in training, he was gifted the Comfey by Nurse Joy from Melemele Island. He later used it to help calm a Kangaskhan so he could help heal its infant.

Caught prior to episode: Heart of Fire! Heart of Stone!


Brock's Chansey evolved during Brock's training to become a doctor. It is seen alongside Brock and Croagunk when Ash, Goh and Dawn go to the Sinnoh region.

Evolved from Chansey prior to episode: Arceus The One Called a God: The Explosive Evolution of Heatran!!


Brock has only met his recently evolved Steelix once. Evolving while under the control of his brother Forest, it remains loyal to Brock and follows its commands at will. It has gained strength after the evolution and remains to be an amazing Pokémon at the Pewter Gym for Brock to call upon whenever he needs it. He now has the capability to Mega Evolve his Steelix.

Evolved from Onix prior to episode: Grating Spaces


How Brock obtained Geodude is unknown, however Geodude has always been a vital member of Brock's team, always being there for battle or for certain contests. Geodude is a faily fun loving Pokémon that is known to have fun with Pikachu and the other Pokémon on many occassions, however it was seldom seen. When Brock left for Hoenn, he also left Geodude in Forest's care. However, when Brock returned, he got Geodude back. It has many powerful moves including Gyro Ball.

Caught prior to episode: Showdown in Pewter City

Pokémon at Pewter Gym


After evolving, Marshtomp became a strong Pokémon often used to settle fueds or just in simple battle. Marshtomp is a well mannered Pokémon which takes after it's trainer a little bit in regards to romance. Brock noteably used Marshtomp in a Pokémon Contest against May

Evolved from Mudkip in episode: Achip off the Old Brock


After evolving from Pineco, Forretress became Brock's most commonly used Pokémon. It got over its habit of exploding when near Brock and became a powerhouse. Forretress was the only one of Brock's Pokémon that he took to Hoenn with him and still resides as a vital member of his team

Evolved from Pineco in episode: Entei At Your Own Risk


After finding a Water Stone and evolving, Ludicolo became a more friendly and energetic Pokémon and is known to dance on occassion. It has not been used in battle often so it's true battling power is still unknown. When Brock returned home from Hoenn, he decided to leave Ludicolo at the gym to entertain his family.

Evolved from Lombre in episode: Once In A Mawile


Evolving due to Brock's immense care and bond with it while in battle with Team Rocket, Crobat is a Pokémon that follows the orders of its trainer. With its four wings, it is a super fast flying Pokémon that has been known to help Brock out of jams on several occassions. When Brock left Pewter Gym for Hoenn, he left Crobat under the possession of his brother Forrest, however Crobat is overjoyed to see Brock whenever Brock returns to the gym

Evolved from Golbat in episode: Control Freak

Pokémon Previously Owned


While on the boat to Twinleaf Town, Brock's Happiny evolved into Chansey while trying help a Pichu to get better. It is currently unknown if Chansey has kept the strength it had as a Happiny but it knows the move Softboiled which it used to heal the Pokémon on the boat.

Evolved from Happiny in episode: The Brockster Is In


Hatching from the egg that Brock obtained in the Pokémon Transformation Convention, Happiny is a rather eager young Pokémon that is always happy. It shares a deep connection with Brock imprinted from hatching, and as so, carries a white make-shift egg that Brock created for it. It is suprisingly strong and has managed to throw Brock up in the air with ease. It had incredible strength and was able to take down and even pick up many of its foes, despite their size. It evolved into Chansey on the boat to Twinleaf Town

Hatched in episode: One Big Happiny Family
Evolved into Chansey in episode: The Brockster Is In


Bonsly is a rather young Pokémon that has been known to be a crybaby. Due to it's young nature, Brock looks after it like it is a baby. However behind this cry baby exterior is a tough Pokémon that Brock used in a Pokémon Contest and it has a wide range of powerful attacks. It later evolved while escaping from Team Rocket into Sudowoodo

Obtained in episode: From Cradle to Save!
Evolved into Sudowoodo in episode: Leave it to Brocko


Onix was Brock's first Pokémon. Given to him as a gift from his father Flint, Onix always was Brock's first choice of Pokémon to send into battle. Due to its size, Onix had a massive advantage in battle. Onix was always taken care of by Brock, who was sometimes seen polishing Onix. However when Brock left for Hoenn, he left Onix under the care of his brother Forest at Pewter Gym, where it eventually evolved into Steelix.

Given to him by Flint prior to episode: Showdown in Pewter City
Evolved into Steelix prior to episode: Grating Spaces


Brock met Mudkip through rescuing some of its family. Being the eldest in the family and the leader, Mudkip felt it was the time to leave so joined Brock on his journey. Mudkip was used whenever water was needed, either in battle or just as demonstrations and was loyal to Brock and the other Pokémon, sorting out fueds between the Pokémon whenever there were some. While in training with Ash's Grovyle, Mudkip evolved into Marshtomp.

Caught in episode: A Mudkip Mission!
Evolved into Marshtomp in episode: Achip off the Old Brock


Lombre originally evolved from Lotad after falling in a well and immediately got caught into a local superstitions when they believed it to be the Water Lord who would end a drought, which it eventually did. Lombre was used in battle a few times and was a lot less ditzy than its lower form. Later it evolved into Ludicolo while searching through another trainer's bag and finding a Water Stone

Evolved from Lotad in episode: Take the Lombre Home!
Evolved into Ludicolo in episode: Once In A Mawile


Lotad was the runt in a group of many Lotad. It did not have the capabilities to do its attacks very well unless it was incredibly threatened. However in spite of this, Brock took care of it and helped it hone its attacks. This made Lotad incredibly loyal to Brock and made it try harder whenever it was needed. It evolved into Lombre in an accidental falling into a well.

Caught in episode: The Lotad Lowdown
Evolved into Lombre in episode: Take the Lombre Home!


Brock unintentionally caught Pineco with a Fast Ball when it was about to be attacked by Team Rocket. Pineco was a bit of a loose cannon and was known to blow up on many occassions, even while Brock was holding it. Due to this, it did not have much use in battle apart from Tackling. Until it evolved into Forretress while protecting Wild Pokémon from Team Rocket that is.

Caught in episode: Goin` Apricorn
Evolves into Forretress in episode: Entei and friends of the Hot Spring


Golbat was only with Brock a short time but it was used more often than Zubat. When it had evolved, it was learned that its Supersonic attack was off the chart. For this, Brock kept it in tip top condition and kept training it. Through this care, Golbat & Brock earned a close bond, with Golbat staying at Brock's side while he was sick and being there. Eventually it evolved into Crobat to defeat Team Rocket.

Evolved from Zubat in episode: Hassle In The Castle
Evolved into Crobat in episode: Control Freak


Vulpix was an incredibly particular Pokémon, only eating food that either it's original trainer, Susie, made or that Brock made. Through seeing the care that Brock went into in looking after Pokémon, she decided to let Brock look after it. Brock was often seen grooming it and sometimes used it in battle, mostly however in training with Ash. Vulpix, while a little bit spoilt, did enjoy playing about with the other Pokémon. Eventually Brock met up with Susie again and decided that Susie should keep Vulpix again.

Given by Susie in episode: Pokémon Fashion Flash
Given back to Susie in episode: Beauty and the Breeder


Brock caught Zubat while outside of Mt. Moon and used it in several battles with Team Rocket. However in its extended tenure on Brock's team, it was seldom used. However when in Johto, Brock met a trainer who also had a Zubat. Brock decided to use his Zubat to impress the trainer, who was also a Doctor, with Zubat's Supersonic abilities. However in doing so, while defending from Team Rocket, Zubat evolved into Golbat.

Caught in episode: Clefairy and the Moonstone
Evolved into Golbat in episode: Hassle In The Castle