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Ash and co are still heading towards Rustboro City. Max indicates that the Pokenavi says Rustboro City isn’t that far off, and they head over a hill to see a beautiful field with a building in the middle. Ash thinks they are in Rustboro and says he’s going to head straight for the gym, but Max says Rustboro is on the other side of this field. They walk along the trail passing a boy brushing his Persian, a girl dousing her Flaaffy, and another boy practicing with his Slugma. Ash wonders what’s going on and Max informs him that they’re preparing for a Pokemon Contest. He points up to the sign on the building and it says Pokemon Contest in big bold writing. May is intrigued when she is suddenly bashed in the face by a Beautifly! She gets up from the ground shrieking and Beautifly flutters up. Ash scans it with the Pokedex and it lands on May’s head. May begins to complain and tries to shake it off, but it won’t budge and Ash laughs. Suddenly, a boy and his Venomoth along with a girl run up. Brock sees her and begins to flirt, but Beautifly flutters from May’s head and smashes itself down on Brock.

The girl gets nervous and apologizes for her Beautifly’s behavior. Max runs up and asks the girl if she plans to be in the contest with her Beautifly and she says she is. The boy then adds in that he and his Venomoth will be competing too. The girl then introduces herself as Janet and the boy introduces himself as Chaz. Ash and co introduce themselves as well. Ash then asks what kind of competition it is and Janet explains that unlike normal contests that involve battling it out for victories, this is a Pokemon Ribbon Contest to see which Pokemon have the greatest looking attacks. May is very intrigued by this, and Janet and Chaz both show her their ribbons that they have already won. May is so excited and wants to sign up, so the 2 take them into the building. Inside, Jessie hands her qualification card to the attendant and tells her to sign her up. The attendant says the contest is full and Jessie becomes depressed.

James suggests they try again next year, but he just annoys Jessie further. The attendant then says she may be able to squeeze Jessie in if it means that much to her, and she happily accepts. Ash and co then enter a few seconds later and May tells the attendant she would like to sign up, but the attendant informs he that they can’t possibly accept any more competitors, which makes May depressed. Janet asks her if they could sign up as her assistants, and the attendant says that would be fine. Outside, Ash and co examine their assistant cards. May is still a little depressed at not being able to enter, and she becomes more annoyed when Beautifly again lands on her head. Max then tells her she should be happy, as she’ll still be able to be in the contest. May cheers up at this and Janet explains that as her assistant, May may come on stage with her and help show off Beautifly. Nearby, Chaz feeds his Venomoth. Brock walks up and Chaz explains that he makes his own special recipe for Pokemon food that helps a Pokemon’s attacks look better then ever. Brock decides to try some, and Chaz hands him some multicolored cubes.

He explains that he too makes Pokemon food while he takes a bite. Janet then walks up and explains to Brock that she and Chaz spend a lot of time making their Pokemon’s attacks more beautiful then ever, and she explains that she has trained Beautifly to do a variety of attacks. Max looks at Beautifly and its wings glow. It then flutters in circles around him. He wonders what attack that was and Janet explains that Beautifly’s Morning Sun attack. May is really starting to like Beautifly now. Chaz then asks Ash if he plans to challenge the gym leader in Rustboro City and Ash explains that they are on their way there. Chaz says Ash may have a tough time if he uses Pikachu and Ash asks why. Chaz informs him that the Gym Leader of Rustboro City specializes in rock types which Pikachu’s electricity may not have enough power to hurt them. Max recalls this and tells May she may have trouble too, seeing as how Torchic is a fire type. Chaz then tells Ash that he could help Pikachu learn a strong attack that should be able to help it out with the gym leader’s Pokemon, and Ash graciously accepts. Max asks May what she plans on doing, but she just happily says she’ll figure something out. In an open field, Chaz releases his Sentret.

He tells Ash that he plans to teach Pikachu iron tail, and he has Sentret demonstrate the attack by using it to smash a rock. Ash is impressed and Chaz says it is a steel type attack which should smash the rock Pokemon at the Rustboro Gym, but takes great training to teach it. Ash says he’s ready and Chaz ties a small rock to Pikachu’s tail. Ash begins to do push-ups while Pikachu uses only it’s tail to lift the rock. Ash notices Pikachu is having trouble, but he tells it not to give up. Meanwhile, Jessie reads up on the Ribbon Contest in the guidebook. Meowth and James ask her why she is so interested in it and she exclaims that she wants to be a winner for a change, and if they win it’ll be one small step to them leading an entire Rocket squad. James and Meowth are convinced and they get excited. That day, the contest begins. The announcer stands on stage with 3 judges behind him. One is a polished looking man, one is a young kid with eyes like Brock, and the other is...Nurse Joy. He explains that each trainer will have a set time to show off their Pokemon’s attacks and the judges will rate them on a scale of 10, 10 being the best. Brock, May, and Max watch from a monitor as the announcer holds up a pink ribbon. He says the winner of the tournament will receive a special ribbon.

May becomes starry eyed as she gazes at it. He then places it away and signals for the first trainer to begin. The trainer releases a Jynx, and it begins to show off. May and Max watch many trainers show off their Pokemon as Janet explains that each trainer does a series of attacks and tricks wit their Pokemon, and their final scores that the judges give them are combined to form one final score at the top. May really likes this competition and watches on. Outside, Ash throws some pink balls at Pikachu, and it deflects every single one with its tail. Taillow then tackles a tree, causing some berries to fall. Pikachu again blocks them with its tail, and Treecko throws its twig. Pikachu swats the twig away with its tail and its tail begins to glow! Ash realizes that Pikachu has learned iron tail! He thanks Treecko and Taillow for their help and congratulates Pikachu. He then looks up at the monitor to see Chaz and his Venomoth are performing. He watches as Venomoth uses psychic to lift a glass tea set without breaking anything. Ash suddenly realizes that he forgot all about the competition and runs inside. When he arrives, Chaz and his Venomoth wave to the fans and step off. Ash notices that he had 2 perfect scores and one 9.5 and he knows Janet will have a tough time beating him.

Janet, Max, and May now step up as the next contestants. Janet releases Beautifly and it starts to use morning sun. May comments on how beautiful it is as the light fills the room. Max and her then throw some disks into the air and Beautifly uses string shot to break every one. Janet then orders her finishing attack, which is silver wind. A strange powder begins to circulate around Beautifly, and it then releases it into thousands of tiny silver particles. It then lands on Janet’s hand and the audience goes wild. The judges each give it a perfect score, making Janet the best scorer so far! Max and May happily clap. Ash enters the green room and congratulates May and Janet on their win. Janet thanks May and Max for their help. Back at the stage, the next competitors are none other than Jessie and James. They are disguised and Jessie releases Seviper.

She tells it to use poison sting, but it begins to sweat. Jessie realizes that it doesn’t know that attack and begins to name some, but each one makes Seviper sweat more. Meowth and James sigh and Meowth exclaims that Seviper is pretty limited attack wise. James adds in that it could just have some stage fright. Jessie is getting frustrated and Wobbuffet doesn’t help by popping out. She quickly searches the guidebook naming attack after attack, but now Seviper has a fountain of sweat going. The audience begins to boo her and Meowth says she better think up an attack quick. Jessie sighs and decides to go with Seviper’s only known attack, poison tail. Seviper stops sweating and uses the attack...right on her! She flies up into the ceiling and the bored judges give her a whopping score of 0! May and Max are shocked that someone could receive that low of a score.

The announcer then states that the top 4 competitors will now battle each other to determine the final champion. Janet and Chaz each face different opponents and wish each other luck. May thinks Beautifly will win no sweat and Max is just happy he gets to witness some battles. In the forest, Jessie hugs Seviper while crying. She thanks it for doing its best even with stage fright and a limited attack status. James and Meowth are shocked she isn’t killing it for loosing, and she says they can just go back and steal the Pokemon. The Pokemon Contest has now come down to Janet Vs Chaz. The announcer says the winner of this match will win the ribbon. Ash and Max can hardly wait while May is rooting for Beautifly. Brock thinks this will be an interesting match and it begins. The timer starts as 5 minutes and Venomoth uses stun spore while Beautifly begins with one of its own.

Max notices Chaz score go a little higher as his stun spore was more accurate. Brock notices the judges at intently watching the battle for not just who wins, but who uses the greatest attacks while battling. Beautifly then tries an absorb on Venomoth, which scores a direct hit and takes part of Chaz’s score away, but Venomoth then uses psybeam, smashing Beautifly to the ground and taking half of Janet’s points away. Janet then orders Beautifly to use morning sun, which revives it in a beautiful and bright light. This causes Chaz’s points to go down as May watches the light amazed. The light goes down and Venomoth fires a psybeam at Beautifly, but it counters with absorb, creating an explosion in the middle. The time limit is just about to go out, and both Pokemon do a recovering move at the end. The judges add the last minute attack scores to the board and Janet’s is higher by a little bit! Ash and co cheer as the announcer calls Janet the winner. Beautifly lands on her hand and she thanks it. Chaz walks up and congratulates her on a great job. Suddenly, Jessie and James appear on stage dressed up in tuxedos.

They say Beautifly did a fantastic job and the announcer wants to know what they’re doing here. Jessie snatches the microphone and says they are hear to congratulate the winner. James hands Janet a bouquet of roses, but it suddenly erupts in smoke. Chaz smashes the flowers out of her hands, exclaiming it’s a trap. In the smoke Jessie and James begin to say their motto. When the smoke clears, Team Rocket has both Venomoth and Beautifly captured in butterfly nets. May asks what they want with those Pokemon and Jessie says they are going to use them to win more Ribbons. Chaz says he won’t let them and Janet and him prepare to get them back, but Jessie calls out Seviper. Ash thinks fast and tells Pikachu to use iron tail, shocking everyone! Pikachu’s tail begins to glow, but it suddenly goes out and it lands.

Everyone stares for a second and Ash and Chaz have a confused look. Seviper lunges at Pikachu and May then decides to release Torchic. It tackles Seviper away, then uses ember to cut the nets. Now free, Venomoth and Beautifly send Team Rocket blasting off with whirlwinds. The announcer then hands Janet the pink Ribbon and she shows it to May and Max. May thinks it’s beautiful and hopes to win one of her own someday. Chaz then laughs and tells Ash he and Pikachu should continue to practice that iron tail attack and they’ll eventually get it, and Ash agrees. Janet then hands the ribbon to May and she holds it up high for the audience to see...

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289: All Things Bright and Beautifly!

289: Contest! Beautifly's Magnificent Battle

Between Petalburg and Rustboro


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