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Ash and his Pokemon are once again on the beach practicing their dodge the wave technique. All of them have their eyes closed and backs to the wave. Ash tells Pikachu to get ready, and they all listen for the wave. Ash hears it and tells them to run. They do and dodge the wave just in time. All the Pokemon cheer, as they are getting the hang of it. Max comments that they are doing awesome now, and May adds in that if Ash keeps this up, he could be ready for his rematch.

Brock signals the group, yelling that lunch is ready. They all sit down to eat. Suddenly, a giant wave comes with a girl on a surf board. She yells to Ash, and jumps ashore. Ash wonders what she is doing here and she asks if he is Ash. Ash says he is and she is ready to ask for a match when a giant wave crushes her. When it recedes, she shakily gets back up, exclaiming that she wants to battle Ash. Ash accepts and she introduces herself as Shinobu. She informs Ash that she trains with Brawly at the Dewford Gym, and wants some practice with him. She adds in that she's his top student, shocking everyone.

Ash informs her that he is eating now, but after they will battle, but she then insults him, making him accept her challenge now. Ash steps up and tells Pikachu to get ready. Shinobu pulls out a Pokeball, but her stomach growls and she falls down hungry. She tells Ash that she is starving, making him mad. He yells at her, exclaiming that she can't challenge him that drop out for hunger. His stomach then growls too and he laughs embarrassedly.

Brock tells Shinobu that she can help herself to some of their food. At this, she lunges to the table and begins to eat. Everyone is a little surprised, and May comments that Shinobu is a little energetic. Pikachu sighs and looks out to sea.

The scene then shifts to Meowth looking through the Magikarp sub telescope. His stomach is growling and he wants some of the food Ash and co are having. He then smells something and looks back to see Jessie and James enjoying a stew. He gets mad, asking why they didn't inform him they made food. Jessie says they forgot, but he can have some now. Meowth then cuts in, explaining that some new girl is hanging out with the twerps. Jessie and James tell him to go on, and he explains that while Ash and co eat, they can sneak up on them and nab Pikachu before they can even think. Jessie and James agree to it and Meowth adds in that they can steal the new girl's Pokemon too.

Back at the meal, Ash and Shinobu finish. They both thank Brock for his good cooking, and then remember the match. The two glare at each other and begin arguing. After some time, Brock interrupts, saying before they battle, they have to clean dishes. Ash and Shinobu continue to argue while washing dishes. After some time, they race to see who can get done first. May laughs, saying Ash has a new rival.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket is on the beach digging hole after hole. They gloat at all their traps, saying they can't go wrong. Meowth begins to blab when he falls in one, angering Jessie and James. In the forest, Brock starts to collect firewood. He then looks out to sea, noticing that it looks pretty bad. He turns to see a bunch of Pokemon running for cover and now knows a bad storm must be approaching.

On the beach, Ash and Shinobu finally start their match. Ash tells Pikachu to get ready. It looks out to sea, also noticing how bad the weather is, but it then takes a ready pose. Team Rocket watches from behind some rocks, eager to see what Pokemon the girl will use. Max can't wait to see the match and May wonders what Pokemon Shinobu will use. Shinobu pulls out a Pokeball and releases Meditite. It takes a meditating pose as May scans it with the dex. The battle then begins.

Shinobu orders focus punch, but Pikachu dodges. She then tells it to use high jump kick, and Pikachu dodges this as well. Team Rocket is in awe of the Pokemon's immense power. Jessie starts to get mad, wanting the Pokemon to hit each other so they can be worn down. The Pokemon continue to dodge each others attacks, not one hit getting off. Suddenly, Brawly appears above them. He tells them to call off the match at once. After some talking, Shinobu recalls Meditite and Ash does the same.

Brawly leaps down to them, telling them this is no time for a match. Ash and Shinobu ask why and he tells them that a huge storm is heading this way. Brock recalls the clouds and declares this match a draw. Brawly informs the group that this storm has been reported as one of the worst ever, making May worried. She grabs Max for security. Brawly then has the group follow him. Team Rocket listens in and decides to get back to the sub.

It is now raining heavily as the group wanders through the forest. Shinobu approaches some Seedot huddling together and tries to soothe them. Brock does the same with some Shroomish. Meanwhile, Team Rocket has made it to their sub, but the waves are so choppy that they are having trouble boarding it. Meowth makes it to the top, but find that the entrance fin is jammed! He tries desperately to open it, but a huge wave comes and sends them blasting off.

Ash and co are now traveling along a steep mountainside with the Seedots and Shroomish tagging along. May looks over the edge and freaks out, saying she doesn't want to go any further. Brawly tells her they have to press on, and Ash comments to be more like Shinobu, as she isn't scared. At this, Shinobu embarrassedly laughs, saying she is petrified. It is then revealed that Shinobu is actually a beginner at the Dewford Gym and only studies there; she doesn’t actually train with Brawly yet. Shinobu becomes more embarrassed, but Brawly understands. He holds out his hand and she takes it. The group presses on when a rock suddenly gives way and comes crashing down. Brawly thinks fast and releases Hariyama. He has it use arm thrust, destroying the rock. A tree then falls down and Ash has Pikachu thunderbolt is away.

Team Rocket's sub then comes flying in and crashes into the mountain in front of them. Ash and co look up to see them dazed. The three fall to the ground and get on their knees; begging that they can come with them. Ash and co aren't to sure about this, but Brawly allows it. Team Rocket's eyes become all lovey-dovey and they thank him.

Brawly leads the group into a cave so they can wait out the storm. He starts a fire and everyone gathers around. Team Rocket sits in the opposite corner with a bunch of Pokemon. Shinobu also won't join the group. Ash calls her to join them, but she refuses. Brock asks Brawly why she is depressed and Brawly explains that Shinobu's a tough girl, and doesn't like to show her emotions. He explains to Ash and co how she is a great pupil, but sometime acts too tough. He ends by explaining that she wants to be his star pupil, but she still has a lot of training ahead of her. He then calls out to her, telling her to join them. She reluctantly does, warming her hands on the fire.

Brawly then begins to tell a story. The waves crash outside and Ash and co listen inventively. Team Rocket is huddled together, wishing they could be warm by the fire. At this, Brawly asks if they are cold. The three race towards the fire and begin warming themselves, thanking Brawly. Meowth is so happy that he doesn't realize his tail is on fire! When he does, he freaks out and runs around the cave. Ash sighs.

The next morning, Max walks to the entrance of the cave and tells everyone it's all clear. Everyone wakes up stretching, and Brawly wonders where Team Rocket went. No sooner does he say that then the three appear. They demand Pikachu and say their motto. Ash refused, so Jessie calls out Seviper. James calls out Cacnea, who hugs him. Seviper uses poison tail and Cacnea uses pin missile, but Pikachu dodges both. Ash tells Pikachu to use thunderbolt. But Brawly says he wants to handle this. He releases Hariyama, who uses arm thrust, sending the rockets sky high.

Everyone cheers, and then Shinobu interrupts. She tells Ash that they never got to finish their match, and wants to know if he's up for it. Ash says he is, and the two take their sides of the field. Meditite starts off with focus punch, and Ash and Pikachu close their eyes. They use the dodge the wave technique to listen to Meditite, and Ash has Pikachu use agility as it approaches, Meditite dodges surprising Ash.

As Pikachu uses quick attack, Shinobu has Meditite use meditate. Just as Pikachu is about to hit it, it dodges. The two Pokemon turn back and Ash tells Pikachu to use quick attack again. It does, but slips and falls. Shinobu knows this is her chance and has Meditite attack. Ash tells Pikachu to close its eyes. He visions Meditite as the wave, and when it's about to hit, he tells Pikachu to dodge. Pikachu does, slipping Meditite up. Ash then uses this time to have Pikachu thunderbolt Meditite, taking it out! Brawly declares Pikachu the winner.

Brawly comments that Ash has gotten a lot better. Shinobu picks up her Meditite, telling it that it did great. She congratulates Ash, who thanks her. Brawly then approaches Shinobu. He informs her that she put up a tough fight, and he would like her to be his own personal pupil now. Shinobu is overjoyed, exclaiming that she'll work hard. She gets up and begins to kick the air. Everyone laughs.

Ash then informs Brawly that he is ready for his rematch. Brawly accepts and says they'll battle in his other arena. Ash is confused, and Brawly tells them to follow. They approach the edge of the ocean to see a large rock island not to far off. Brawly says that this is his own private arena and Ash wonders how they will get there. Brawly tells him not to worry and the water leading there pulls away, revealing a walking path. Ash makes a fist, telling himself he will win this time.

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306: A Meditite Fight

306: Meditite and the Battle Girl! In a Storm!

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Ash & Brawly prepare to have their re-match
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