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Ash and co are now traveling the seas in a small speed boat. Ash pulls out his badge case and admires his two Hoenn badges. Brock then checks the map and informs the group that the nearest city is Slateport, which contains a Pokemon Contest competition. Max then checks the Pokenav and exclaims that a gym is in the next town past that. Ash steps up, exclaiming that he wants to head there as soon as possible, but May interrupts. She informs him that she wants to visit Slateport first so she can compete in the contest. Ash remembers and says that would be fine. May then pulls out Beautifly's Pokeball and exclaims that she should do well with it.

Jessie peeks out from the corner of the boat, laughing to herself as she watches the twerps. James and her then approach them wearing disguises. They give the group some lemonade then Jessie pulls out some electric Pokemon food for Pikachu. It happily eats it, but James then snatches it up in a bag. May exclaims that they aren't sailors and Jessie and James reveal themselves. They say their motto and Meowth and Wobbuffet surface next to the boat in the Magikarp sub.

As Jessie and James retreat, Ash releases Corphish. It slices the bag open and frees Pikachu. Jessie becomes angry and releases Seviper. It uses poison tail, but Corphish dodges and uses crab hammer. May then releases Beautifly, which whirlwinds the rockets into the sub. Finally, Pikachu sends them blasting off with thunderbolt.

Ash and co then enter the captain's quarters and try to start the boat back up. To their dismay, the boat's engines just whine, and won't start up. The group is saddened and sit down outside. Brock remarks that the weather looks bad, and the group begins to get hungry. Ash then notices a large shadow in the distance, and Max recognizes it as a large ship. Their boat seems to be floating toward it, so the group decides to check it out.

The group jumps on some rocks surrounding the ship. Brock remarks that they can use some ropes hanging off the side to scale it. May jumps in pretending she's a reporter and gives a little insight on to herself on what she is about to do. After scaling the side of the ship, the group makes it to the deck. They walk around for a bit, and Brock exclaims that this ship is long abandoned. Ash checks the other side and finds a small fishing boat down below. Brock says someone else must be here.

May continues her reporting when a door opens and a teenage kid steps out of a nearby door. May notices this and does a picture frame with her hands, exclaiming that a mysterious man has just approached them. The man steps up and introduces himself as Hiromi. He asks what they are doing here and Brock explains that they floated in when their boat stalled. Hiromi understands, and he begins to explain to them why he is here.

He informs that that this ship used to be a great ocean liner, but it crashed into the rocks years ago and it's now abandoned. He then explains that he and his Marshtomp used to come here and train all the time, but he and it became separated a long time ago. He then says that he is now searching the ship high and low trying to find it. Ash takes out his Pokedex and looks up Marshtomp. Hiromi then offers to take the group back to shore, but he needs to search some more first. They thank him and he heads off.

Morning comes and the group waits on deck. Apparently, Hiromi gave them some food before leaving, as May is chowing down. Pikachu and Torchic happily eat some Pokemon food. Torchic then notices a nearby door swing open and a mysterious face glare at it. Torchic rushes inside to see what it is and is confronted by a huge creature! Torchic screams bloody murder, and Ash and co rush inside. May looks around, but Torchic is nowhere to be found. Hiromi approaches and asks what's wrong, and May explains that her Torchic is missing. Hiromi tells them they should start searching right away.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket has landed inside the ship after their blast off. They moan for a bit, and then decide to head off. As they leave, the mysterious creature watches from behind a cargo box. They continue down the hallway when Meowth spies an open doorway. He turns to go in, but some blue hands reach out and pull him in before he can turn. Jessie and James look back to see no Meowth and wonder what just happened.

Ash and co are now searching a large room of the building. Max calls out for Torchic as he passes by a large hole in the floor with water inside. The creature leaps from the water and pulls him under before he can say boo. Everyone looks around to see Max missing as well. May begins to worry. Max wakes up to see a sad Torchic next to him. He then sees Meowth next to Torchic and then realizes they are hanging above ground!

The group presses on as May wonders where Max has gone too. They notice a door shaking up ahead and begin to freak out. The door then opens and a Marill and two Azurill happily bounce by. Everyone sighs and Hiromi explains that water Pokemon love to explore the ship.

Meanwhile, Max tries to break the string holding them up. Meowth tells him to forget it as they already tried. The two begin to argue when Max gets an idea. He tells Meowth to use his feet claws to cut his string. Meowth is a little hesitant, but he begins to swing toward Max. After some time, he strikes the string and frees him. Max happily gets up and starts to untie Torchic. Meowth gets mad, saying he freed him so he goes first.

A Spinarak then approaches and Meowth points it out. Max wonders what it is doing here, when it string shots him. Max then finds himself back where he was. Meowth laughs, exclaiming that his plan worked well. He then begins to swing into Torchic, who swings into Max. Max does the same and Torchic swings into Meowth. The then two continue to use Torchic to batter each other.

Jessie and James walk down one of the eerie hallways. They approach a box that is shaking and freak out. The box pops open and a Golduck jumps out. It waddles away and Jessie yells at it. She then turns back and walks down the hall. James begins to follow, but is pulled back by some blue hands. He tries to call out for Jessie, but she has turned the corner. James now finds himself next to Max. Meowth laughs at James, who yells at them. He then tells Meowth to get him down. Meowth laughs and begins to swing toward him, but Max says that won't work. He then swings into James and the group all collides with Torchic in the middle.

Ash and co walk down a corridor when May is suddenly pulled underwater. The group looks over and Brock releases Mudkip. It surfaces seconds later and tells them that she's not underwater. Ash and co wonder what to do. May is now tied up next to James. The rockets begin to tease her and she says they didn't fare to well themselves. Meowth and James then begin to laugh, saying they can't wait till Jessie is caught.

Jessie tiredly walks down a hallway. A noise is heard in front of her and she freaks out, but a Wooper just happily walks by. She yells at it, exclaiming not to scare her like that. As she collects herself, the mysterious creature appears behind her. She screams as she is pulled into the darkness. Jessie now finds herself being mocked by James, Meowth, May, and Max. She becomes annoyed and slams into them. Meowth flies to the side and comes back, smashing them the other way. The group begins to swing into each other again, as Wobbuffet pops out. It is then tied upside down next to Jessie as she exclaims that it isn't good for anything.

Ash and co continue their search for the others when a blue hand emerges from some water. Pikachu notices this and thunderbolts it. Ash and co turn to see something leap from the water. It lands next to them and Brock notices it as a Swampert. Ash scans it with the dex and knows that this must be the creature that took the others. Hiromi then recognizes it as his Marshtomp! It angrily glares at him, then turns and rushes down the hall. The group gives chase, but it leaps into a pool of water and disappears.

Brock has Mudkip follow it, and the three jump in too. After some swimming they emerge at another hallway. Mudkip notices an open door and they rush in to see Swampert. Above it are the others all tied up. May tells them to get her down, and Team Rocket begs they do the same for them. Brock motions Mudkip to get ready as Swampert and Spinarak glare at them. Swampert uses mud shot, but the group just stands their ground.

Ash decides to release Corphish. It uses crab hammer, but Swampert dodges and iron tails it away for a 1 hit KO. Ash tells Pikachu to attack, but Hiromi stops him. He explains that this Swampert is actually his Marshtomp! The group backs away and Hiromi steps up to it. He explains to it that he is its trainer, but it just uses mud shot on him. He stands his ground and continues to explain to it how he accidentally dropped its Pokeball here and searched forever to find it. Swampert just roars and Mudkip steps up. Hiromi tells it to remember when it was a Mudkip like this one, and how they were inseparable. Swampert still glares at him.

Swampert then has a flashback of it as a Mudkip and Hiromi as a child. It hits some cans with water gun and Hiromi congratulates it. It happily looks up at him, and then evolves into Marshtomp! The scene comes back to Hiromi who continues to beg with Swampert. He reminds it that he taught it iron tail, and Swampert has a flashback to it as a Marshtomp. Hiromi teaches it to use iron tail and it smashes a nearby rock. The two then hug and the scene returns. Swampert's expression changes and it walks up to Hiromi. He hugs it and says he is so glad to have it back.

Brock says it remembers and Ash agrees. The others are then freed and May hugs Torchic. Max approaches Hiromi and congratulates him on getting Swampert back. Team Rocket does some stretches, then decides to take this time to catch Pikachu and Swampert. Jessie releases Seviper and has it use poison tail, but Swampert just swats it away. It then uses hydro pump, sending the rockets blasting off again.

On the deck of the ship, Ash and co talk with Hiromi. He informs him that he learned a lot today, and he will never loose a Pokemon again. He then looks up at some Wingull and explains that there is so much to the world of Pokemon. Ash and co agree and Hiromi says he plans to keep training for the Hoenn League. Ash admires him and Hiromi offers to give them a ride to Slateport. The boat heads out and Hiromi points out Slateport in the distance. May can't wait to compete in her first contest and Ash is now one step closer to his next Hoenn Badge.

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308: Abandon Ship!

308: The Abandoned Ship! The Creeping Shadow!

Between Dewford and Slateport



Pikachu Corphish
Torchic Beautifly
Wobbuffet Seviper
Mudkip Marshtomp Swampert
Golduck Spinarak Marill Wooper Wingull Azurill

Ash and co. find the Abandoned Ship
Ash and co. help a trainer find his Pkmn
Ash and co. head to Slateport for May's First Contest
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